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  1. I only keep up to 5 of any generic upgrade. I use a binder to hold my cards and build my lists before I go to play.
  2. First thing I would get is a 2nd job. This is going to get pricey.
  3. This happened at our local store. The Xwing group there had a number of less than desirable people to play with. My friend and I basically poached the few cool folks from that group as the store scene was dying. Now we have a solid group of 6-8 that play every week in my buddies basement. Much better that the LGS, we can drink and do other things adults do and his basement doesn't reek of BO and nerdery. Been going strong for 5 years now and the LGS doesn't even stock Xwing anymore, so we got out when the getting was good.
  4. Our group of 6 played multiple games with the Comet Tail one. We enjoyed it. It was not intrusive but did certainly alter standard game play. I am not as interested in the ordinance based scenarios.
  5. faceyfood

    WTH FFG!!??

    Thanks for the heads up, got it all yesterday from B&N. Our LGS stopped stocking X-Wing.
  6. Official app does not allow it. That seems to answer the the M3-A question.
  7. Yes, you can also use all of the bomb and mine tokens from 1.0.
  8. Have you seen Star Wars? They ignore physics entirely. Like how the star ships fly in space as though they are in atmosphere.
  9. I have always liked the name Greg. You should name it Greg.
  10. This just sounds like the OP has memory issues, not that the game has rules issues.
  11. The game is about balance and interactions within factions, it's not designed to do what you propose. I would hazard to guess that you aren't going to find a lot of players interested in playing against a homebrew squad.
  12. Maybe try playing the game as designed before passing judgement of it being "silly". Having seen some of your comments on another thread I now see that you don't seem to have any interest in playing the game as intended, so good luck.
  13. Nantex is still listed as "In Development" on the FFG site.
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