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    Chemosh667 reacted to Rune Taq in So...it's version 1.5, then   
    Didn't think of that. peps can now get SSD upgrades even if they don't want the SSD.  Good point
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    Chemosh667 reacted to xanderf in So...it's version 1.5, then   
    Yeah, I'm having a real love/hate with that card upgrade kit.
    I'm sure it'll miss SOME perfect-number-of-something...and definitely it's re-issuing cards in the wrong size, but...
    ....graaaaaahhhh!!!  It's so annoying to see FFG *finally* doing the 'all errata and point-rebalancing' that we've been asking for, FOR YEARS, but in a way that is simultaneously improving things but annoying us.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Suermel in So...it's version 1.5, then   
    I like the Card - Pack. I do own 2 Starter - Packs and therefore also 2 Vic‘s. But i never wanted to spend extra money for a 3rd stand alone Vic just to get Motti and that extra Title. Now i get that stuff way cheaper. Same goes with the SSD and ther Upgrades there 👍
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    Chemosh667 reacted to flatpackhamster in In-Flight Report and Clone Wars Preview   
    Reactive Gunnery looks as though it would be really good on the Arquitens Command Cruiser and the Interdictor (with Tua).  Especially the Interdictor with Heavy Ion Emplacements.
    Attacked by enemy ship, use Reactive Gunnery to salvo, trigger and exhaust HIE.  Activate ship, un-exhaust HIE, fire at enemy ship, trigger and exhaust HIE.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to The Jabbawookie in Two new cards revealed by Steel Strategy's Gen Con show   
    *Laughs in Ion Cannon Batteries*
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    Chemosh667 got a reaction from Flengin in In-Flight Report and Clone Wars Preview   
    What I really want to see at this point is if the 12 mission cards are repeats, or if they are new missions; expanding the missions event further would rock.  Even if it's a mix (6 classics and 6 new ones), it's always nice having a bit more variety for missions; not that I am complaining about current variety, haha, as the campaigns brought in a lot of cool new missions themselves.  Given some of the keywords for transport, bombardment, etc, I assume these will have effects on missions.
    Also, who suspects a new ship/fighter card box at some point, with the new sizing/styling and errata and tweaks?  Wave 2, put out a card pack for each of the classic Armada factions to replace and update all of their old ship cards and rebalance?  That is what I would do, rather than a whole 2nd edition X-wing style round of re-releases (Although that also works; but it'll go over like a wet-fart in a track meet for all of us who have huge collections and played all these years).  
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Orcdruid in After seeing preview what will you be buying this holiday season?   
    I will be buying the upgrade cards, 2 CIS starters and enough squadron packs to run 150pts of basic vulture droids(5 packs).
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Commodore Gardner in After seeing preview what will you be buying this holiday season?   
    One of each starter, two of each squadron pack, and probably the upgrade pack. 
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Piratical Moustache in After seeing preview what will you be buying this holiday season?   
    1 of each starter and 2 of each squadron box, although I don't need all those extra dice and movement tools.
    Ended up getting 2 starters and 2 squadron boxes each, 1 Acclamator and 1 Munificent is not enough for me. 
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Revan Reborn in In-Flight Report and Clone Wars Preview   
    It's not the Munificent's narrow front arc that I'm concerned about -- it should have a narrow front arc because of its fixed-forward heavy turbolasers. It's the Munificent's surprisingly powerful side arcs that I'm concerned about. 3 Red dice per side are arguably better than 2 Reds and 2 Blue in front. That gives the Munificent the potential to inflict 6 damage at long range from its side, compared to only 4 damage at long range from its front, or 6 damage at medium range from its front. There's a reason why Red dice are prized so highly: They're the most often used dice.
    The choice of making the Munificent a "broadside ship" goes against canon and I don't like that. If the Munificent's side had 2 Reds and 1 Blue, that would've been more balanced and closer to canon.
    Ideally, the Munificent should have a Special Arc, similar to the Onager, but without the use of an Ignition token (so it couldn't fire at extreme range). I think the Munificent's Special Arc should've had 4 Red and 2 Blue, to represent its fixed-forward dual heavy turbolaser cannons; and its Special Arc would be even narrower than the Onager's, comparable to the Bullseye Arc in X-Wing. The Munificent should still have 2 Red and 2 Blue in its front arc, but its front arc should be wider, comparable to Nebulon-B or even a Star Destroyer; and it should only have 2 Red or 1 Red and 1 Blue in its side arcs, because the Munificent should be a front arc ship.
    That's how I would've designed the Munificent, so it could be extremely deadly if it lined up an attack in its narrow Special Arc, which would be challenging, but certainly achievable given its maneuverability.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Revan Reborn in In-Flight Report and Clone Wars Preview   
    I noticed that the text bar below the ship title reads "Clone. Bombard. Transport." Since there are periods between each word, those aren't ship descriptions; I believe those are like keywords. And I think we finally know what the "Clone only" rule means. The only strange thing is that both Acclamators have the "Clone" keyword, so they're both the same. Perhaps one or both of the Consular Cruiser versions won't have the Clone keyword. I wonder what the "Bombard" keyword means? Perhaps it's because the Acclamator-II has the Salvo defense token? Or perhaps it can use Black dice beyond Close range?
