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  1. Am I weird in wanting to take njbulter's design which Mel's is printing, and cutting off the front section and using the official model's front section, hehe... The description in the book very much asserts that the Starhawk basically looks like a huge hatchet blade in the front.
  2. Yeah, the main thing the Clone Wars possibility I think brings is the expansion into the older ship types we all want to be able to play with/against. But it will potentially be difficult to balance old vs new if they are able to mix between eras, so IDK. Clone Wars itself doesn't interest me, personally, but it would be cool to see nonetheless.
  3. In my mind the two new expansions scale the game in both directions well, and especially with new missions and an option for quick, smaller games, that will draw in more new players and casual play. The Victory actually may become a solid option as a big bruiser unit for these small games; not tactically flexible, but just like in the old 300 point format they are the slow battleship option. I think a campaign with a BUNCH of expansion cars and especially new standard missions (and special missions for small scenarios!) is the perfect thing that is needed right now. A good batch of versatile upgrade cards will have vastly more impact on the meta than a couple new ships (that would mostly just fill perceived holes in the currently pretty varied forces anyways). The game needs to scale up for us old players looking to do big space battles, and needs a better smaller "skirmish" format for fast play, entry level games, demos, etc. It actually makes the base set look like a nice option again for new players, although the pricetag is still a little steep (for a non-40k game....). SSD will be interesting sideline, and will help draw a certain class of new players with how ludicrous it is, but ultimately I think this campaign is the perfect thing for the game right now for general play and for potentially growing the game back up again. If they can follow up with a simple wave (even just Dornean+U-Wing box to complement the SSD and bring a raid token squadron to Rebels), that would be helpful.
  4. Pelta, Victory, Interdictor all a little limited and could use a boost from a few good titles.
  5. Yeah, and I think we will see alternate squadrons for the Rebel/Imperial II packs as well, and there has already been a Victory title spotted, so... Would be nice if a few older ships like Vic's, and limited ships like Interdictor, got a new title or two, along with Rogues & Villains and maybe the newer "II" packs. I suspect we will see a big wave of Clone Wars stuff announced at Gencon or something. Maybe a small filler pack of Dorneans or some such before then. Clone Wars would be next logical step, until after Episode 9 (if they manage to increase new ship classes enough to justify doing an Armada expansion for it).
  6. My thoughts as well. Someone also mentioned a cool idea around doing the Dornean Gunships and U-Wings together in a pack; I like that idea as well. I assume they have a bunch of stuff they have been trying to get to, but also keep in mind Christian Peterson, the founder/CEO, and one of the designers behind Armada itself, left in January, so a lot of stuff likely got reshuffled and back-burnered from that, and new relationships and whatnot forged as new exec team got their hands on the wheel. Those transitions are nearly always odd...
  7. The campaign is actually a good thing, mostly as it adds a ton of new unit options and it looks like a bunch of new objectives. In terms of a new wave, we will see; supposedly they are working on new models, and it is likely they are hung up in the same media blackout Disney has been enforcing on a lot of other licensee's for some stuff. Also, there have been industry-wide production issues caused by trade disputes and competition for capacity (given the immense increase in games booking time with contract plastics shops overseas). Everyone, (even GW!), has been seeing issues and delays...
  8. Yeah, it's really amazing how little they've bothered to put effort into communications. It doesn't really take that much effort to create little articles and chat with the community. ****, it's easy enough to actually get people in the community to help write up article material on tactics, cards, etc. Or even just giving updates that are actually meaningful. "Hey, we are getting some new stock shortly for Rebel Squadron Pack I", or "lets discuss this errata item". Not hard. ****, get an intern; they'll do it for dimes on the dollar...
  9. And it's not canon, and it's kind of esoteric for most mainstream SW fans. No recognition outside of a small group, and as such, not worth doing, when they could pursue actually marketable diversions into Clone Wars, New Trilogy, etc. Clone Wars itself is a bunch of new ship types ready to go, many/most of which can crossover into GCW easily. New Trilogy I don't think we will see much for until Disney manges to come out with more canon squadron and ship types. Just not enough there to bother with...
  10. So maybe a rebellion pack to counterbalance the SSD, with some squadrons and Braha'tok, and/or DP-20. I'm still obsessing over it, hehe, but seriously. Would be cool to get a nice bulk pack with a bunch of goodies for Rebels for a last hurrah. But really, I think it's going to be Clone Wars, with a minor updated rules set (2nd edition...).
  11. I think we will see SSD, and maybe a couple packs of odd things like Braha'tok, or a Dreadnaught pack, or some such.
  12. Yeah, the Vong were mostly a weird annoyance, and definitely made me lose interest back in the day. And are no longer canon, and Disney will not license Legends reference to FFG... And why the **** would they do a non-canon, post-GCW expansion that only people who read the old novels would know about, without doing Clone Wars or New Trilogy first...?
  13. "What will be announced? And how will the new materials impact the game's activations, squadron battles, and punishing ship-to-ship combat? We won't have to wait too long."
  14. "If i was a person that went off feelings I would say "yes, this is what it feels like to me too". The SSD feels like the capstone to GCW ship design and this seems like an opportunity to move into clone wars ships and designs alongside X-wing/legions soon to be releases. " Yeah. Would have been nice to get the gunships and whatnot (DP-20, Braha'tok), maybe Tector and a real ISD-I (white, dammit!), but honestly I don't see that happening. I think SSD is the end of GCW, and they will capitlalize on the move to Clone Wars when the marketing embargo finally lifts (other companies have stuff they have been producing too that is awaiting Disney's permission to unleash). Nope. Never going to happen.
  15. Note from the article they mention "What will be announced? And how will the new materials impact the game's activations, squadron battles, and punishing ship-to-ship combat? We won't have to wait too long." Without looking too far into it this could be more ships, or a 2nd edition. But given activations, and whiny nitpicky nonsense around squadron battles have been top complaint areas, they could be looking to tweak how they work in a 2nd edition. Honestly, a few things, like how the relationships between Grit, Intel, Heavy all work, could easily be tweaked around and reshuffled to something more sensible; so CAP actually would be viable, interceptors could actually, you know "intercept", etc.
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