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  1. I believe the Fosses just became very aroused.
  2. http://xwingopen.fantasyflightgames.com
  3. I think USA and Mexico and then separate Canada and boom thats your pair.
  4. Right can you point to any country that has a completely privatized healthcare system that works better than comparable countries with socialized healthcare? How about any country where privatized health care works well? Completely agree that the US system is an abomination. But there really aren't any good examples of this mythical free market healthcare system. There are on the other hand a lot of good examples of the other. Same thing with roads. Toll roads are a thing for sure. But they were still built with tax payer funding.
  5. America has a privately owned and maintained health care network. Wanna trade?
  6. not too much new in there. But at least its an article Dalan's ability is pretty nice especially with his ability to reload.
  7. looks like the battle at Crait is at the end since the Falcon is there.
  8. I am bumping this just to keep it visible. There are still a lot of people who don't know this is happening. If you need a ticket, Unfortunately the Saturday tickets are sold out on the official site but there are some people selling their extras at cost here https://www.facebook.com/events/397211667311851/ you can order 3-days on this site http://unplugged.paxsite.com/ and register for X-Wing here http://www.cascadegames.com/PAX-UP-17.html
  9. ... i mean, a missile that one shots howlrunner in the first round of combat is kind of a big deal though.
  10. Correct. One harpoon most likely does 1.8 damage to a focused tie. Then someone else shoots that tie, it dies rest of squad takes a damage. Or yes multiple harpoons.
  11. Harpoon procs when they die too.
  12. I sense a great disturbance in The Mathews...
  13. Looks like this has been pulled from the website. Hopefully FFG puts out an article about it soon. I really feel bad for cascade on this.
  14. WELL as a matter of fact at Naboo there was someone who did exactly that and then left basically giving their first round opponent the free win (Me to be exact)
  15. Yes I believe that they will.
  16. At Naboo they did it after checking everyone in.
  17. Fair! I just always assume they are together
  18. It is also the Mandalore Open so the mat that they will be selling there will be of Mandalore. Also all the Bounty hunters from ESB are represented, except Zuckuss....
  19. X-Wing Hangar Bay Prizing Participation: Double-Sided Promotional card 2 Wins: Double-Sided Aurabesh YT-1300 / Firespray ship card 3 Wins: Plastic Double-sided Aurabesh / Firespray ship card Main Event - Participation 1x Double-Sided Slave One / Millennium Falcon title upgrade card 1x Boba Fett Damage Deck 1x System Open Pin - Advance to Stage 2 1x Target Lock token pair 2x Double-Sided Aurabesh YT-1300 / Firespray ship card 1x Plastic Double-Sided Aurabesh YT-1300 / Firespray ship card - Advance to Stage 3 1x Boba Fett ship card 1x Bossk ship card 1x Dengar ship card 1x IG-88B ship card Top 32: Set of 10x shield tokens Top 16: Range rules (1, 1-2, and 1-3 ranges) Top 8: Coruscant Invitational Invite, additional 10x shield tokens Top 4: Maneuver templates 2nd: Plaque 1st: Trophy, Flight and Accommodations for Coruscant Invitational X-Wing Hyperspace Qualifier Prizing Prizes Awarded based on Number of Wins after Round 6 with additional prizes for the winners of Rounds 1, 2, and 3. Participation: Target Lock token pair and Boba Fett ship card Round 1 Winner: Bossk ship card Round 2 Winner: Dengar ship card Round 3 Winner: IG-88B ship card 5 Wins: Set of 10x Shield Tokens 6 Wins: Set of 10x Shield Tokens and Coruscant Invitational Invite
  20. These are two of my newest I really like them both.
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