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  1. A Nationals thread may still be a good idea. Even though Origins has still not announced the dates for the event.
  2. I can see tactician Kath with guidance ships and missiles with extra munitions having a lot of fun.
  3. is that a K-wing on the right?
  4. I am actually about to enter meetings for the rest of the day, hopefully somebody who is there realizes our plight.
  5. Well they posted that there is at least one table with 6 jumpmasters on it Grayfax.... you ninja
  6. second and third table table in is Wolfpack and I can see 3 Shuttles.... https://twitter.com/FFGOP
  7. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/215632-hoth-open-reports/ apparently not
  8. It is surprising that nobody is streaming. I searched all of Twitch for adepticon and got nothing, you would think SOMEBODY would be reporting considering how big it is.
  9. I am sure that it will be better tomorrow and Saturday, but yes would be nice with some more coverage considering its the pilot for the new open series/ wave 8's first real prime time show.
  10. Yea I had the same thought a few months ago when inquisitor was spoiled. its just a natural fit.
  11. Are the round results going to be uploaded/posted anywhere?
  12. I will bet money that we will see minimum 10 3 jumpmaster lists and minimum 10 Palp-Inquisitor-omega-wampa
  13. So on the PTL Kanan version, are you guys seeing that hull upgrade is worth it here? I think it lets her stand up to one more round of tlt shots and pushes her up to needing two uboats to take down. If they get a shot at her, but lets face it in my list they have to kill my stress hog first. Which gives her a chance to get in range one/behind them and do bad bad things. Actually, She really is a great anti UBoat threat. Like I said I have tried both Chewbacca and Kanan and BOTH have preformed great. Intel agent does have some merit here though, but if I did I would want Kanan on the board somewhere to turn her into an anti Ace menace.... If only HWKs were a bit cheaper As for Hera, yea I see no real use for her pretty much across the board (Ghost AS or crew) which is a shame. I really think that PTL is the way to go (boost Barrel roll is just too good) but I may try out predator and see if it works for me so thanks for the suggestion!
  14. I was thinking the same thing, then I tried it out. I got WAY more use out of it than I thought I would. When an ace has a choice between getting blasted with a 4 dice primary or getting hit with a TLT it really limits their options. Also, you have those people that hear "TLT" and then proceed to dedicate everything they have to chasing and killing it. Which is fine because Sabine can navigate a super tight asteroid field and people will for some reason follow you in there. and lastly, it allows me to chase down people that are trying to run away in the end game. My lists never really had a TLT in them before and it really helped at the store championship when Dash was trying to scoot away late game. The rest of the list was R2D2 Poe and a stress hog (kanan also affords me R2D2 instead of R5P9 on Poe)
  15. SO I have been toying around with Sabine shuttle and trying to fit it in to my lists. Basically it has come down to two different builds PTL (because reasons) TLT (tried auto blaster turret but if I am at range one, most likely I am behind you and most likely I am going to want to pump 4 dice into you she is pretty easy to get into arc) Hull Upgrade (because 4 HP is no bueno with two evades) and then here is where it gets a bit tricky. Do you put Crewbacca on there or Kanan? Both of these offer HUGE boosts to an already potent (if well wielded) ship. I tried Crewbacca out a for a few games and he did quite well and I was especially happy when I was able to use him to stop Direct damages (yes in two successive games that was the first damage through my shields) I then switched it over to Kanan for the store championship at Cardboard Gaming in Odenton last weekend. I did pretty well went 4-1 against some pretty stiff competition. Made the cut and then made a ridiculously dumb decision with her and she got obliterated by bro bots. So now I am in a bit of a bind. I love flying ships with the re-position ability that she and others like her provide (she actually replaced PTL BB-8 Ello in my list) but do i limit myself to greens and go with the added tankiness, or do I just make my opponents' life hell and never let her get shot with Kanan.
  16. I went to a yard sale and was on the look out for card tables, gf points were earned as well! Got two for a dollar each and then followed the directions that were posted to this forum a couple weeks ago. Basically got two 4x3 pieces of plywood and mounted them on top and felted them. Total cost 15$ a table and was completed in one day. The fold away very nicely as well. Edit: found the link https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/205573-how-to-build-a-4-ft-x-4-ft-48-in-x-48-in-x-wing-miniature-gaming-table-for-under-60/?hl=table
  17. Hello all! We have a Tuesday night game night at Cardboard Gaming in Odenton MD. Usually a good mix of competitive and non competitive players. They were also lucky enough to get a store championship kit last minute and will be holding one next weekend!
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