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  1. Oh sweet. That was my only real reservation. Everything looks like X-wing only better. Can't wait.
  2. I don't mind the upgrade kits. It's the only realistic way to revamp all the mechanics like they have done in order to improve the game's fundamental flaws. I hope that covers all the cards in the new blisters of the old ships though. If they have unique cards not found in the upgrade kits when they redo, say, the Y-wing blister that would suck but as it is I don't think that'll be the case?
  3. Convince me. I contend that there's loads of design space with simple, elegant rules. By the time your rules are spilling onto a whole extra card, you've got more rules than you need. I think the game would have been just fine without conditions and excessive wording on cards. If you're going to have a small deck of tiny print cards ... what do they bring to the game? The game hasn't run out of simple but cool mechanics (the crew/pilots for the partisan box are proof of that).
  4. Haha I've tried 3 gand findsmen. It's not as horrible as you might think ... but it's not that great at all. You do really need to spare a crew for an intel agent.
  5. Not entirely sure about that. A single TIE as a blocker can be valuable, for example, without necessarily being worth 12 points of pew-pew. I think a single Quadjumper is more valuable with some heavy hitters than a swarm of Quadjumpers. I think ships can be worth their points without being spammable. Put another way, I think a good swarm ship needs to work as a swarm and some ships are definitely more iconic as swarms, chief of those being, of course, the TIE fighter. I'm not disagreeing that if you fix the TIE you'll see more of the ship and if the raw un-upgraded cost is low enough you'll see swarms of it. But I think you can still promote swarm play with certain upgrades in the same way that harpoons disincentivises swarm play.
  6. I think as mentioned there are several overlapping issues. TIE fighters as a whole are pretty bad. Swarms as a whole (TIEs, Scyks, Z-95s) are pretty bad against many lists There's a **** of a lot out there that really hurt swarms. Harpoons may have been the nail in the coffin (seriously, what were they thinking?). There are a number of ways to solve this problem but few that are appealing. The easiest fix might be a new TIE along the lines of Serissu or Howlrunner that gives a significant reason to run a swarm, or yet another "swarm" EPT given that Swarm Leader and Squad Leader didn't do the job. A title would be a straightforward way to give all TIEs or TIE/fos a boost in particular (although it occurs to me that there could be a cross faction 12-point-or-less title that might work? Or just 3 titles?). Not sure how you put TIEs on the map through errata. Errata-ing points values is something FFG seems loathe to do and I can understand that. Swarms aren't that far from being viable. I've run them a bit and I've had some wins at local events with them. Howlrunner and a bomber with OpSpec + Intel can give them teeth. I think it wouldn't take much to make them viable and I think it would be very very easy to make them overpowered or at least rock-paper-scissory. For example, the suggestion that for each one that fires, reduce the defenders agility by 1. That would be pretty crazy I think you could take out vader in one round even if you assume 1 TIE is killed and the first 3 don't hit. Likewise I'm not sure about 8 dice laser beams of death. TIEs should be a death by a thousand cuts not turn into Voltron. You already have Swarm Leader. Seems to me that actually defence is where swarms need help. 2 dice ain't much but there are offensive options. OpSpec, Howl, Hux, etc. There's only really Serissu for defence. I think if Imperials could take Serissu swarms could be more viable?
  7. I like it a lot on the G1A with FCS. Not only is it good for the K-turn but there's a lot of red on that dial. You can even bump and still have focus/TL. G1A is not a great chassis but it is a nice little crew.
  8. More factions probably doesn't make inter-faction balance easier. It does probably make intra-faction balance easier to manage with less moving parts. I'd prefer more factions because it gives more room to flesh out an archetype. With 2 or 3 huge catch-all factions the differences start to get cosmetic particularly if very similar ships or, increasingly, the actual same ship get shared between factions. Rebels have TIE fighters, Nym is dual faction, etc. Compartmentalising will keep more flavour per faction, even if ships are shared. It seems possible for FFG to move towards a 5 faction system but they still need to flesh out Resistance and First Order and that might be hard to do with more ships in the original trilogy era coming out for Solo or whatever.
