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  1. I actually edited before you quoted to point to SotL as the one who fails to admit he is wrong. Of course I haven't proven anything about Kylo and neither have you... He is not even released yet. Both sides of this need to chill out this guy isn't even out yet. I think he will be good, not meta warping but immediately jumping into the A/S tier. You do not, and that is fine. I have seen him played both on vassal and in person by very good players but that's all I have to go on. We will not have anything "Proof" until January most likely. Also to be clear, when I am talking about Kylo I am talking about him and the ps7.
  2. Honestly, Greendragon and SotL are not going to change their mind until he starts winning (Greendragon might actually change his mind SotL will just say he was right but this is due to some other reason).
  3. Ok TWO people and SotL whose opinion I basically disregard. In the end, neither of us will convince the other. I have seen it being flown both on vassal and by proxy by good players, and he is pretty amazing (read terrifying as a rebel/scum player). He won't win anything right away, because a lot of bad players will try him and fail. But after a couple months, he will be very successful.
  4. No it IS just you that I am hearing saying that, which is why I asked. He doesn't have to arc dodge EVERY turn, have you seen his dial? there will be plenty of times he can token up or grab target locks. You also seem to be ignoring the fact he can get into range one very easily. By your logic Poe has no offense, QD has no offense, Fenn has no offense, Asajj has no offense.... Three die ships that can get into range one with mods are pretty good on offense... Miranda is super scared of Kylo. Because he out points most Mirandas now.
  5. you keep saying he has no offense. Why do you think that?
  6. Yea but you seem to be forgetting that most turns he won't NEED to double repo. Double repo will only be if he is flown in poor hands.
  7. His offense is not low if there is only one other ship left on the board, and it doesn't have to be because that ship will more than likely be worth less than him so he wins anyway.
  8. Because gunboats aren't Ps9 with repositions 3 evade dice autothrusters.... He is not MEANT to do the damage of two gunboats they fill completely different roles. Also that whole Auto thrusters thing is pretty good I hear.
  9. As someone who plays a lot of Miranda, I agree.
  10. Because empire has access to quite a few guided missile type ships like RAC, hlc gunboats etc.
  11. His cost is a feature. He is better than the upsilon. He is not at all overcosted and probably somewhat undercosted. . This guy will be an absolute menace. you seem to be forgetting he gets friends...
  12. Well there is another option. That is that NYC doesn't get a regional next year. I definitely don't blame the organizers here for this happening. Seems like a **** thing on NYU's part and I sympathize having had that happen to me myself. That said, having a regional for X-Wing miniatures downtown in a major city seems like a bad idea. That stinky store on Long Island or in Connecticut/Jersey would be cheaper and easier for those who don't live in the city. Last year's Connecticut regional was great and had plenty of space and was about an hour outside the city. Once again, not blaming the organizers here just more airing my frustration with the idea of holding these in a downtown venue in general.
  13. In MD we had 40-50 for all but a couple of our store champs. This regional was so small simply due to timing.
  14. I think it is, and with the silencer coming out there may be some way to get that thing into a list with palp which seems pretty legit.
  15. Disney cares a great deal about every aspect of the Star Wars license. There is most definitely an approval process the FFG has to go through. FFG is also way down on Disney’s effs given meter which is why it takes so long to get things approved such as system open prizes, FAQs etc.
  16. Majorjuggler usually does these, but haven’t seen it yet so here it is please post and discuss regional results here! As much info as you can about the event would be great total players, Swiss rounds, location, top cut with lists etc. thanks for everything you can contribute Pittsburgh Regional 43 players top 8 cut first place-Duncan Howard palp aces second place- EGO w/jess fourth place- Adam Forejt- timewalk Asajj fourth place Fenn Asajj ndru
  17. title is super vicious against Miranda, Wookies and any other one agi ship that you can throw around onto rocks and debris.
  18. Horton with TLT btla-4 flight assist astro. I don't know if its good, but man it looks like fun.
  19. I would register now. A lot of regionals fill VERY quickly
  20. Cam from Canada also got his on Friday and Alan Fung on Sunday.
  21. It’s kind of hard to explain, but the way the con let everyone into the hall (later than expected already) meant that it could take someone an extra 20-30 minutes to get to the registration line.
  22. Accurate. Just wanted to say that the TO crew has been excellent, the con screwed up a lot of stuff but they were able to roll with it.
  23. I think that they mean they are waiting to sell registration until they see total reg for Saturday and then will open up the remaining spots (less the amount of day 2 people) to the public. Maybe.
  24. Nope, anyone can join. Also there is one Friday at PAX. If you are in stage 3 and get knocked out you can join straight into the hyper space qualifier and be given byes to get you up to speed.
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