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  1. This thread is going in circles and has ran its course. Let it die.
  2. Offensive C-3po would be fun Doesn't sound so bad to me...
  3. because they want to push their customer base into as many of their games as possible. So you are constantly buying their product.
  4. I honestly doubt it. They would have put it in the spread, people are dying of anticipation for it not me... I can survive no news.
  5. Would love to see more from the wave. I think we need to wait until next week though. Legion should take center stage this week.
  6. I see what you did there Im with you too, Cassian said I had to.
  7. FFG mats are also not legal size most of the time either so there really is no leg to stand on there.
  8. There is no FFG official one, but there are instructions below on how to make your own.
  9. according to my rankings I have about 800 players in the US that were on there last year but this year don't have any qualifying events. In that same time the list has grown by about 1200 players. As far as "Good" players quitting. It says something that of the top 64 that made the invitational over half of them are back on the list this year so far. Have some quit? Definitely, but **** happens and so does life. I think that overall the game is still growing.
  10. Read this as Happy Hour on Friday. Work needs to end so I can begin driving to the Richmond Regional.
  11. If either one of them needs to double repo they did something really stupid and shouldnt be rewarded for it.
  12. Literally more work than you have ever put into the show notes.
  13. Not really, you can put in the FAQ that they are immune to this. Or make the ruling "ships may not preform boost and or barrel roll actions as free actions unless specified by a pilot ability or upgrade."
  14. It does, but honestly that is not a big loss. Especially if you are trying to make arcs relevant again.
  15. Or just say they can never be done as Free Actions, just like slam.
  16. Timathius

    I want a ticket!

    yea the issue last year wasn't the sign ups. It was the terrible service that they used to do the sign ups
  17. Timathius

    I want a ticket!

    I asked if Joel Andrew or I could trade our extra Corascant invites for a world invite. Was rejected man I want those templates though. Also yes, if it is done at the right time the US can take their lunch break Europe is at home and Australia is already waking up which covers the vast majority of the player base. For example: 2PM CST (minnesota) is 9pm in Berlin and 7 am in Melbourne
  18. While I would love more opportunities to get Vayn out of Florida, I think that Oceania at the least deserves one a bit more. I think Atlanta would be an ideal spot for one though.
  19. Just opened up. Go to novaopenstore.com and register!
  20. IM SORRY BUT IS THE TITLE OF THIS POST SYSTEM OPEN RESULTS!?!??!?!??!? jk thanks for all the details!
  21. I am unreasonably upset that K2S0 is still not a crew or a pilot.
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