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    MythicalMothman got a reaction from Rogue Dakotan in The Lost Episode - Jodo Cast Legion Videos   
    Can't wait until this pandemic is done so I can play some more skirmish. Nice to have a quick fast-paced match where some different units are worth taking.
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    MythicalMothman reacted to Rogue Dakotan in The Lost Episode - Jodo Cast Legion Videos   
    Apparently R2/Landspeeder is a strategy people use. Just gotta hold the speeder back until the second to last or last round and then scoot it in. 
    Feels super gimmicky and gamey to me so even if it works it's not my style and not something i'm super interested in trying out. 
    Pretty sure I'm going to go with one of these two lists next. 

    And by next I mean like a few videos from now since I already have a couple recorded and being edited that use different lists
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    MythicalMothman reacted to OuterPop in The Nights of Wren - nightly paint sessions with Sabine & Co - [Sabre Tank]   
    The long wait might have given me a little too much time to overthink the color scheme. 
    Usually, I find some subtle way to differentiate one Legion unit from another on the table, but this time - I decided one of the Dewbacks should just be some other lizard completely. 
    Here's the standard Dewback with a dirty Sandtrooper mount: 

    The alt started out as a Blue Tree Monitor - but those have black markings against the blue gradient, which just don't show up very well.

    So I went back to the drawing board and found this guy - the Parson's Chameleon: 

    So he ended up a hybrid.  And instead of a dirty, weathered Sandtrooper, he got a parade mount, with shiny new Stormtrooper armor. Not canon, but easy to tell them apart! 

    And with the 4 loadouts on 2 mounts, I had to magnetize everything..

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    MythicalMothman reacted to OuterPop in The Nights of Wren - nightly paint sessions with Sabine & Co - [Sabre Tank]   
    I know I'm late to the dance on painting these guys, but I just want to say God Bless FFG for hard plastic sprues.  I just love the freedom these guys give you to create variety in a sea of sameness. 
    It was a blast to research all of the color schemes for the various units in the expanded universe.  With a swarm of these guys on the table, it's imperative to find a way to distinguish one unit from the next, and there's no shortage of possibilities.   Battlefront mods have me thinking about some even more crazy color schemes.
    I didn't want to use contrast paints on these, because I'm not a huge fan of the way it pools.  So I went with a more traditional zenithal undershade, thin airbrush glaze of Ushabti Bone, and then shade with varying combinations of Agrax/Seraphim Sepia/Sepia ink.  

                  Standard                Rocket Battle Droids        AAT Driver    Standard Unit Leader      Pilot                        Security            Engineer
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    MythicalMothman reacted to OuterPop in The Nights of Wren - nightly paint sessions with Sabine & Co - [Sabre Tank]   
    There are very few shots of exactly what a Tauntaun Rider might have worn in the movies - so I only really had Luke and Han to go on.  It seems pretty clear that FFG went with Luke's Tauntaun garb over Han's, so I did my best to match the movie color scheme.  I also couldn't find any information anywhere about the unusual Rebel rank boards on their right arms.  They don't exactly match the square insignias worn by officers, and the only example I could find was again, on Luke in ESB.  
    I tried a completely different basing technique for them.  I mean, they're already so tall that everyone's going to have LOS on them, so why not shove them up there another half inch, right?  I flattened out the FFG bases, walled up the sides, and poured Woodland Scenics Still Water in several, decreasingly blue tinted layers until I got something that looked like ice.  The ice rocks are just cork with Agrellan Earth crackled up and painted a more fitting blue/white.   They're going to fit in perfectly on my Tatooine board
    To differentiate the identical units, I gave each pair of Tauntauns a slightly different color scheme, though it's very subtle.  I didn't want mud or desert Tauntauns, so just more or less blue/gray/white.  I also changed the color of each pair's scarf & small bed roll so that I can tell them apart at a glance, and put one pair on a stark, Hoth-like snow base instead of the ice. 

