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  1. Alex must have meekly accepted, because he was told by someone who was 6’5” 300 pounds and built like a truck. So why the disconnect?
  2. Timathius


    So I am reading that as SOLELY meaning Sunday. Let’s pump the brakes a bit to make sure.
  3. https://listfortress.com/ several are already in here! Thanks to everyone that is putting in data. To add a new event, there is a button at the bottom of the page. Also tabletop.to can push their results straight over.
  4. Did not see one of these, so here we go. Please report your hyperspace trial results here! This should help us populate list fortress. If it’s already inist fortress, AWESOME! Please just submit a link to it.
  5. Hey! I am not sure, life is getting a little hectic but if I can get that sorted in the next month or so I will.
  6. Best kit in a long time. Those dice, I have waited so long and it was worth it.
  7. No, it’s showing how many points you have left. You add all the points you have left on the board and subtract from 200. So having it round up is correct here. App has tons of faults, but this isn’t one of them.
  8. It’s actually doing it correctly since it’s showing you what you have left not what the opponent killed. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.
  9. The Silencer has autothrusters which has Kylo
  10. Timathius

    1.0 fatuige

    We actually have a growing group for weeknight play. But we are also proxying a lot of 2.0
  11. As someone who manages marketing and BD. Reigning in over enthusiastic sales people while not curbing their hunger is probably the most difficult part of my job. Besides making excuses to clients for poor execution of basic operations
  12. This guy markets. I mean, just look at the buzz a 36 second video showing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING generated last night for ES VI. You don't need to blow your whole load and reveal everything to get people excited. In fact, its usually best not to. But seriously, they are slowly releasing more and more news. we have been getting 2-3 articles a week between spoilers and OP. They also did a massive unboxing spoiling 60+% of the cards in the kit. All in all they are doing a great job IMO. I am sure you will know complete contents long before you need to to make an informed purchasing decision.
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