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  1. That is essentially what they have now also. And the forum is a **** show from what I have heard. Allows whatever playtester is loudest to have the most sway, not the playtester who knows the most about the game.
  2. I am flying multiple lists to get reps. I find it to be a good strategy regardless, but especially with this situation.
  3. There are groups coming from all over like we said so put out there that you're going and see if you can get a carpool together. I have the room block reserved too, $80 a night for double beds, just waiting on the link etc.
  4. Here are the top 50 rankings http://nationaltabletopgaming.org/x-wing-rankings And then the other lucky 14 51 Andrew Seely 52 Mark Fletcher 53 Alex Smittle 54 Joel Springle 55 Nate Moore 56 Will Eldridge 57 Lee Harris 58 Joseph Franchino 59 Dion Morales 60 Hasan Khan 61 Joe Castiglione 62 Jeremy Chamblee 63 christopher little 64 Drew Bishop
  5. Timathius


    It is a complete list of the one we know about
  6. Timathius


    Updated events listing with these and the system open. Next I am going to make a map. http://nationaltabletopgaming.org/x-wing-events
  7. I would settle for don't be a **** on the forums.
  8. That wasn't his question. His question is has their ever been a point where the FORUMS thought the game was getting better, not you personally.
  9. SHOW YOUR WORK NOOB like this - ****** divide it in HALF you get THREE. LIFE is a race to the grave. HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED.
  10. Also, store champs were in summer vs fall. Which is a huge deal.
  11. I cannot like this more than once so I will quote you and tell you. I like this.
  12. That probably has a lot to do with how and where you are doing that.
  13. Actually, I find quite the opposite is the best way to handle this. With politics for example, I lean very left. But I will 100% call out people on the left who are acting in a toxic and unproductive manner not just ignore them. You should be calling out these people that are tarnishing your argument with their behavior. Blindly agreeing with them justifies and reinforces their behavior just as much as their message. No, you shouldn't have to. But unfortunately this is the world that you live in. Honestly, a lot of that would be solved with just a tiny bit of modding on the forums. just the occasional "hey keep it civil" etc.
  14. Not to speak for Gecko here but you are not the target of that statement. As long as you present your arguments in a civil manner I think you are fine to do so. It is when someone is constantly combative, ignorant, negative, toxic, and outright rude that I begin to have a problem.
  15. That other commentator guy sounds like an idiot, best ignore him. But you all should hear something about this project soon and believe me, its pretty awesome and a lot of work has been put into it.
  16. I think that their are some stores that are holding it up. Remember that they have to release ALL the Star Wars regionals at the same time also.
  18. WELP three articles is usually their max. I guess they won't be announcing The System Open until next week which will then be less than a month for people to get tickets, hotels and travel sorted. Pretty *** honestly.
  19. ******* Arkham Horror Novellas....
  20. Thought 10/26 was next week, and thats the date we have been hearing from distributors, I will update it.
  21. Just updated on the upcoming page. That most likely means a release date of next week. Edit: 10/26 is ACTUALLY the anticipated date, I apologize thought that was next week. Been a long week.
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