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  1. Man, that last one. I could pretend to be good with double repositions AND fly a swarm at the same time....
  2. You should be able to find them on sale. I know Barnes and Noble (if you are in the US) has been having them at 50% pretty regularly. Alternatively, you could start Republic or Separatists. -new ships you don't have -no conversion kit -you can start playing 2.0
  3. Matt, sorry you had to keep this in line. We are all a bit pent up with lockdown etc. But lets seriously take it down a notch. We are all friends in the end.
  4. Mitch has been doing a great job with the Friday night dog fights. Definitely worth watching.
  5. Hey I am not going to read anything in this thread but I just wanted to say something to people who thought extended would balance itself because of a large card pool. Example A.
  6. WELL now I have to paint a nantex as a Goose.
  7. The article that you linked actually says. "However, early estimates predict that the overall COVID-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75%." Not just the 99.75 number which is by far the lowest I have seen and have seen worse estimates than 97% in scientific journals. Also, this is ignoring the growing data on long term health issues such as Mis-c in children and ARDS/other respiratory effects in adults https://www.jpeds.com/article/S0022-3476(20)31023-4/fulltext https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamacardiology/fullarticle/2768916?fbclid=IwAR03Qbu8DsfISxRQs3744Aer8wV4XBMu44kYluFj0M8wOW4knkHJAJKhKng Another problem is that this virus transmits BEFORE you know you are sick or that you will just not notice your symptoms. While the second is true for the flu the first is usually not. Also, instead of the 2 day average onset the flu has Covid-19 could be anywhere from 2-14. Your article mentions that too "Not everyone who catches SARS-CoV-2 will notice symptoms. If you do get them, they may show up 2 to 14 days after your infection." Which is why we need to limit large unnecessary social gatherings. This spreads way easier than the flu. We have ways of dealing with/mitigating the flu (such as Tamiflu etc.) that don't require the resources that COVID-19 does (Ventilators for example). I agree that we should all wash hands and wear masks whenever possible. We are lucky to live in an age where we can mitigate this to the extent that we have. If this were even 15 years ago it would have been catastrophic. There are flu vaccines and vaccines for plenty of other viruses like mumps or yellow fever. I would guess that Covid-19 will be like the flu where vaccines are annual but there is simply no way of knowing. Once again though the lock down and other precautions are not to STOP the spread full stop. That was never going to happen in a country like America where people believe that doing whatever they want without any regard for the consequences is a constitutional right and patriotic duty. It was to slow it down so our infrastructure can still handle it and the rest of our normal day to day illnesses and injuries. Playing with plastic spaceships is just NOT worth the risk of spreading it.
  8. TBF its really not going on longer than experts anticipated. Most experts came out of the gate saying it is going to be a long term thing and we needed to lockdown to stem the spread and avoid a massive spike our hospitals could not handle. What the media/ our current administration in the US said =/= what the actual experts said. Also, yes you really should be trying to tone down doing stuff in large groups of people. We still know so little about this virus, but what we do know is enough that we should be cautious and holding a 500+ person tournament whose purpose is LITERALLY to have people come from all over the world (including places that have the virus relatively contained because they actually locked down) is a horribad idea.
  9. I made that Corona Open Series mat big enough to get printed. enjoy and thanks @Dragon_King for the idea! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WuEORV8a_6QXs_fd46rOo5OMjvYvz3vg/view?usp=sharing
  10. .... I wonder when Custom ink will have a sale.... I own Naboo, mandalore, yavin. Really hope they start doing these again.
  11. TBH even in countries that have gotten past the worst, big events are probably still not a great idea... But yea, huzzah America. Number one in yet another terrible stat.
  12. Timathius

    Happy Friday

    Plos Bros Arcs would be really cool to see.
  13. Luminara doesn't state which die she is changing. Just the results themselves in that case make it clear that its the attack dice. blank to focus being ambiguous since both dice have that result is the problem. 100% SHOULDN'T work and I think any TO would be able to recognize that and rule accordingly until a FAQ is released. That said, I'm pretty sure RAW it does.
  14. I got 2 cheap card tables that the legs fold under for $15 then put 4x3 boards on them and felted the top. probably cost me $30 each? The felt makes them great for card and board games as well.
  15. Man, I really hope you one day realize its not the world vs Vincent. There is a lot more that I could say but I haven't asked for permission from those people to quote them and they are free to tell their stories in their own time. But, as one human to another, maybe take a look at all this drama and fighting since you joined this community and think that maybe its you. I am done, please try and be better.
  16. TBH I don't believe you. I wish I did. But your behavior on literally every forum I have encountered you on, and every story I have heard about you, makes me unable to rule it out. I cannot stress enough that maybe you should take a long hard look at how you conduct yourself.
  17. Yep. I also accused you of several other things, but im guessing we are at the "bully focuses on one thing and ignores all the other things that are right in front of his face" part of the proceedings now. "He has a very aggressive personality and has definitely attacked people personally, little kids included, on twitch chats before. He's been silenced on GSP numerous times."
  18. You're right, you should be apologizing to everyone else that you have attacked, made fun of, bullied, cheated, and intimidated. I couldn't care less if you tried those things with me. Because I too played warhammer competitively and even worked for GW. I have dealt with plenty of people like you in the past which is why I call you out on your BS. What does upset me is you doing that to new players, kids and on public forums that prospective players look at because that hurts the community.
  19. No, I prefer you to be better. Not just say you will do better but ACTUALLY do better and apologize for how you have acted. Not just at the game and your sloppy play if that was what it was, but in the way you conduct yourselves. Not just in saying you have an attitude problem, but actively working on it. Realizing this is actually just a game and while we can do our best that doesn't mean cheating or rules lawyering to win as you have done.
  20. Sorry, but after your performance last night you don't get to try and take the high road. Also, why do you think I would not say this to Jeff or yourself in person? I would definitely tell you that you are acting like an *** if you acted the way you choose to on social media. I would definitely tell Jeff he was. Even though he is "6'5" over 300 pounds and built like a truck". Because something I did learn early in high school is that letting bullies just do whatever they want is not a good idea for either party. Sometimes people are bullies because they don't know better. So yea I WOULD say these things to you and to Jeff if you are going to attack people for their appearance and profession, curse at people, cheat or in any way harm the community as you have done.
  21. Oh Jeffrey. It's ok you can do better than that I believe in you. Go ahead and give defending your toxic, cheating, moronic, bully of a co-host another shot. To be clear, I am also not usually a fan of personal attacks. But, when someone does it repeatedly to others I make an exception.
  22. "ruining the XWM boards" What exactly is this doing to ruin it that has not already been done?
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