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  1. I agree. They should have Gareth Edwards do the next trilogy. He clearly gets it.
  2. I bought three and now I'm on the street. Just kidding she loves me and gives me the head shake.
  3. Yep find my thread on rebel SSD. That was the one I took apart and painted and put back together.
  4. I did a lighted ISD in silver and i think they look fantastic. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/229630-check-out-my-testa-custom-star-destroyer/
  5. I've seen that and a few sold but no price when they have been.
  6. What's the value of the cards and pieces from the SSD? I have no need for a set.
  7. They are painted. I found a Guy who created me some stencils and I airbrushed them on.
  8. I used model master gunmetal and steel mixed 50/50 and gun metal and black 2:1 ratio on the superstructure and bottom.
  9. All IP addresses and IDs have been been uploaded to the ISB for investigation. This thread is in violation of Imperial Policy under code 238-1.
  10. Oh no....there are twelve screws you have to get to as well as clips along the whole way.
  11. The bridge pulls right out with a little tug so you could take it off and store it seperately.
  12. I took model master one bottle gun metal and one bottle steel mixed together. Sprayed the hull. The dark center and recessed bays are gunmetal 2:1 with flat black. It gives the more metal look. I hand painted the engines citadel mephistone red. I disassembled the model completely and put it back together. Going to order some new republic stencils and make it a rebel. After dry took testors dulcote and sprayed it.
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