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  1. Multiplayers and epic pack coming, I expect to see missions and campaigns as well. We have waited so long that I doubt very much that FFG misses the opportunity to give them too.
  2. Swarm is back ! Generics pilots look good ! Clone wars ! Ability ships ! Everything look good now !
  3. Arkanta974

    Quick builds

    This is one of the reason I like Quickbuild. Back to the announcement of the second edition me and my friend "beta test" thank to the quickbuild card leaked. Don't want to wait the release points ? Just use the card and play. Another good reason is you don't really need many ship to play a standard quickbuild game if you desire.
  4. Arkanta974

    Quick builds

    Rejoice, the multiplayer kit come with this format too !
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/9/18/in-the-captains-chair/ Four bonus attack ?! Turbolaser look scary too !
  6. Arkanta974

    Quick builds

    I actually play a lot escalation with friends and we want to create a tournament event because it's a fun format and more tactics than expected.
  7. Don't forget the Z-95 ! We can expect to see a Republic version later.
  8. Tie Agressor, Tie Punisher, Decimator, Royal Guard Tie Interceptor come from one game and we see them on X-Wing ! Yes from Rogue Squadron Rebel Strike. Like the Gunboat we see this ship too from Star Wars FFG Rpg, you fight one on Arda.
  9. What? I see negativity here ! I heard the community need to be more happy ! I will take the Separatist and Empire damage deck for sure.
  10. Their noble fight is a source of inspiration. I still hope to see this Tie Hunter one way or another.
  11. I still want my Tie Hunter ! I like the look of this ship ! Anyway I hope the card and missions pack will work and others will follow. With Epic Ships , why not a campaign box a la Armada next ?
  12. Add Malarus, she fly this ship too on Poe Dameron Comics. I appreciate a low cost carrier for the First Order, especially for a Hux and a Swarm build but Blindspot is a litte harsh for me. Terex may be one strain token ?
  13. Ia still don't use Ailerons too ! Thank you for all your work by the way ! I really like the software and it's easy to use it.
  14. Seem Energy Shell Charge and Kraken is not always a "auto-include" for Separatist ! Congratulations to the winner !
  15. Don't worry I understand. I'm just a little "sad" because Tie Hunter was one of my favorite ship from Star Wars universe but we know they will release a new ship for the Empire next year which is good. But I still happy because of Epic, Multiplayers and Cards Packs are coming and I can't wait !
  16. As a Imperial player myself Tie Fighter and Tie Interceptor is good again but not having something new risks lassitude about the faction. Most veterans on my local area complain about this. However I'm still happy to see a new Imperial ship is coming next year.
  17. So that indirectly confirm that we will never see again Legends contents from X-Wing ? So I will never see the Tie Hunter on X-wing...
  18. I will wait a report ! I can't watch at this hour
  19. R2-D2 and "Matchstick" are good ! The rest not really fan ! R2-D2 with C3-PO is a standard build I guess.
  20. Finally see the video. Look good, It reminds me most of my friday night game on my local gamestore when we want a fun game rather than standard game. The box will be on my purchase list and most of us are positive about play others games modes. Now we just need this and a season kit and finally I have a good reason to play more often.
  21. Since the second edition, I rarely use Afterburners because of the cost and I rarely use it in game. Duchess is incredible thank to decide to use Ailerons or not (even stressed). I have two versions of her : Duchess/Elusive (Low cost) or Duchess/Juke/Fifth Brother with optional Shield Upgrade (Expensive). Here what I bring if I have 5x strikers https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v8ZsZ200Z211X123W82WW165Y213XWWY213XWWY213XWWY213XWW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= or https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v8ZsZ200Z211X119W82WWY209XWWWY213XWWY213XWWY213XWW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  22. XX-23 S-thread tracker or Long Range Scanner. Any upgrade to help missiles carriers.
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