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  1. And no Harpoons missiles and Tlt to counter tie swarm ! This is why 2.0 is good
  2. Nantex is one of my favorite ship from the Star Wars universe I can't wait to add at least 2 of them on my collection. Sunfac and a generic will add some punch to a separatist fleet. I think the point niche will be between 35 - 50 points with only one elite talent slot and one modification slot. I like you have choice with them, would you like attack (Ensare/Target Computer) or Defense (Stealth Device/Gravitic Deflection) ? Now I wait the slots andpoints !
  3. Sun Fac and Gorgol are my favorite ! I can't wait to have them. Sun Fac is a glass canon, he can be really nasty with his ability. Gorgol is more useful for support especially for a belbullab who use all of impervium charge.
  4. Escalation is a really fun format hope to see a official rules for tournament ! But some build are good bargain like Dengar or Kulda, I expect one day to see a rise of point of them. And since we have news build may be a recast ?
  5. Good, very good ! However noticed a bug : DBS-404 can't perform a primary range 0
  6. I expect to see more cards pack ! Morna Kee was first in Armada and now we have her for X-Wing ! I expect Ciena Ree for Tie Interceptor and Hondo for the Firespray since they are here too from Armada.
  7. That a joke I will never be such a player/guy like this and I never complain just too happy But people will still find a way too complain than enjoy the game
  8. Find one : Still no reprint for Starviper ! So if you are a newplayer you can't have acces to a ship when a veteran can ! FFG still lie to us and their super friendly beginner format aka Hyperspace !
  9. May be this one see for galaxy of edge ? Look like regular tie fighter wings with Silencer cockpit.
  10. It will be a pity if we have no more pack of this type, especially since they did for the clone wars era. May be the resistance will have 2x Red A-Wind and 1x Red or Orange t-70 ?
  11. 2x Tie Dagger with 1x new tie interceptor we see on the trailer could be a nice squadron pack !
  12. 4x Storm Squadron with elusive, cluster missiles and fire control system 5x Tempest Squadron with fire control system 4x Inquisitor with proton rockets, supernatural reflexes
  13. They ship on my area ? What kind of sorcery is that ? Sadly I have no more money...
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