    Based on the upgrade slots, it appears that the Acclamator-I is intended to be a carrier and the Acclamator-II is a destroyer. Also, this pic revealed the Acclamator has 7 Hull, one more than the Munificent.
    Another pic showed the Acclamator-I has Squadron 3, and with 2 Offensive Retrofits (like an ISD1), it can equip EHB to increase squadron activations to 4, and can equip Boosted Comms to increase its range. Although, since the Acclamator-I is a Red and Black dice ship, Republic players will probably try to use it at close range, making Boosted Comms unnecessary. Reserve Hangar Deck would be another good option. Of course, there will be new Off. Ret. upgrades that can be equipped.
    The Acclamator-II omits both Offensive Retrofits in favour of a Defensive Retrofit, so I think it will be more geared towards combat. The half-obscured ship card on the left shows 1 Black die; presumably there are 2 more dice in the side arc's attack pool. I'm guessing they're 2 Red dice, same as the Acclamator-II. Like the Acclamator-I, the II has a Turbolaser slot and Ordnance slot, which is surprising. Based on that, the Acclamator-II might not be a Red & Blue dice ship, differentiating it from the VSD2. If the Acclamator-II doesn't have any Blue dice, Accuracy's are going to be rare. I suppose that's what Clone Gunners will be for.

    Finally, the Acclamator is a Speed 3 ship, but it only gets 1 yaw on 1 segment, so it's faster than a VSD but just as unwieldy. The Acclamator is an interesting contrast to the Munificent, which is only Speed 2, but it gets 1 yaw on the 1st segment and 2 yaw on the second. Unless the Acclamator has a ship title that boosts its maneuverability, it will need to use Nav commands most of the time, or it's probably going to get outflanked by Munificents and Hardcells, especially by Munificents equipped with Engine Techs.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Bertie Wooster in In-Flight Report and Clone Wars Preview   
    So I don't need to buy an SSD for officer Vader or Palpatine? That'll be nice. 
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    Chemosh667 reacted to ianediger in In-Flight Report and Clone Wars Preview   
    The Acclimator-I class can take an Officer, Weapons Team, double offensive retro, Ordnance, and Turbolaser, with it's 4/2/2 shields, 7 hull, and 3/3/x stat-line, for 66 points
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Pikeman84 in In-Flight Report and Clone Wars Preview   
    Looking at the squadron cards in the trailer, I don't notice any differences in their general format or layout
    I fear this may be a sign there won't be significant changes to squadron mechanics. We'll see come Saturday
    Also Vulture squadrons are terrifying. 2 blacks and a blue with a swarm reroll for 8 points. 
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Formynder4 in Clone Wars Pictures   
    They're really not that much more durable. They'll last *slightly* longer than A-wings.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to ovinomanc3r in Clone Wars Pictures   
    I sell dial set half the price ffg is gonna charge you.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to shmitty in Upgrade Box from GenCon Reveal   
    Given that prize cards sometimes had the updates it’s a good bet. 
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Mad Cat in Upgrade Box from GenCon Reveal   
    I wonder if all these upgrade cards will have their errata included in the wording? such as...
    TRCs - Exhaust
    Avenger - Exhaust
    Rieekan - Once per turn
    Galant Haven - To a min of 1
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Alzer in Upgrade Box from GenCon Reveal   
    If they include updated card wordings I'd be willing to purchase it just for that.  I have a terrible time remembering every bit of errata or FAQ change etc.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to flatpackhamster in What if FFG created another brand new ship?   
    Reavern's house, every single day...

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    Chemosh667 reacted to cynanbloodbane in Clone Wars core box and ship predictions   
    This is an excellent example of why Star Wars tech doesn't advance. The ability to learn from your own mistakes has obviously become a lost skill.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to TallGiraffe in What if FFG created another brand new ship?   
    Remember when this was about creating a new ship? Pepperidge farms remembers.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Rmcarrier1 in Armada: Clone Wars announcement at GAMA   
    For experienced miniatures gamers, Armada is by all accounts highly affordable, at least in comparison to other existing titles. However, to casual board gamers (i.e., a potential untapped market for growth), there's no denying it's expensive. A $90 entry price (plus expansions) is definitely a barrier to entry if a consumer's point of reference is something like Catan. When I bought Armada, it was easily the most expensive "board" game I had ever purchased. And yes, my background was such that I didn't even call it a miniatures game -- to this casual gamer, it was simply a "board" game with incredible miniatures and compelling game mechanics set in a universe I loved. I decided I had to have it, but I could see how thousands of others might not pull the trigger.
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    Chemosh667 reacted to Drasnighta in Armada: Clone Wars announcement at GAMA   
    $1100 for *Everything*?!
    Abd I can buy it in pieces?
    Small bits at a time?
    and get hours of combination game and building progress ftom it?
    Shhesh, man, I’ve got a 6 year old in Canada.
    $1000 is STARTUP for most things these days in the hobby world 😁
    I mean, I used to work fir GW. I’ve seen both sides of THAT math 😁
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