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  1. I really love Y-Wings. So the wave seven meta was very kind to me. But even with the U-Boat in the meta im still running one just because. If they could only get some EPTs...... Another ship that I look at and would love to run is the Defender. Problem is that it is Imperial and is a bit over costed (for now......).
  2. They basically want to double dip. They have all this source material that they can pull from and then re-tell it in a way more fit for movies (which make more money than print media.... for now). So they said ok lets call these "legends" and say they are not canon but still sell them. SIMULTANEOUSLY we then can hire writers and directors that aren't necessarily great on the creative end but great at creating spectacles out of already established plot lines and archetypes.
  3. A lot of other games use this as a tie breaker and some even as the main points system and it works alright
  4. Ah, I thought this what we were calling using the Boba Fett card on Palpatine. I will see myself out.
  5. I like the list, and I'm truly not trying to be rude but why not post it in the squad list subforum? I really wish we could get the sub forums going instead of everything being shoved on the main page. Think of it, all of the id threads in the rules forum! But seriously, it would be cool to get traffic going to the squadron list, rules etc.
  6. Yes, but that's also why I think mods should also be extended to 30 point difference and award mod losses in a 0-1-2-3-4 point format. But that's a whole other thing I promise not to do that to you on vassal BTW
  7. No picture. BUT I am going to guess its a guy with long hair and glasses, who has the look of a college professor, with some form of tequila?
  8. When you plan for a two day tournament, you have planned for a two day tournament with your spouse and kids. When you plan for a single day tournament and get back at 4 AM and then had made plans to DO things at 8/9/10 am that same day and you are dead tired the whole time... that is where my family might have a problem. So I guess it is just a matter of managing expectations.
  9. The VA Regional had the bad luck of falling on the same day as the Campaign for Cancer events. It looks like the Centreville, VA location had 25 players, which probably siphoned off a few players. Probably more from some of the ones with potential traveling players. That, and Roanoke is in the middle of effing nowhere, and the WV and Baltimore regionals are WAY more convenient to the DMV and Baltimore.
  10. Im not proud of the fact that I just mathed out how big it would be at 1/270. (600 meters in diameter give or take)
  11. the only issue I see with a strict win loss system is it could turn into; whoever does half damage or kills a ship first then runs away for 60 minutes.
  12. I consider things like these OP events to be in a way form of democracy, people can vote with their feet. If a 2 day event has 16 people show up for it, then clearly something is wrong with that decision. But if it had 32 last year and gets 64 this year, then it was the right decision. If they had 64 last year and get 64 again this year then it would seem the number of people who don't like two day events were replaced with those who either do or don't care. So until we know how it goes, it's hard to know if it's really the right call or not. Oh, I think 2-day events are the right call for these events (as I've said). I don't think there's enough casual players that won't go to make a noticable shift, but now (as there's 3 people posting in this thread, myself included) there is some further division among regionals being an available tournament for players to go to. Their larger events, yes (Masters for Wm/H, Nationals/Worlds for X-Wing). And they're usually at conventions where there is more than just the event (and past times is running a Sunday tournament it looks like). I'm not familiar with any scattered qualifying-level tournament in WM/H or a GW game that is 2 days (nationals is a 'qualifier' type event for x-wing, sure, but not as scattered and available as regionals). There are singular exceptions, and my feeling is that if 2-day regionals become a norm there will be more regionals in years-future to try and make them mostly 1-day events. At the end, all of the fantasy qualifiers in the Masters system were two day events. Nationals was as well. I went to about one a month which is what I am doign for xwing regionals. That is one of the main reasons I am going to Raleigh instead of Martinsburg, I have played at both in Fantasy and Atomic has BEER so it wins.
  13. YES I personally am hoping for an announcement of what will be coming out for nationals in June since event registration is soon. I think that we have enough to chew on with the new wave that we wont get any new ship news until later in the month or even in May and....i guess..... ugh..... XG-1 Assault Gunboat preview would be cool....
  14. I personally am traveling to two regionals that are 4+ hours away so I have to get hotels (or stay with family in one case) to go two days or not. I am a competitive player, I will admit to that, but almost every other major game system has their larger events over multiple days so I am used to it from previous (40k, fantasy, Warmahordes etc.)
  15. There goes Vorpal again fishing for likes with his well thought out, and well constructed, responses. In all seriousness; I completely agree that the email from ffg was tone deaf. Personally, I was more flabbergasted by the fact that they have yet to post an official response. In marketing strategy, and crisis management, putting out fires swiftly and efficiently is not just a recommended practice, it is an absolute necessity. I can see their pov being that they want a larger data set prior to making a drastic change so close on the heels of their last FAQ. Especially considering that what happened at Roanoke was a perfect storm that lead to an occurrence that should be relatively rare. As a business that is a perfectly reasonable position to take. however, they at this point MUST say something soon or risk alienating their consumer base. Even if it is "hey we know X happened, we are looking into it but we want to give ID a fair go" that would sufficient.
  16. There's more here than that. If it was just that, I would have thought it was unfunny and preposterous.Yesterday someone was giving Nova some heat over it, acting as if Nova was some sort of hive mind conglomerate of jerks, and not just a very loosely affiliated group of all kinds of x-wingers from the same geographic area. A responder pointed this out by saying they aren't the Kobra Kai of x-wing. Hence, the callback to that Kobra Kai reference, which is funny. At this point, the NOVA facebook group has something like 2000 people on it. From literally every continent except Antarctica(seriously, WTH is that still a continent). It started out as people in the Baltimore/DMV area but it has grown a lot. and the generalization is absolutely ridiculous. But the video is pretty funny hahaha.
  17. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/141266-new-to-seeking-advicehelp/ This is a great thread have a look through it. Make sure you're familiar with the software you will be using.
  18. I am out of likes! **** you audio weasel and your delicious gifs!
  19. I used 2% milk myself (counting calories in the bacon and cheesed filled dish), but cream would also work.
  20. You know I made this one, it turned out pretty good! 8/10 would make again. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I am going to have to give them all a try. I need to find the skull egg form from one of the other threads lol. What's the first bowl he pours into the eggs? Milk? yes, makes for fluffier eggs.
  21. Well all this breakfast food has me about to leave work early for grilled cheese. (national grilled cheese day YAY AMERICA) but seriously, keep strong Baaa I feel that through us mocking these posts we will fix the forums in short order
  22. You know I made this one, it turned out pretty good! 8/10 would make again.
  23. OH FFS! Look, I don't like IDs but this has now gotten ridiculous. 12 Posts on the first page alone right now on this topic
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