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  1. I think there have been missteps on rebels recently, most of the new units in the last few months have been mostly ignored, Chewie, Jyn , Wookiee’s, Pathfinders and Turrets, it’s like the developers are super aware of power creep accusations and playing new unit releases very cautiously. Rebels seem to have all these quirky mechanics that don’t synergise well, which is a shame, the good news is that Imperials have had a number of decent units recently in Krennic, Death Troopers and the tank, which also has bolstered the AT ST, but the game is sloping a little towards Imperials. Good news is that you can still win games with almost any list, I decimated with Han, Chewie, Pathfinders, Speeder and Z6 troopers against Veers, Boba Fett, Tank and Dlts + Flamers, but if you are super competitive, playing around with experimental builds might not be fun for you.
  2. A little absolute in the broad sweeping statement, while I’m sure it’s true in many instances, I am not a fan of absolute judgement of any groups of people. i know when my wife kicks my *** I’m always proud and complementary.
  3. Yes, and it rubs people up the wrong way, I doubt that there is evidence that shows its detrimental to the business model, just look at GW
  4. It should be less, the Air Speeder was cheaper and larger, I get the design is more advanced, but that does not justify it. Still, I might get a second, sorry I am weak.
  5. I think the biggest issue with running 3 or more heroes after lack of activations, is the fact you will lose out on some of their great command cards, I’m sure these are factored somewhat in their costs.
  6. Maybe a "Pests" rank for Ewoks, Gungans & Kowakian monkey-lizards
  7. No reason why something similar to the specialists box sets are not released with different heavies for fleets & rebel troopers, I think the challenge is that the corps units are supposed to be somewhat unique, which I think they are today and it may not be easy to thematically shoehorn in heavies that stick to that philosophy. The other option they could go with is supplying 2-4 heavies in a box that can be attached to any Corps unit, but again this might remove some of the differentiating capabilities between corps units capabilities between troopers to some extent. I'm personally happy they start making affordable add-ons that allow you to customize existing units though... fingers crossed.
  8. Imperial Assault Minis Are made from a single piece of plastic and already based, the quality of the minis is ok, but not to legion standards and a bit smaller in scale. Legion minis need assembly, you should be able to see finished products online and on the back of the box, super glue is required, but the level of detail is higher along with the scale. It might also be worth pointing out that the price of Legion Commanders and Operatives is slightly higher than Imperial Assault Allies & Villain expansions. My advice would be, if you just want a 3d representation of SW character buy the Imperial Assault Addons (Note you probably have to go on Ebay for Darth Vader) Or if you enjoy building and painting, the legion minis are better (although less characters are available at this time)
  9. Yep just had the flip side of this conversation where I was asking if engaging chewie would lock down his guardian ability, the answer was no. So for your question, yes Royal Guards can still protect Palpatine when engaged in melee, assuming they are in range and have LOS to palps.
  10. Clearly, I think the game does a good job of representing its theme, for the most part, this is just one of the most unusual things I've noticed in a scenario. Normally you can throw some fluff at what went down but this one leaves me scratching my head. Those who see this as a competitive game of rules and mechanics won't be bothered, but I like to use my imagination a little bit when playing.
  11. Yep that is what I concluded, thematically weird though.
  12. Ok understood, yet another reason not to bring Vader, thematically does not make sense, but hey. Had a very weird event recently where Vader engaged Chewie in melee out of line of site of some troopers on a rooftop. The Troopers tried to shoot Han, but Chewie somehow leapt in front of the blaster fire and then jumped back up on the roof back into engaged melee combat with Vader and out of LOS of the troopers. I'm pretty sure that played out right as LOS from attacker to Guardian is not required I think? Sorry about all the questions, but first time playing with that ability.
  13. Hi All, I wanted to clarify something, I assume that when a unit is engaged it can no longer utilise it's Guardian ability based on the following line from the RRG: "While a trooper unit is in a melee with another trooper unit, those units are engaged. A unit that is engaged cannot perform moves, cannot be displaced, cannot perform ranged attacks, and cannot be targeted by ranged attacks, except from area weapons." So, in theory, a unit could lock down Chewbacca in melee and then pound on a nearby Han or Leia without worrying about the protection he offers?
  14. I'm pretty sure the Specialists was as far as they had planned at release for Star Ware Legion based on an interview I heard, meaning Clone Wars and the Rogue One stuff + Bossk & Sabine are all a result of the games success. This is a good thing though.
  15. We are all consumers, and the negative feedback from the community is feedback FFG can choose to ignore or embrace. I'm not sure the exclusive Vader being sold globally will upset people going to the event as this was announced after tickets sold out I think, and therefore was not an incentive for the purchase of that ticket in the first place, just a perk. For me and many people in the community, the hobby aspect is a big part of collecting Legion, so missing out on what looks to be a much better sculpt to paint for the most iconic character in SW is a bit of a kick in the gonads. I expect everyone here understands there is no advantage to owning this product at all but this US exclusivity is not great for their global brand. Stop defending FFG, people are entitled to voice their opinion on the choices FFG has made, this kind of feedback is invaluable for any company so stop trying to throttle community members for voicing their wishes. Don't get me wrong this is not the biggest issue that needs addressing in the world, my life or even in Star Wars Legion, but that does not mean people should not express there opinion.
