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  1. Nice, that’s kind of the point, the AT-ST needs to use its height to cancel those threats, Jump I found was the tricky skill to deal with as they can get behind los blockers and leap into the ATST weak point for added effect.
  2. Probably mind trick for push, with commander Luke, some people don’t run force reflexes, but get good first with operative Luke, he can disengage for free and a command card plays off mind trick nicely, so it varies between the two iterations.
  3. They give you the number tokens for a reason, so that helps in competitive games. Luke is thankfully one of the scariest pieces in the game, Operative Luke even more so, I’d consider getting him for the 3 additional command cards you can mix together for either variant. Force push is an amazing card, get your head round the engaged rule to understand how this can allow Luke to move around and stop from getting shot. Generic commander does not give you much IMO unless running operative Luke. A medical droid or two could be more useful keeping Luke alive. Wedge is unfortunately rubbish, his card did just get an update though, but the Land Speeder is the better heavy and the speed jockey a slightly better pilot. Fleets are tough to use but high threat, lots of potential in that unit but they need line of site blocking terrain to get close enough.
  4. I’m a big fan of the AT-ST, my only question would be how the list handles strong melee characters, I’ve seen commander Luke take down an AT-ST in 2 rounds, operative Luke could do it quicker. I’d say some Royal Guard, but you’d sacrifice your activation count a fair bit and boba, Vader aren’t any cheaper alternatives, so you need to remove any of those big fast moving threats ASAP.
  5. I have to say I am pretty excited by this, the potential here is great, I enjoyed Force Awakens but ended up detesting The Last Jedi as someone who is hugely invested in the original characters, established lore and irritated by the blatant shoehorning of agendas being woven in with little to no reason. It’s probably risky to get hyped, but we all love Star Wars here and my hope is they explain a lot what I hope will end up being misdirection from TLJ and round out the characters nicely while providing some dramatic and epic events. No more super lasers please and thank you
  6. I think there have been missteps on rebels recently, most of the new units in the last few months have been mostly ignored, Chewie, Jyn , Wookiee’s, Pathfinders and Turrets, it’s like the developers are super aware of power creep accusations and playing new unit releases very cautiously. Rebels seem to have all these quirky mechanics that don’t synergise well, which is a shame, the good news is that Imperials have had a number of decent units recently in Krennic, Death Troopers and the tank, which also has bolstered the AT ST, but the game is sloping a little towards Imperials. Good news is that you can still win games with almost any list, I decimated with Han, Chewie, Pathfinders, Speeder and Z6 troopers against Veers, Boba Fett, Tank and Dlts + Flamers, but if you are super competitive, playing around with experimental builds might not be fun for you.
  7. A little absolute in the broad sweeping statement, while I’m sure it’s true in many instances, I am not a fan of absolute judgement of any groups of people. i know when my wife kicks my *** I’m always proud and complementary.
  8. Yes, and it rubs people up the wrong way, I doubt that there is evidence that shows its detrimental to the business model, just look at GW
  9. It should be less, the Air Speeder was cheaper and larger, I get the design is more advanced, but that does not justify it. Still, I might get a second, sorry I am weak.
  10. I think the biggest issue with running 3 or more heroes after lack of activations, is the fact you will lose out on some of their great command cards, I’m sure these are factored somewhat in their costs.
  11. Maybe a "Pests" rank for Ewoks, Gungans & Kowakian monkey-lizards
  12. No reason why something similar to the specialists box sets are not released with different heavies for fleets & rebel troopers, I think the challenge is that the corps units are supposed to be somewhat unique, which I think they are today and it may not be easy to thematically shoehorn in heavies that stick to that philosophy. The other option they could go with is supplying 2-4 heavies in a box that can be attached to any Corps unit, but again this might remove some of the differentiating capabilities between corps units capabilities between troopers to some extent. I'm personally happy they start making affordable add-ons that allow you to customize existing units though... fingers crossed.
  13. Imperial Assault Minis Are made from a single piece of plastic and already based, the quality of the minis is ok, but not to legion standards and a bit smaller in scale. Legion minis need assembly, you should be able to see finished products online and on the back of the box, super glue is required, but the level of detail is higher along with the scale. It might also be worth pointing out that the price of Legion Commanders and Operatives is slightly higher than Imperial Assault Allies & Villain expansions. My advice would be, if you just want a 3d representation of SW character buy the Imperial Assault Addons (Note you probably have to go on Ebay for Darth Vader) Or if you enjoy building and painting, the legion minis are better (although less characters are available at this time)
  14. Yep just had the flip side of this conversation where I was asking if engaging chewie would lock down his guardian ability, the answer was no. So for your question, yes Royal Guards can still protect Palpatine when engaged in melee, assuming they are in range and have LOS to palps.
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