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    MythicalMothman reacted to OuterPop in The Nights of Wren - nightly paint sessions with Sabine & Co - [Sabre Tank]   
    It's all done with a cheap light box from Amazon and a free, upgraded camera app for your phone.   Here are the appropriate links, and then if you're interested, I'll follow up with a pretty thorough explanation of how I got it all to work with no skills whatsoever
    Small Lightbox
    Large Lightbox
    Like just about any skill I'm completely devoid of, I turn to Vince Venturella for advice. (I'll link his video tutorial at the end.) He provides a fairly replicable instruction set for getting decent quality photos out of your smartphone. You have to install a separate camera app though, because your default just doesn't have the manual controls you need. You need to be able to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and the white balance specifically. I tried about 10 camera apps, and ended up with one called Open Camera. I'm on Android, so I don't know if it's an IOS app, but there are plenty to mess around with.

    You also need a box. I read a ton of tutorials on how to build it, but that was before I realized you can buy one on Amazon for $10. So I stopped trying to build it.

    They're great - but - the LED lights are so bright that it's like trying to take a good picture in an operating room. And that $10 one is particularly small, so its depth of field is only practical for minis. (I ended up buying a bigger one.) It takes some fiddling to get the light presentable: unplug one of the light strips, plug another back in, stuff a T-shirt underneath another, etc. And then you couple the mechanical experimentation with all of these new adjustable features on the phone camera, and you've got yourself a day of experimenting on your hands.  

    This is what I did. I took one mini, fiddled with the actual lights until a plain old snapshot with the default phone camera didn't look completely washed out with light. Then, I systematically took pictures of the same mini with the new camera app, adjusting one parameter, one value at a time. You will get to a point where you find the magic number on ISO (which is very, very low,) and then you bring the exposure into the Venn Diagram, and once those two are kind of set, you can freely mess with the white balance. White balance adjustment and exposure are both visible in  your camera's screen - so it's way easier to get those dialed in.
    I tried to use the app's manual focus features, to get things like macro to work, but for some reason, those options end up keeping my camera's shutter open for like 3 minutes, so I ended up just defaulting to autofocus. So I don't have great control over which portions of the image are blurred, but it's acceptable.
    Aside from being small, the other "bad" thing about the boxes, is that they come with plain colored backdrops - which lures you into a false sense of security. Neither box that I own has ideal backdrop options, the small one is too clothy, and has these textile properties that are easily seen in the image:

    The bigger box comes with thin colored plastic sheets, but they are far too reflective at the horizon line. That's why I get this white glow right behind the mini:

    I know this seems like a lot - but it's seriously just a $10 purchase on Amazon, a free phone app, and an hour of real experimenting - and the difference in the finished product is remarkable.  It's hacky, and I'm sure any real photographer is cringing at my mangling of their art, but it works, so give it a try!  
    What I can't do yet, is photograph things with anything close to the same level of quality when they're outside the box.  Those gorgeous images that Sorastro posts of the units on the board, in all of their turn 0 glory require some different kind of lighting setup. 

    Here's the Vince Venturella video - he does a great job of explaining what's going on:
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    MythicalMothman reacted to OuterPop in The Nights of Wren - nightly paint sessions with Sabine & Co - [Sabre Tank]   
    These guys are so much fun to paint.  Stormtroopers that don't require stark white, and who have built-in colored markings.  This is the perfect Legion unit!  I'm always trying to figure out how to differentiate multiple copies of the same unit on the table, so these stripes and shoulder colors are a godsend.  For the second unit, I tweaked the red/blue scheme to a more tropical aqua/orange one, and they really feel like the logical variant.  They don't look starkly out of place, but you can tell them apart from the primary unit at a glance. 
    If they weren't so expensive in the game, I'd love to field a whole list where all of the troopers were shores.  Just to paint 6 different schemes :) 

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    MythicalMothman reacted to OuterPop in The Nights of Wren - nightly paint sessions with Sabine & Co - [Sabre Tank]   
    And thanks to the points adjustments, I can break these guys back out!
    This is the alt sculpt from the expansion pack. There's almost nothing different about him when compared to the core bikes, except one of the two sculpts has his arms arranged as if he's turning left. So, I had to finagle the mount with green stuff to emphasize the left bank. I figured if you have an alt sculpt, you might as well be able to tell it's different at a glance.

