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  1. Whats with the large Y-wing in pieces?
  2. fistfulofforce

    Armada trade thread

    Anyone interested in acquiring a large lot of promo cards PM me. Not sure I want to piece them out. Also have a selections of coins acrylic tokens and dice bags if there is interest before eBay. Let me know. Located in Indiana but will ship Worldwide. I have 22 promo art cards I'm looking to get rid of. Nebulon B Assualt Frigate Mark II A MC80 Assualt Frigate Imperial I Imperial II Gladiator II Raider I Victory II Boba Fett Slave I Tie Interceptor Squadron Y wing Squadron A wing Squadron Han Solo Millennium Falcon X Wing Squadron Tie Fighters Squadron Tie Bomber Squadron Bomber Command Center Turbolaser Reroute Circuits Assault Proton Torpedoes X17 Turbolasers Rapid Reload Leading Shot
  3. fistfulofforce

    SSD best guess of release date?

    I also preordered 2.
  4. fistfulofforce

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    I make a fun jab and you find it ok to personally call me an *** and weird. Maybe you should use your money and see a therapist instead of trying to make yourself feel bigger by calling others names. How sad people like you are out there acting like this.
  5. fistfulofforce

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    Zero! Long Live Armada
  6. Nice to see all the prequel capital ships in the clone wars x wing preview picture.
  7. fistfulofforce

    Eagerly Awaiting Next Necro'ed Gem of a Thread

    The SSD will be our swan song. The last piece to our Armada Chess set and then it's end game.
  8. Is this something you can play on a tablet or do you need a desktop?
  9. fistfulofforce

    Bought the starter set today

    Thanks everyone. I just grabbed the expansions they had instock. Much harder than i thought trying to remember all the decks. I used the leadership deck. I watched a few YouTube follow along play throughs to try and get an idea. Seems it will take the most time remembering the steps and learning the card actions.
  10. fistfulofforce

    Bought the starter set today

    Thanks. Tried my first game tonight and I think it's gonna take sometime to learn the phases until I don't have to keep looking at the steps. But I did enjoy it.
  11. fistfulofforce

    Bought the starter set today

    Never played before but am excited to get into it. Also picked up two expansions. The road darkens and morgal vale. What's everyone's opinion of the game. Or things I should know.
  12. fistfulofforce

    The real important question about the SSD

    Im not a fan of the mismatched colored panels. I'd rather have solid blue or gray and have them stop making it like it's a patch work quilt.
  13. fistfulofforce

    Weight wait

    If it's possible to get the plans to the death star it should be possible to infiltrate ffg headquarters and get the wave 8 plans. Whose with me?
  14. fistfulofforce

    The Case For or Against a 3rd Faction

    Episode 3 had the best space combat scene followed closely almost a tie with Rogue One. I would love to see prequel ships. The banking clan frigate is so beautiful I would trade my wife for one.
  15. fistfulofforce

    The Case For or Against a 3rd Faction

    "There is no such thing as to much. We need more factions." -anonymous Armada player