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  1. Hey, as I said, I'm not involved in this, just read the 2 threads and wanted to share information. If you still want to spend some time and thoughts on this issue, just go ahead....
  2. Here is the thread btw: http://www.moseisleyraumhafen.com/t10552p25-19-03-2016-livestream-store-championship-frankfurt And: He wrote that
  3. Hi there, This issue is already discussed in the German X-wing community and the situation has been handled by both players involved. No cheating, so please leave the torches where they are. Btw: I'm neither one of those players, just read both threads in both communities.
  4. The issue is already discussed in the German X-Wing community. The player "touching" the dial, claims he just plays nervously with it, but doesn't move it at all. But all in all it looks pretty obvious that the dial is moving when you watch it in slow-motion...
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