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    MythicalMothman reacted to OuterPop in The Nights of Wren - nightly paint sessions with Sabine & Co - [Sabre Tank]   
    By the time you get to the third set of sniper strike teams, you run out of ideas for distinguishable paint schemes. I'm not a big fan of painting the bases different colors for identification, so I paint every unit with a slightly different scheme. This one's totally different. I found some images from a comic that had these camo scouts, so I threw together a few different varieties.
    And now with the points adjustments, I don't need 3 sniper teams...

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    MythicalMothman reacted to OuterPop in The Nights of Wren - nightly paint sessions with Sabine & Co - [Sabre Tank]   
    While waiting for layers on Bossk to dry, I was going back and forth assembling a Kingdom Death model.  During one of the cycles, I forgot to screw the cap of the Tamiya Plastic Cement all the way, and of course, I knocked it over.  I took a second to calmly think about where the paper towels were, when I suddenly realized that Bossk was getting flooded!  (If you haven't used the Tamiya cement, it's MEK based, and works by chemically melting the plastic so that it will fuse together.)  So I panicked, and snagged Bossk out of the miniature lava, but not before the bottom of his base disintegrated.  
    I salvaged the base with some green stuff, but it was almost a disaster! Thank the Force he didn't fall over. 

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    MythicalMothman reacted to OuterPop in The Nights of Wren - nightly paint sessions with Sabine & Co - [Sabre Tank]   
    So much freehand to do on this model! And I'm not a freehander - so this was a real challenge for me.

    I'm also not a Rebels watcher, so it took me far too long to figure out which version of her armor FFG was going for here - but I finally settled on Season 3. 

    • Checkerboard pattern on her right shoulder pad - but in this season, she added the "S" symbol on a shield.
    • low-contrast orange and purple color scheme on the helmet, so the Owl design has to be outlined in silver to even see it
    • she has a hand-drawn owl on her left shoulder
    • the Rebel logo on the breastplate is yellow on top of red/orange. That's fun to get solid coverage on
    • And then all of the paint-spatter/random color splotches all over the rest of the armor.

    Plus, I magnetized her arms and head so that she can switch back and forth for her alternate loadouts.

    That said - I absolutely loved every step of the process!

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    MythicalMothman reacted to Ryfterek in Ric Olié & Ionized ships   
    What's even more silly is that the droid fighters sitting on the rocks can "outmanoeuvre" Ric by revealing 4 or 5 straight while still sitting completely still on their rock...
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    MythicalMothman reacted to Rogue Dakotan in Making Dengar Better   
    👍 👍 👍

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    MythicalMothman reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Making Dengar Better   
    I disagree whole-heartedly with this, as the most powerful part of Dengar is that if you have a negative fame and defeat him you get a nice reward (fame and a few thousand credits, if I remember, which is as good as completing an illegal smuggling run or collecting a lower-grade bounty or job), and it's an even nicer reward if you're a character like Ketsu who gets additional rewards for winning combats.

    The point of being able to place Dengar anywhere in another yellow spot isn't to lay some obvious trap for another player, but rather it's a way to try and keep him away from other players who might be able to take him out before you can and reap the benefit.  If you know you're flying over to Cantonica to complete a job/bounty that is gonna cost you REP with someone, maybe you throw Dengar nearby so after you've lost the Rep you can go kill Dengar for the money and fame.

    So, I think maybe you're underwhelmed reception of Dengar is that you're missing the point of his encounter: an opportunity for negative rep combat-savy characters to make money and fame, which basically makes him a smuggle/bounty/job that can be immediately completed where he's found. Which is really valuable. 
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    MythicalMothman reacted to LightCraftMiniatureStudios in Madeline's IA Mini Thread   
    Hey everyone! So far I've only painted two IA minis but I thought that I'd share them

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