  16. However, I am tempted to play a few games at this point value.
  17. I've had similar thoughts, I think there are a couple of challenges that need to be considered by the tournament scene. - Games take about 2.5 hours at the top level, increasing to 1000 points will likely push this out further. In my mind, I'd like to think we will see more vehicles and cool commanders & operatives which won't expand the play time too much however we will likely see the push for activation advantage being a core strategy so I'd expect to see 13-14 activations an army being the norm (6 Corps + 3 Specialists + 3 Support units + 1-2 Commanders / Operatives). - The other consideration is the price point if you want to play in line with the rules and tournaments, it will make the game more expensive to get into. - Variety is the other thing that might impact the game, if you can get somewhere close to maxing out each slot, then you might find less variety of armies being fielded. I think if they get another 1-2 units for each rank released, this probably becomes less of an issue.
  18. Guessing this is a USA only event thing given then...
  19. In response to your questions: Make sure you know your ranks and command tokens (See image). The purpose of placing a token face up is that allows the player to activate this unit at any time they wish, not randomly from the bag / pile. This is important as you may wish for a unitto go first or last for various reasons. Don't think that because you have a face up order token that the unit has to go first or next, it is now just an option you have to activate anytime it is your turn to activate a unit this round. Player 2 can place order tokens face up, even if they have a higher pip count, but as you pointed out, they do not get to activate the first unit this round. All activations after the first activation of a round alternate between the 2 players, either activating a unit with a face-up a token or randomly pulling them from the bag / pile unused.
  20. Once your army is set up it is pretty simple Step 1 Command Phase: 1. Each player pulls a Command Card and places a corresponding token face up next to any units in command range of your commanders in line with the description of the card (e.g. it will state "2 Trooper Units", "Luke Skywalker", "3 Units" etc. The player with the lower pip number listed (top left of the command card gets to activate a unit first). Step 2 Activation Phase: (Complete for Every Unit on both armies) 2. The player activating will either select one of their "face up" order tokens or randomly select a token from the pile and activate a matching unit anywhere on the board. 3. The activated unit may now perform up to 2 actions + any free actions available on the unit card or upgrade cards for that unit, these actions can be any of the following: a. Move b. Attack (limited once per unit activation) c. Dodge (limited once per unit activation) d. Standby (limited once per unit activation) e. aim (limited once per unit activation) f. special card ability (show with a solid arrow icon, limited once per unit activation) g. perform objective action such as pick up the crate, depending on the scenario. Once two actions have been taken, then the activation is complete for this unit, flip the command token over face down to show it has activated this round and your opponent can go back to step 2. Repeat until all units have activated going backwards and forwards between each player and repeating the steps above. Once all units have activated for both players, follow the steps in the rules for the End Phase (Complete once to progress the round) and increase the round counter by one, and go back to the command phase in step 1, rinse and repeat. Game finishes after 6 rounds or an army is destroyed. Victory goes to the player who still has troops on the table, followed by victory points earned from objectives, then whoever killed the most points worth of units at the end of round 6 in a tie break situation. In a nutshell, this is how the game flows, there is not a lot more too it excluding setup, outside of the detailed rules for each action, stat and ability plus terrain rules. This is actually a really simple game, I am struggling to understand where the frustration is coming from, hopefully, this helps though.
  21. There are a few other operational scenarios that also are designed to be played on a 3 x 3 setup, they are all listed here including Take the Hill above: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-legion/ Perhaps look at a couple of cost-effective units to start with to build in some flex and play with a 500-600 range on 3x3 until you figure out the space challenge. To build in some flex to your forces for little cash I'd pick up: - Han, Leia & Veers (Cheaper commanders allowing more army flex and variety & they are the cheapest expansions) - Boba & Chewie (Low cost and will allow you to bump up your points value significantly) - Scouts / Commandos - (These can be fielded as two units with the cards and minis included (1 Strike Team & 1 Full Squad) great for fleshing out your army and strike teams add a low-cost deployment option to an army). Then there are a few units that will allow you to get to 800 points quickly such as - AT-ST / T-47 - I have seen the T47 for under £20 as it is not the most desirable unit from a competitive standpoint. AT-ST is generally a bit pricier but will bump you to 800 in no time - Emporer Palpatine is Another high points cost low monetary cost unit worth picking up early. - Wookie Warriors / Royal Guard - These are pretty strong units, add some tactical variety and capability to both forces and can be quite high in points to field.
  22. Yep the first few iterations of the RRG have helped clarify some of the issues with terrain and cover. It's worth finding each version as changes are highlighted if you were working off the back of the printed rules.
  23. Outside of terrain, and given the core box contents your playing with, rebels troopers should be taking dodge tokens rather than aims, they role better damage on average and those white defense dice suck. Run Luke with Force Reflexes, & Force Push for survivability and flexibility, both are free actions and can help with his action economy and survivability. Make sure you make the most of these skills and think about how the mechanics work e.g: Close in on a stormtrooper squad but instead of charging out in the open, try to pull them towards you into meleee and keep the cover or LOS blocking terrain to your advantage, you can push/pull units over difficult terrain and around some corners, given the flexibility of the move 1 template. Facing Vader, don't try to use Son of Skywalker too early, get 2-3 wounds on him at range with Lukes blaster or some focussed fire from troopers or the AT-RT. Then utilize Son of Sky Walker to do two attacks and take him off the board, with just the core box content there are not too many answers to Lukes ability to ninja strike. Lukes Jump ability is amazing, it can be used to assassinate leaping over walls and buildings or defensively e.g. grab a crate and jump out of site in gather the supplies objective. I personally play Imperials, but I have always been jealous of Rebel Troopers Cost Effectiveness and Lukes capabilities and flexibility.
  24. Big ole delay, rushed my wookies thinking they would be arriving today or tomorrow. Ah well.
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