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  1. After our Shadowed Paths stream, we’ll pause our streams for two weeks, but that’s not all for the month! As we recently announced, we are working with Gen Con Online to bring you the hottest new announcements and showcase what FFG has been working on. It all starts with the In-Flight Report on July 29, streaming at 7:00 PM Central Time, where we present a full suite of new announcements and upcoming expansions for some of our hottest game lines, including Star Wars™: Legion, KeyForge, Star Wars™: Armada, and Marvel Champions: The Card Game! From : https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/7/1/ffg-live-in-july-1/
  2. After some reseach about the X-Wing 2nd Ed: "Continental" (Wt) Expansion Pack, I found something who really intrigue me : https://www.lionrampantimports.com/x-wing/x-wing-2nd-ed-phoenix-cell-squadron-pack-ffgswz83 https://www.lionrampantimports.com/x-wing/x-wing-2nd-ed-skystrike-acadademy-squadron-pack-ffgswz84 https://www.lionrampantimports.com/x-wing/x-wing-2nd-ed-fugutives-and-collaborators-squadron-pack-ffgswz85 Sadly no picture of this. I know they have talk about the return of aces packs from the adepticon 2020 panel, so this a good news can wait to see more !
  3. Don't forget they said a new imperial ship is coming too !
  4. No more need to k-turn or sloop if the pilot change aileron to hard one. I want to know ! I can't wait !
  5. Can't wait to see the new striker pilot !
  6. The cards I use the most is in my binder card. The rest in deckbox.
  7. Prizee are really cool, I hope regular kit can have one of this one day !
  8. Hello, I have several questions : 1) I would like to know more the processus of creation : What elements you have at disposition, how you decide what mecanic the ship will bring to the game ect... 2) I love squadron pack, can we expect to see more of them ? 3) What is your favorite pilot and why ? Thanks for any answers you will bring during the live !
  9. Wait it's not a ace game with huge bid after all ? Happy for the Trade Federation Drone but I still prefer Separatist Drone. Edit : Look like the top 3 change, Drone still first but Captain Sear is second and Jessika Pava third.
  10. I want a squadron pack with Kylo's Tie with 2x Tie Whisper and Poe Dameron X-Wing with 2x A-Wing (Green color)
  11. Experimental Scanners from the E-Wing : You can acquire locks beyond range 3. You cannot acquire locks at range 1. Toryn Farr and Sensor Experts : Hold my beer !
  12. What about Quickbuild ? No Glory ? Battle of Yavin ? Favorite ? FFG has made more format variations than the V1 and we come back to the same problem : Only competitions formats at the expense of other formats that deserves attention. Especially Quickbuild and Escalation who it's really good and worth it. With the Multiplayer Pack coming, I hope it will bring more news formats than doing the same format again and again.
  13. Alright I change my mind after two recents game : Reaper is awesome ! Vermeil carried my two game, constant damage, good maneuvers and his ability can punish if your opponent spend focus. A good brawler !
  14. Multiplayers and epic pack coming, I expect to see missions and campaigns as well. We have waited so long that I doubt very much that FFG misses the opportunity to give them too.
  15. Swarm is back ! Generics pilots look good ! Clone wars ! Ability ships ! Everything look good now !
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