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  1. There is also a community driven objective scoring system for tournaments that is being developed. Which will also shake up the meta.
  2. thats still not double elimination though. They get to play three games. You also don't know how they are doing prizes. In short, maybe wait to see full details instead of complaining. We finally have a system where MOV doesn't matter and there is immediately a complaint. FFG just can't win.
  3. Because everyone gets to play 3 games no matter what. So its not single elim
  4. Hoping for regional dates or system opens personally. Need to start planning my winter's traveling
  5. I mean, they got beat to the punch on the system open. So just acknowledging that they are happening would be good.
  6. Nah I think that there is space for both. They could be at the same time though. Or, they may just hand it all over to cascade.
  7. Man, they better blast out a ton of info over the next few days. People are less than pleased with the System Open surprise drop
  8. Just want to throw this out there, this is the Mandalore open which means.... we are getting Sabine’s Playmat
  9. Unsure, but it’s going to be a lot bigger all the top 8 and the undefeateds from the side event get invited. Only champion gets full fare though.
  10. They just announced this on twitter, no prizes or anything here is the registration link https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07eenwziep29e69a7c&oseq=&c=&ch= new format as well Stage 1 is 3 rounds of swiss play. Earn 2 or more wins advance to Stage 2. Stage 2 is 3 rounds of swiss play. Earn 5 or more combined wins advance to Stage 3. Stage 3 is a single elimination bracket of all qualified players to determine a System Open Champion. Top 8 players earn invite to Coruscant Invitational. Champion earns invite, travel and accomodations to Coruscant Invitational You must purchase a PAX Unplugged badge to participate in these events. www.paxsite.com and a new side event format as well 6 rounds of Swiss Play. Earn prizes for each win. Undefeated Players earn an invite to the Coruscant Invitational. You must purchase a PAX Unplugged badge to participate in this event. www.paxsite.com
  11. There is A LOT of evidence pointing towards it Cascade (who ran the system opens last year) has an X-wing button thats not active yet for an event there http://www.cascadegames.com/PAX-UP-17.html there is more info on the reddit.
  12. Word on the street is, there is a System Open that’s going to be at PAX unplugged. That is a little over a month away, and they still haven’t announced it. So, if true, that has to be coming soon too. I am just wondering what the hold up is.
  13. FFG nobody cares about Destiny. Regionals or FAQ plz.
  14. Stores in the US have dates, just waiting on official announce.
  15. I might have missed it, but I checked through all of OPs news and didn't see it. Are you maybe thinking of the Store Championship one? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/tag/organized-play/?page=3
  16. They haven't done a kit article in a LONG time. I guess they are finished with them.
  17. If you have Facebook, nova squadron will really help you find a place to play. We are rather spoiled in NoVA and MD with dozens of stores in the area and weekly game nights all over. Curio cavern, huzzah hobbies, island games all have game nights weekly for example and there are definitely more.
  18. No, dates were out 8/23 last year. This is borderline ridiculous.
  19. "Bad at identifying high level strategy" - Gets top 4 at a national I think that the answer is that most Nym players are not excellent pilots. In the hands of an excellent pilot Nym is very hard to nail down but it is definitely possible. That said, Nym can be great and Kylo still be great, those things are not mutually exclusive. So its not so much back peddling, as much as tempering expectations.
  20. Timathius

    Jokes on you

    I dunno @FTS Gecko "2 manifestos" the other day got a good chuckle out of me. And @Audio Weaseltrolling of negative threads with breakfast memes.
  21. Would highly recommend the new Thrawn book if you can, the audiobook is very good as well. Edit; I got your likes fam no worries.
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