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  1. Dude, that happened like, 20 pages ago. Here you are,
  2. As you wish - Cheers Baaa Rule 43 clearly applies
  3. Wait, circle jerking is still a phrase? What are you a 14 year old in the year 1998? In all seriousness I will NOT be watching! Mostly because its our gaming night. So, you should come over to Odenton and cast one day! We usually can get around 8-14 people there and there is a secondary room in the store that you could take up shop in.
  4. 113 posts 138 likes for 122% I say things good apparently
  5. It's a better argument than the one that was going on to be fair. Cheers Baaa Ah but the most important question is "how many coconuts can they carry as they migrate?" On second thought, perhaps we shouldn't travel to regionals. They are a silly place.
  6. WELL lets just go ahead and not go down this particular path shall we?
  7. So essentially the K-Wing minus the turret and with 3/4 dice primary?
  8. FTS- If it gets people to stop talking about the IDs I firmly hope that we get the XG-1 ASAP. What roll do you think it will fill in the imperials (who seem to be pretty well rounded)
  9. I also think triple scouts will change to two scouts and a friend/friends
  10. Well if europeans traveled these distances, they would most likely be in another country. My drive coming up is roughly the same as driving from Milan to Stuttgart or Paris to Brussels (though I would prefer to drive through the Alps of course).
  11. We are aware of the occurrence at a Regional Championship where four individual matches elected to agree to an intentional draw. While we are still collecting information, it initially appears that each match followed the procedure for intentional draws as detailed in the Tournament Regulations, calling for a leader prior to any discussion on the topic so that they could oversee each match's agreement. We understand that intentional draws are a foreign or disliked concept for some players and fans of Organized Play, but it is our belief that they are a necessary inclusion to promote a fair play experience for all tournament players. As we build more compelling tournaments like the System Open Series, and offer more incredible prizes like travel to exclusive events, we must commit to embracing the differences between purely recreational play and tournament play. We appreciate your feedback on this policy. We are taking steps to help increase the understanding and acceptance of the necessity of intentional draws being allowed in tournaments. Look for an article on this subject on our Organized Play page (www.fantasyflightgames.com/op) in the very near future, which will help valued community members like yourself explain and implement the change. The letter from ffg concerning it.
  12. I have real life today, picking up my mum from the airport and sorting out players for tonight's stream. I have not seen any other thread (but I have not looked) so feel free to direct me to it or quote me directly. I will try to put my side across and stand behind it (and in front of some of the less vocal cast members) as I always do. Unfortunately life has happened today, so if you guys feel I am stirring the wrong pot I apologise. Kris Totally understandable, the thread here is the one where everyone is really going nutso. TBH though, I think its time that we try and move on a bit. I think that the community as a whole has torn itself apart pretty bad over the last 48 hours. I personally feel sickened by things posted by both sides (not yours as you have legitimate grievance). I love this game, I love this community, I sorta like those podcasts thingies (JK I listen to NOVA and BTD as soon as they come out) but these last couple days have been pretty demoralizing. I am going to the New York regional this weekend. I am going to pretend that this whole fracas (man I love that word) is done with. Team Awesome will be drinking pints at the lunch break per usual. Whoever else is there that wants to partake, find us at the event. I hope that your real life events go well sir, and look forward to watching the twitch a bit later.
  13. I don't know if this was directed at me, but anything I've said in this thread has been 0% about Paul Heaver and 100% about the other guys on the podcast and stuff they have publicly admitted to on said podcast. It's almost as if- -oh, nevermind. This was not directed at any one individual, but feel free to edit the quote to remove the part where I say Ultimately you are free to feel how you feel and like (or not like) anything for whatever reasons you choose but lumping all of us together and throwing around labels is a little unfair. Kris Kris; My question is, why post this is in this thread and not in the thread where people are really going off on the podcasts and people etc.? This has been, for the most part, a very casual discussion. Tim Hilton
  14. The alt art for Hera.... That's pretty bad right there
  15. eh Timathius, I would say that being able to see your opponents lists before deciding on yours is a pretty unfair advantage, and I would be more concerned with that than the entry of tournament data in a timely manor haha. I'm more worried about the integrity of the tournament than saving a bit of time. For those who still aren't clear on why this is an issue, think about this- You and a buddy are playing a casual game. You are list building side by side. He puts VI on a couple of ships to bump them up to PS 8. Because you saw this, you make sure to either a) only fly ships at PS 9, or b) Fly low PS generics which wouldn't have been able to compete with his PS anyways. That's unfair, right? And for the same reason, so is walking in to a venue, scoping out the competitions lists, and then choosing what to fly. I agree that it would be quite an advantage. The reason I am not too worried about it is more that I don't think that it would A) be that easy and B) happens very often. If it were to become more prevalent, then of course it would be the bigger issue. I have seen a lot more issues with TOs being rushed into entering tournament data and not checking list legality. (wampa taking an EPT comes to mind) and then there is the fact that a ton of the tournaments on List Juggler don't actually have the lists entered.
  16. Is this something to frown upon? whats the big deal here? maybe you really like both lists? its not like you can wait all that long... still have to turn in your squad sheet well before pairings. What people are worried about is that lets say I show up with two lists (or all my stuff) and then scope out the meta at the event and tailor my list decision based on what I see present. Lots of swarms? im gonna swap for assault missiles etc. Personally, I don't see a big deal in that regard. But, turning lists in early is a lot easier on the TOs as they can check for legality and enter in data at more of a leisurely pace than the mad dash at 9:50 for dice at 10
  17. I understand that and I have done the same thing in X-Wing. But, submitting the night before has two HUGE benefits 1) allows the TOs to enter full lists into cryodex (a very time consuming affair) and then all they need to do day of is just check people in and then BOOM an X-Wing tournament that actually starts on-time! 2) ensures that everyone comes in blind as to their opponents/ meta Edit: this is my 100th post! by all the laws of the internet that I just made up you have to agree with me!
  18. In the different systems I have played, people normally play test their tourney list to death, they know every ins and outs of what does what and what supports what. I have found it extremely rare to have pre tourney inspiration as you have gone over that sucker a million times. Heh, you'd be surprised how many players change their lists last minute. A week is probably too soon before. I would say maybe ask they be in an hour, maybe 30 mins before? That seems reasonable. Or, night before at least. This also helps with tournament organization.
  19. Not a bad plan. Most other Tabletop games that I have been a part of required lists to be submitted 2-3 weeks prior.
  20. I think that you will find it to be a great experience. On the whole, this community is great to be a part of.
  21. Is anyone going to be streaming at either of the regionals this weekend?
  22. So Basically... awings There are some that consider the stress hog an "ace"
  23. green squadron with prockets PTL Crackshot (or juke) a wing test pilot guidance chips (or AT) 26
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