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  1. I dunno I also saw a running X-Wing pilot with a 'stach
  2. - State your name, for the record. - Jan Ors, sir. Or am I hearing wrong? I hear Gin or Jin or Xhin or however exotic they want to make it
  3. Well, now that we have this any chance FFG will announce their next wave?
  4. I think i am on my sixthish Mon Mothma was cast very well AT-ATs going ham Wish we had seen Vader THERE WAS A NEW SHIP
  5. https://twitter.com/GMA BOOM https://twitter.com/GMA/status/718043226490310656
  6. TBH I would go further. I think that if Mod wins are goign to be a thing, Mod losses should be too. so L=0 ML=1 T=2 MW=3 W=4
  7. Very cool, perhaps I can make it down there and play. What is your regular game night there?
  8. Yea I can't find it either but definitely someone was working it. (unless we are both having the same hallucination) I like the blue paint, that may just be what I was looking for! Also, Hammerheads, when will we get them in Epic or Armada even. I have always loved those even in KOTOR
  9. I need some inspiration for my next project. I would like to repaint one of the epic ships. Anybody have any eu knowledge of nice paint schemes for any of them?
  10. But for how long? Aren't we fancy with photo shop! (though you should also erase the tractor beam token as well) Who knows maybe we will get TWO in this pack since the Misthunter was short one
  11. Should be coming with one.
  12. Attacker rolls attack dice Defender modifies Attack Dice (i.e. Sensor Jammer) Attacker modifies Attack Dice Defender rolls defense dice Attack modifies Defense Dice (i.e. Juke) Defender modifies Defense Dice Compare Results. This is the order of operations in an attack. Really struggling to make a "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" joke here but it has been a long day. if the defender does roll before your mods are done, his roll does not count and he has to wait and then roll again properly
  13. I believe everyone here has covered most of the bases But I do like the idea of getting more Alt Art stuff out into the world.
  14. I used ulthuan grey and it was also pretty good i used it to touch up around the orange that I did below
  15. Here is a bunch of my other stuff in no particular order ha
  16. Juke or PTL are the current favorites for the TAP since they get target lock evade you could get juke on both and then VI on Vader which makes him shoot before pretty much everyone
  17. on wedge I think BB-8 integrated and PTL are a better investment. you will always be target lock focus at the right time and it gives you the re-position that you're looking for cheaper. Targeting astro won't work with Ello unfortunately as the talon rolls are not red. What you could do however is drop outmaneuver on Tycho to Rage (since he doesn't care about stress) and then get r2d2 on ello though I would recommend finding points for auto-thrusters as well
  18. Timathius


    Warden Squadron Pilot (35) - K-Wing Extra Munitions (2), Sabine Wren (2), Conner Net (4), Seismic Charges (2), Advanced SLAM (2) Warden Squadron Pilot (34) - K-Wing Extra Munitions (2), Intelligence Agent (1), Conner Net (4), Seismic Charges (2), Advanced SLAM (2) Jake Farrell (31) - A-Wing Veteran Instincts (1), Proton Rockets (3), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Autothrusters (2), Rage (1) So. I was trying to find a list that could reliably do a few things. Beat Palp Aces, and jump masters while being rebels. This is the list that I have come up with though it comes with a disclaimer, this will NOT be an easy list to fly. Basically you will need to out maneuver your opponent and connor net them to control their movements. I think that the list will have some issues and hard match ups (namely mass TLTs) but I think that is going to go to the wayside. Swarms will have a bad time. Jump masters you can dodge pretty well with advanced slam.
  19. Soontir with PtL, Autothrusters, Stealth Device, and the title for 35 points is even more undercosted. Except you can't run 3 Soontir's. I don't think Soontir is undercosted. He only has 3 hull and no shields. The Scouts also can't be one-shotted. Soontir with can convert 3 blanks to evade results. He does not "only have 3 hull" and he also can't be one shotted. He's the hardest ship in the game to kill. How exactly does he convert 3 blanks to evades? Can't get one-shotted? Are you playing the same game as the rest of us? Autothrusters, Palpatine, evade token. And that's not counting natural evades or focus results. I forgot that palp comes free with soontir Soontir and Palpatine for 43 points is still undercosted. Those 43 points are better than any other 43 points spent elsewhere. I forgot that soontir had two crew spaces. Seriously, soontir is not OP especially not since people learned how to beat him. Bump Chopper, the inquisitor, omega leader, wampa, ordinance, bombs and crackshot there are so many things that Soontir just does not match up well against and A LOT of these are going to define the new meta. Notice, that alot of the Palp aces at hoth were whisper/inq or inq/wampa/omega but at least the stress hog has pretty much run its course so Soontir does have that going for it!
  20. inb4 THIS IS NOT 40K but seriously, epic ships are not in any way shape or form balanced.
  21. What do you use for your numbering, decals or stencils? um, a paint brush..... The way I do it is water down your paint to about 50/50 and then slowly build it up. also dont forget you can erase acrylic paint if you move quick! The hard part will be writing GURNARD on the side. upper case R is a pain in the ass.
  22. Painted these up yesterday, my grandfather was on the USS Gurnard in WW2 SS 254 and the other is the SS423 or Torsk which is the museum boat in Baltimore harbor. Next step is doing the shark teeth on the Torsk
  23. https://t.co/HFoD8kgan0 Table one Palp aces and jumpmaster who would have guessed? Is that sozin? Edit: guys, if you're going to continue the conversation here, could you at least stop quoting the MASSIVE wall of text.
  24. https://t.co/TD1zFl7gxb Everybody gets a ton of pretties. I honestly was thinking of going just to get them shields.
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