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  1. TBH even in countries that have gotten past the worst, big events are probably still not a great idea... But yea, huzzah America. Number one in yet another terrible stat.
  2. Timathius

    Happy Friday

    Plos Bros Arcs would be really cool to see.
  3. Luminara doesn't state which die she is changing. Just the results themselves in that case make it clear that its the attack dice. blank to focus being ambiguous since both dice have that result is the problem. 100% SHOULDN'T work and I think any TO would be able to recognize that and rule accordingly until a FAQ is released. That said, I'm pretty sure RAW it does.
  4. I got 2 cheap card tables that the legs fold under for $15 then put 4x3 boards on them and felted the top. probably cost me $30 each? The felt makes them great for card and board games as well.
  5. Man, I really hope you one day realize its not the world vs Vincent. There is a lot more that I could say but I haven't asked for permission from those people to quote them and they are free to tell their stories in their own time. But, as one human to another, maybe take a look at all this drama and fighting since you joined this community and think that maybe its you. I am done, please try and be better.
  6. TBH I don't believe you. I wish I did. But your behavior on literally every forum I have encountered you on, and every story I have heard about you, makes me unable to rule it out. I cannot stress enough that maybe you should take a long hard look at how you conduct yourself.
  7. Yep. I also accused you of several other things, but im guessing we are at the "bully focuses on one thing and ignores all the other things that are right in front of his face" part of the proceedings now. "He has a very aggressive personality and has definitely attacked people personally, little kids included, on twitch chats before. He's been silenced on GSP numerous times."
  8. You're right, you should be apologizing to everyone else that you have attacked, made fun of, bullied, cheated, and intimidated. I couldn't care less if you tried those things with me. Because I too played warhammer competitively and even worked for GW. I have dealt with plenty of people like you in the past which is why I call you out on your BS. What does upset me is you doing that to new players, kids and on public forums that prospective players look at because that hurts the community.
  9. No, I prefer you to be better. Not just say you will do better but ACTUALLY do better and apologize for how you have acted. Not just at the game and your sloppy play if that was what it was, but in the way you conduct yourselves. Not just in saying you have an attitude problem, but actively working on it. Realizing this is actually just a game and while we can do our best that doesn't mean cheating or rules lawyering to win as you have done.
  10. Sorry, but after your performance last night you don't get to try and take the high road. Also, why do you think I would not say this to Jeff or yourself in person? I would definitely tell you that you are acting like an *** if you acted the way you choose to on social media. I would definitely tell Jeff he was. Even though he is "6'5" over 300 pounds and built like a truck". Because something I did learn early in high school is that letting bullies just do whatever they want is not a good idea for either party. Sometimes people are bullies because they don't know better. So yea I WOULD say these things to you and to Jeff if you are going to attack people for their appearance and profession, curse at people, cheat or in any way harm the community as you have done.
  11. Oh Jeffrey. It's ok you can do better than that I believe in you. Go ahead and give defending your toxic, cheating, moronic, bully of a co-host another shot. To be clear, I am also not usually a fan of personal attacks. But, when someone does it repeatedly to others I make an exception.
  12. "ruining the XWM boards" What exactly is this doing to ruin it that has not already been done?
  13. You clearly cheated here though. You moved the ship back almost two ship lengths and didn't return it to its original position before reversing the maneuver. you should have had Tim replace the ship per the rules.
  14. It was missed because of the fiasco with BCP at LVO I reckon. But its pretty blatant.
  15. The wide world of wargaming crew everyone https://giphy.com/gifs/fVUrY8ZyBDuwHG84ya Also, this would be libel Vincent. I am sure Jeff can walk you through that.
  16. I would say you're right but the confluence of struts, the vultures themselves, discord missiles, their ship ability, and the Tac droids are a problem.
  17. 4 Ship Rebel also can punch through Boba.
  18. Yeeeeaaaa Spikey bits is not where I would go for an opinion piece on... well anything really
  19. Right, but the reason for canceling isn’t that it would be a US only event. It’s because there is a pandemic and people’s lives will be affected. Not because some people can’t come so it’s not fair...
  20. Yea totally too expensive. Not even worth trying. Nothing to see here move along.
  21. Hold up. I want to go back to this. Is this a real post or a joke? Because if it’s real, it’s arguably the dumbest thing I’ve read on this forum. And this forum says A LOT of dumb stuff.
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