  9. Well, we've seen nerfs in the past and while it's easy to over-nerf into obscurity, for the most part FFG's erratas have done the job. Palp is still used but it isn't as broken as it was, x7's are still viable, etc. Sometimes it feels like a nerf comes after it's relevant anymore but since FFG have obviously decided that balance through errata is how they're going to try and fix things, we can speculate about more things to nerf/buff. But it's easy to blame the wrong thing. Why are people saying the Ghost needs a nerf? We've had the Ghost with TLT for nearly 3 years. It hasn't been dominating the game until, suddenly, recently, it has popped up everywhere alongside another new ship that is dirt cheap, provides the ghost with PS11 actions and neuters enemy attacks against it (especially with sensor jammer). Maybe the old thing that was just fine for 3 years is still just fine and the new thing that totally introduces a whole new paradigm is the problem?
  10. Can you elaborate on this? I feel like X-wing has always had meta lists that seem to dominate. BBBBZ was so powerful in its time and other than the occasional tie swarm it seemed like you played rebels or you lost. Phantoms came out and certainly pre-nerf were just absurd. I straight up nearly quit the game when Phantoms came out. It felt like I geared against that list or I lost and it substantially sapped the fun out of the game for me. A ship with 4 red and effectively 4 green? Just insane. Scum came out, like rebels only better. Palp aces rolled around and rebels practically went extinct between that and triple defenders. Recently it feels like the meta shifts every few months. Nym was everywhere and now is not. Poe had a hot second in the spotlight until Fenn with Hotshot kicked him out. Yes, there are wonky things out there, I think it's clear the sheathipede is just plain undercosted (Fenn's probably broken, Ezra is amazing, even AP5 is crazy good for the cost) and TLTs and Miranda have been a problem since inception ... but what makes today's meta substantially different to earlier power builds? Are the numbers more skewed for rebels than it was against rebels at the height of palp ace domination?
  11. You know, Hera, Ezra, FCS for 29 points doesn't actually look shabby and can simply sit there like a pillbox in space. 8 hull behind 2 green isn't that easy to kill. It might fit quite well in a 3 ship rebel list - Poe, Fenn, U-wing? But in general I think the main problem is that you can put those crew on something else and get more out of them.
  12. While I've seen 4 lambdas once upon a time I don't remember it being particularly prevalent. BBBBZ or double falcon or TIE swarm were the lists at that time. Right: a system upgrade that specifically improves crew abilities could be a good upgrade to make the U-wing, Lambda and Upsilon better without impinging on already-good ships with system slots. And yes, the Imperials always had a problem with being designed with lots of support combos with short range and lots of ships that want to range freely. Totally agree.
  13. Uhhh, no. There was always a fundamental problem with the lambda on its own merits. It was a large-base ship with no k-turn, no turret or aux arc and no hard turns that weren't red. And I'd argue that "all other ships are better" would indicate something wrong with it!
  14. I had a similar build I liked: Cassian + Kyle Katarn + Inspiring Recruit + Experimental Interface + Expert Handling + Advanced Sensors So you Advanced Sensors an action (e.g. TL), BR with expert handling, remove an enemy TL, then green move clear both stress and get 2 focuses. If only Cassian were higher PS it'd be amazing. I'm still cross that the new pack doesn't include K2SO as pilot or crew. Boo!
  15. Firstly, it's hard to see how a ship that has been a staple of competitive lists is "bad". It was a doom shuttle then it was a OGP palpmobile now it's a yorr palpmobile. Indeed there's very few ships that can boast of being a competitive staple for so long. It may have seen it's day but it had a better run than B-wings, Soontir, Brobots and other power builds of yesteryear. So while it has arguably the worst dial in the game and very limited combat potential it's clearly not bad. Now it may be that the new shuttle fills the same niche and is just plain better. I'm not 100% sure I'd bet on it though, the lambda is still big and tough and cheap. Not that a lambda fix that attempts to make the ship more than just a palpshuttle would be unwelcome. It's always been badly designed (why on earth doesn't it have a rear arc? It has a great big cannon on the back! Yeah I know anti-pursuit-lasers but that looks more like a proper gun to me. Why the firespray got a rear arc but not the lambda I'll never know). Tyderium seems obvious although giving the Rebels access to another Imperial ship may not be desirable.
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