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  1. I use them, always have. Wish everyone did.
  2. The app needs a Clone Ship function, so if you build a list with identical ships you can copy one rather than have to enter the same information multiple times in a single list. Also, break down saved lists by faction option rather than the giant list of all saved squads. Being able to see the dial would be nice as well.
  3. One of my main lists right now is called: Crutchie and The Gay Agenda (TGA for short).
  4. Chewie with Perceptive copilot, Jyn, Lone Wolf 2 PS 2 B-Wings with Advanced Sensors
  5. Can you perform a linked action with Advanced Sensors? ie. B-Wing-AS-Focus-Link-Barrel Roll
  6. I do get that they will probably be released in later waves, but I want them now.
  7. Moldy Crow is another one. Scum HWKs can use it but you don't get it with the Scum kit.
  8. One of the big draws of 2.0 for me was the idea that you could pick one faction to play and not have to buy every ship from every faction to get all the playable cards. Well I guess that was just talk because, Barrage Rockets. Only available in the Imp kit. I am more than a little perturbed by this, as it is exactly what FFG said it wasn’t going to do in 2.0. Am I missing something?
  9. Rey and Jan. Had a lot of fun with this combo, including a small store championship where I beat the pants off of a NOVA guy who traveled to our small berg for what I am sure he thought would be an easy win. First time I rolled 6 attack dice at range 1 for 6 hits, the expression on his face was priceless. He blanked and I nearly one shotted his Defender. Got that one on the next round and cleaned up after that.
  10. Our group is heavily invested in 1.0. Most are making the switch, some still say they are not. We are not store affiliated, just a core group of 12 players that get together at a friends house (where we can drink and whatnot). Currently we are saying, bring a 1.0 list on game nights just in case.
  11. It is a Conversion Kit. Meaning it converts your 1.0 stuff. Meaning you should already have bomb and shield tokens.
  12. Not really the same thing is it?
  13. Please post instances where other game companies gave away large quantities of things for free.
  14. faceyfood

    top 5 fixes?

    If you don't want to use the FAQ, then don't. But to state that it's out of control is just silly.
  15. This seems like it would make things worse not better. If this was done you would have even more ships at max PS.
  16. Just sick of the constant complaining. IMO that is the only problem with this fantastic game.
  17. I had a friend get into the game about 4 months ago. He bought another friends kit who was getting out of the game. It was like 1/3 the cost and he got every release to date. IMHO this is the way for a new player to get into the game. But regardless, if you want to be competitive you are going to have to spend some money. This is true of any game that is expansion based.
  18. Our gaming group has tried this a couple times. It takes us like 2 hours or more to get 5 people around the track once. How long do your rounds take?
  19. Why would VI need a nerf?
  20. I will admit I miss the arc dodging of the early waves but this is still the best game I have ever played. Are there things I would change, sure, but over all it's still a great game and a good time.
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