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  1. I want to thank you for putting this out there. Whether you were wrong or not is a subject for another thread. But taking the time and effort to write this out and express your remorse in a public forum takes guts. I am sure you will get plenty of heat, but I wanted to sneak in here before all that to applaud you for this. If we ever meet in a tournament, it will still be an honor to play.
  2. Yea, I think this thread has gone far enough. Whether you agree or disagree with what they did, it is no reason for a flame war.
  3. The New Mexico results are really interesting! Definitely seems like there was a really wide field. Hoping the same for next weeks regionals.
  4. Place your bets! How many uboats and palp aces!?
  5. Welcome! As to your list you really might fts best friend. The ig2000 is out though! (Ig88 ship)
  6. True Also, we do have tickets for nationals going on sale on the 20th, so if not this week next week seems a surety for the prize support or something to be put on the site
  7. Or the man-children who play this game and see her crew everywhere?
  8. Considering this is the Nationals for X-Wing. Im going to guess A LOT including myself! I am honestly worried at how quick it will all sell out, I have gotten my badge now that I know the dates and have a hotel reserved etc. But if this sells out like Worlds last year.... I worry that A) they are not ready for that volume and it will crash B) that they are going to do it an inconvenient time
  9. Pre "A New Hope"? The Imperials were using GAT-12's and Sentinels by that point. Rebels would have ships like the R-41, and with Alderaan still around Scum would have access to Razor Fighters. And pretty much everything seen in Rebels. I hope we don't get blast boats... I know that they are different than TIEs but I always found them too ridiculous. The R-41 might be interesting though I would expect it to be very similar to the z-95 which the rebels already have
  10. Nonsense. As a guy who has worked in the industry... he is right. The cost to recycle is greater than what is saved for most products (aluminum the big exception). Most of what you recycle ends up in a landfill anyway. No market for clear glass, almost none for colored. Metals will get pulled for resale. Plastic... if you only knew how little was actually re-used. Most of the waste is generated from hauling the stuff back and forth, running the processing center, and then shipping most of it back to a landfill. A few places are starting to play with pyrolysis boilers to reduce plastics and organics to bio char, bunker oil, and heavy metal salts. Others (google Ames Iowa and their power plant) have other methods. Several landfills were compromised by Katrina and had to undergo similar 'cleanups' as the fill near Ames. He said specifically that it is more pollutant to recycle, which is incorrect. COST is another matter, like I said margins are razor thin. I also work in the industry and you're right it really is a lot more wasteful than most people think (as I said contaminated items, black bags, etc.) but insinuating that it is worse for the environment than just throwing things away IS just nonsense.
  11. So besides XG-1 and Rebel vets (which is probably not the name) what else could we be looking at? This early in the war was the empire still using ARC-170s?
  12. I don't think there will be commentary during the event but I will make full battle reports in English after the event of one game per round. Have a look at the previous reports on my channel. All the text during the event will be in English. ****. Been wanting to listen to some games in Swedish or Norwegian. Preferably Norwegian (no offense) but you Swedes seem to be doing more with X-Wing
  13. For seriously though.... I have 12. and I do NOT play imperials.
  14. Well, that didn't take long. Honestly, at this point, I would be surprised if they made the XG-1. I feel like they must be holding off on principal hahaha
  15. Not really, Rogue One DID just get a trailer after all.
  16. I can see Corran working with Sabine. The issue then is that Emperor-Wampa is a crazy good counter Yes the supreme action economy with Ello and Sabine is another factor. Having target locked focus 3/4 dice attacks on a supremely mobile platform is a great tool. In the end I want a list that really has the potential to go up against jump-masters and Palpaces. I know that this is going to be difficult for rebels, but there has to be a way.
  17. Kanan is there so sabine can do 2 turns and 4 forwards and still clear stress I had thought about intel agent though and predator on sabine. I actually like the Ion Turret on the gray a bit more now for one reason, U-Boats, if I stay at range three I am dead and double stress and Ion? that is a pain in the butt and no mistake for them
  18. This list, is meant to be a good counter to U-Boats while still being able to handle other lists. The goal is to completely outfly the opponent. With the amount of flexibility in the maneuvering that Ello in this build and Sabine bring to the table any generic based list with have an extremely hard time keeping them in arc. Palp aces will be an issue though blocking then becomes very important and Sabine especially can be VERY effective at this as she can literally pick a point on the map and be there easily. The worry, is that there is almost no room for pilot error here. Ello Asty T-70 BB-8 PTL Autothrusters Sabine Wren Attack Shuttle PTL Kannan TLT Hull upgrade Grey squadron Y-wing BTL-A4 R3-A2 Ion turret 100 points
  19. I actually had a thought, perhaps she converts and then turns in to an emperor's hand. Then changes her name to Marcia Shade....
  20. BUT WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT THE AAA TARGET LOCK TOKENS COMING IN WAVE 9?! For serious: the Core set should come with 4 small bases and 2 large bases, plus pegs. 10-15 shield tokens, Stress tokens, ion tokens, etc. And that's it. No other ship should come with those. FFG can then sell separate packs with extra tokens- to go along with the packs of extra bases and dice they already sell. I'd love to buy some of the colored bases, but I've already got 50 bases I never use. Buying more seems ludicrous. I honestly Cannot fathom why they have not gotten into the tokens and templates market. Even if they outsource it to say, Litko, and then just bulk order sets for imperial, rebel, and S&V they could do away with so much waste and turn a nice profit. Plastic packaging in general is ridiculous, but the problem is that people steal so it has to be a lot of times. Also the recycling plant emitting more carbon than it saves is pretty ridiculous. What you are forgetting is that if those materials aren't recycled new materials have to be created whose process creates WAY more carbon. So instead of the same materials being used twice essentially you are doubling the carbon every time you throw something away. But in the end, the BEST way is to re-use yourself. There is absolutely no substitute. The recycling trade is done on such razor thin margins that even slight contamination results in the unit being deemed waste. I.E. if you leave the plastic bag around the cardboard tokens when you put it in the recycling a lot of recyclers will say BUMP THAT and toss it. Also, NEVER put your recycling in a black bag. Becomes automatic trash at the plant. I personally want to thank any of you who even make the attempt at recycling though. That right there is 90% of the battle.
  21. Yes, that's what I did. Re-use is recycling after all and selling on eBay to buy xwing is in principal the same.
  22. As someone who works in sustainability, this post gladdens me immensely.
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