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  1. Honestly, Coruscant this year is probably going to be the most prestigious event FFG has ever hosted. As Biophysical pointed out, anybody can go to worlds. This means that there is a chance that you get games against less experienced players your first 1-3 games. You have to qualify for Coruscant this year and there will be roughly 100 people who have to earn their way in. Not to mention, that there is free flight and amazing prizes on the line for the SoS so people are try harding for. Personally, I am more interested in going to Coruscant than worlds. Though I would like to go to both.
  2. http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3893 this is the (not filled in) List juggler for the GnS regional. Boba and Asajj won only two Nymranda in the tournament and only one made the cut. This one follow FFG's ruling. The field was very diverse as you can already see by the lists that have been entered. Lots of cool new lists brought out. Over all Ron did a great job running the event.
  3. AW I had 10-15 as max typed out too! What I was going to say is that it would really depend on the people in the group as well. Getting more input for the sake of more input and sacrificing a good group dynamic is a bad plan. I think the sweet spot is probably between 5-10 with 15 being at the very high end of useful unless the group is very disciplined and motivated.
  5. Eh they periodically go on sale on Amazon. Its also post xmas so all kinds of stuff is on sale to clear stock.
  6. How can i give you all beer/soda/plastic crack money?
  7. I would honestly like a break from this whole time period. There is so much room to explore the Old Republic, sith-Jedi Wars, hyperspace Wars, foundation of the Jedi order, mandalorian Wars, and all kinds of other eras.
  8. http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3773
  9. Kotor r1 5 4 8 6 3 7 2 1 but in the end, I’ll play/watch any of em any dayof the week and call it a good day.
  10. There was another gunboat list or two in the top 8 as well. Turns out slam + reload on a ship that can take lrs is pretty good
  11. Ps11 QD with frame title fcs and three Nus with lrs and harpoons
  12. Krayt top 4 in Cary regional BUT KYLO IS BAD!!!!
  13. Top 4 at NC regional All imperial 2x Kylo boats 3 boats QD palp aces
  14. in all seriousness. It is great to have this format out there. I hope that tournaments begin to adopt and use it.
  15. See, making Y-wings look right is so easy Ryan Farmer can do it.
  16. Honestly, that's a bit short sighted. it was their first attempt at podcast. Maybe try a few episodes in before passing judgement. The suggestion to start with the listener series is a good one.
  17. Also, worth noting that adding the evade is not a may. If you are reinforced you must add the evade.
  18. Palp takes another one Fresno Regional won by Vader palp Shuttle QD(?) beating out Blair’s 7z swarm
  19. Whatever you say bud. Like I said, I am done.
  20. 1) He doesn't rely solely on arc dodging to prevent damage 2)thats just not true. With adsensors and auto thrusters he can 100% make sure he is not getting shot by Fat turrets and TLTs and if he is he takes little to no damage. 3) That is also not true. With a five straight green he can bail out if he has to move after he moves if the player wants. the PAX finals WERE decided by a close call in flying. Not almost. If Fenn had PTL Adsensors, do you believe he would have been blocked? He is very different to Poe. Even if he wasn't, Poe is poised to be competitive again as well IMO. In the end, I am pretty much done debating this. This is purely head sim it seems on your part, and I only have limited information myself. Debating this right now is just going in circles.
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