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  1. Can't wait until this pandemic is done so I can play some more skirmish. Nice to have a quick fast-paced match where some different units are worth taking.
  2. What about sticking R2 in a naked landspeeder solely for zooming into the enemy deployment zone? 🤔 Would need the right terrain, of course.
  3. I wonder if we'll get the actual pilots from the book at some point? It isn't really FFG's style so far, but a cards+cardboard pack with new just the new pilots would be great. And maybe it could include a mission inspired by the book??
  4. Much better with the new audio. I've done a few matches with my new vulture droids but I only have four, which really doesn't work as well as six like in the video. Need to try Republic soon, from the video Ahsoka definitely seems worth trying!
  5. That makes sense, but I think where there's an actual bug is on the TIE/sf. Veteran Turret Gunner doesn't show up as an option for its gunner slot, even though it does have the rotate action - its rotate is just as a linked action only, so that must be throwing the app's logic off?
  6. When you drop a bomb outside of the normal timing window, do you still spend the charge to drop it? The answer seems like "yes obviously" but I can't find anything in the rules reference to clearly confirm that... This occurred to me because of the wording on all the bomb/mine cards, which say "During the System phase, you may spend 1 charge to drop...". I was looking at some lists with Edon Kappehl (MG-100 pilot) and Paige Tico (turret gunner) which let you drop bombs during the Activation phase or Combat phase - they both just say, "after [trigger], you may drop...". They don't say anything about charges or anything. So if we follow the wording on the bomb cards to spend a charge during the System phase, do we not spend a charge when we're not in that phase? I get that spending the charge seems like the obvious implied RAI. It's just not explicit. Am I stupidly not seeing some line in the RRG that says "when a card instructs you to drop a device, spend the normal cost of that device"? (The Device section only talks about using the templates and stuff, nothing about the cards or charges.) I'm not going to try and use this technicality to actually go drop a bunch of free bombs in a casual match or tournament or anything, just trying to make sure I'm understanding the rules right and not missing something.
  7. I was thinking it would be cool to have like a Luke Snowspeeder pack that has a snowspeeder as a commander. Could come with new speeder-specific upgrades like Wes Janson (automatic Pierce 1 or Sharpshooter 1 all the time?) or Hobbie (ignore compulsory move, or shorter compulsory moves, or no damage on compulsory collision?) and speeder-specific command cards, e.g. Attack Pattern Delta (activate two speeders back to back like Leia's command card?). Maybe there'd be text that would make taking multiple speeders cheaper so you can finally justify using multiple.
  8. Oh man, that's really interesting. Would be fun to try for a one-off match just to do some different listbuilding. Vader with his attachment has got to be a very strong contender compared to everything else in the core... Maybe Trando spam with Under Duress would be fun??
  9. Oh man, yeah...It looks like Sabine was 6 squares away with only 5 accuracy on the dice! Imagine if she had lived into the next round to cause even more trouble.
  10. Very cool!! The characters seem to have interesting sounding abilities and the minis look great. Will be awesome to have even more quests and items and stuff.
  11. Whoops - your mistake this time was forgetting that every IA match is canon, so you just really messed up RotJ when Leia carbon froze Vader's corpse like that...!
  12. What kind of things are they complaining about?
  13. This is correct. (Though, I think the cap you place has to come from your own inventory?? Not really clear.) They could have put the negotiate option first to make it a bit clearer, but every time you successfully negotiate, you place a cap on the card, and the third cap frees you. Or you can fight, which might free you or might remove one of the previously placed negotiation caps. Either way you're trapped on the mothership until you escape (multiple people could be on there helping or hindering each other, too - there are a few ways to get abducted I think). Definitely a weird one that requires very careful analyzing of the wording and formatting.
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