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  1. Just opened up. Go to novaopenstore.com and register!
  2. IM SORRY BUT IS THE TITLE OF THIS POST SYSTEM OPEN RESULTS!?!??!?!??!? jk thanks for all the details!
  3. I am unreasonably upset that K2S0 is still not a crew or a pilot.
  4. Timathius

    The World Cup

    I ran the top 50 invitational in World Cup format. Was a nice change of pace we had a couple groups of death. Tyler Tippet, Paul Heaver, Duncan Howard, Jeremy Chamblee for example.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/744246022264793/about/ Lykke till med d!
  6. They are actually rolling annual, but I remove all parts of the season at the same time. So for example all regionals left at the same time and all store champs will as well when they start. So you don't NEED three but you SHOULD have three to make it. There is a world where someone could win two massive tournaments and nothing else and make it in but it would be very difficult. I am going to put out a ladder list after regionals that will strictly have events that will be contributing to the invitational.
  7. New Rankings! Also don't forget to catch THEZACKMATHEWSCAROLINAKRAYTSPODCAST vs Nathan Eide final for the top 50 invitational tomorrow at 7 CST on Gold Squadron Podcast's Twitch
  8. Dankest Timeline Better be an amazing crew card
  9. No, that is the same for me. Honestly not looking forward to this one.
  10. A week in between swiss and the cut? Interesting, has that been done before?
  11. Why is this thread still happening? Dear OP, it is fine both RAW and RAI. The only people arguing against it have no real leg to stand on. Lets move on.
  12. I put in as much data as possible, so all of Swiss is put in in a lot of cases. Feel free to message me and I’ll let you know where you are at!
  13. Actually the whole point of doing it on your hands is that it is legal but writing on a paper is not. Its a semi protest that we need proper floor rules as well.
  14. I sure don't reach out to every store champ. But every one that is sent to me or entered into LJ is accounted for. I have 265 store champs accounted for in these. Every single regional and up is entered even if it has to be tracked down and entered by hand from photos of standings (LOOKING AT YOU SYSTEM OPENS). Honestly, there are 1500 people with at least 3 scores and there are multiple people in the top 100 with only two entries. Grand total we are at 3340 people on the list. Sort of. The event is weighted by the average player score.
  15. This is the correct answer. I am going to do a full write up and year end state of the union after they are able to get it done. Also, Rankings are updated http://nationaltabletopgaming.org/x-wing-rankings THE KING IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE KING
  16. There was a group pushing to make it happen at one point, I think that it kind of stalled though. We could just use krayt cup as the deciding factor on who goes next year... since it’s the most prestigious tournament in history.
  17. The shame of which is why Chris isn't even playing in this one.
  18. Also, If I am the alternate of the team I would want to CRUSH the team that dared to make me their alternate.
  19. Alternates play in a separate tournament to avoid that.
  20. I am just glad that the whole thing is over and that we get to fly MEEEEEEEEEEEEMMEEEEESSS this weekend.
  21. Honestly, Coruscant this year is probably going to be the most prestigious event FFG has ever hosted. As Biophysical pointed out, anybody can go to worlds. This means that there is a chance that you get games against less experienced players your first 1-3 games. You have to qualify for Coruscant this year and there will be roughly 100 people who have to earn their way in. Not to mention, that there is free flight and amazing prizes on the line for the SoS so people are try harding for. Personally, I am more interested in going to Coruscant than worlds. Though I would like to go to both.
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