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  1. MythicalMothman

    More nerdtalk about the T-47

    I was thinking it would be cool to have like a Luke Snowspeeder pack that has a snowspeeder as a commander. Could come with new speeder-specific upgrades like Wes Janson (automatic Pierce 1 or Sharpshooter 1 all the time?) or Hobbie (ignore compulsory move, or shorter compulsory moves, or no damage on compulsory collision?) and speeder-specific command cards, e.g. Attack Pattern Delta (activate two speeders back to back like Leia's command card?). Maybe there'd be text that would make taking multiple speeders cheaper so you can finally justify using multiple.
  2. Oh man, that's really interesting. Would be fun to try for a one-off match just to do some different listbuilding. Vader with his attachment has got to be a very strong contender compared to everything else in the core... Maybe Trando spam with Under Duress would be fun??
  3. Oh man, yeah...It looks like Sabine was 6 squares away with only 5 accuracy on the dice! Imagine if she had lived into the next round to cause even more trouble.
  4. MythicalMothman

    New California Expansion

    Very cool!! The characters seem to have interesting sounding abilities and the minis look great. Will be awesome to have even more quests and items and stuff.
  5. Poor Jabba, having to lug crates by himself...
  6. Whoops - your mistake this time was forgetting that every IA match is canon, so you just really messed up RotJ when Leia carbon froze Vader's corpse like that...!
  7. MythicalMothman

    Not much activity???

    What kind of things are they complaining about?
  8. MythicalMothman

    Quest 104 "The Mothership" Question

    This is correct. (Though, I think the cap you place has to come from your own inventory?? Not really clear.) They could have put the negotiate option first to make it a bit clearer, but every time you successfully negotiate, you place a cap on the card, and the third cap frees you. Or you can fight, which might free you or might remove one of the previously placed negotiation caps. Either way you're trapped on the mothership until you escape (multiple people could be on there helping or hindering each other, too - there are a few ways to get abducted I think). Definitely a weird one that requires very careful analyzing of the wording and formatting.
  9. MythicalMothman

    Painting my Wastelanders

    Nice! Looking good.
  10. MythicalMothman

    Going Solo

    I played solo the other day and it was doable, but I did get really lucky and draw three agenda cards all for the same faction. Even so I had to be careful to not help that faction until I was ready, and I only won on the last possible action, otherwise the math wouldn't have worked out and I would have lost. Pretty tricky to balance and requires a lot of luck.
  11. MythicalMothman

    Characters in space with an activated enemy

    Nope. A facedown enemy doesn't attack after flipping up. We always do all the attacks and moves for faceup enemies first so we don't get confused on that.
  12. MythicalMothman

    My painted minis

    Yeah I globbed on what I thought were pretty huge amounts of it and still didn't get quite what I expected. Definitely something to play around with more.
  13. MythicalMothman

    Couple of questions after first play

    I've been keeping all my monster tokens in stacks by type - when one is killed I put it on the bottom of the stack, and the new spawn gets pulled off the top. (The one that just died will respawn eventually but no one remembers the order everything died in, so it's still effectively a random surprise by the time it comes around again.) For monsters that get spawned and immediately fought from a quest or whatever, we don't even put it out on a tile, just flip it on the table next to the dice. Then it's easy to remember it goes on the bottom of the stack without spawning a new one.
  14. MythicalMothman

    My painted minis

    The cracking dirt is Agrellan Earth paint from Citadel. It was my first time using it, not sure if it turned out quite how I expected - hard to figure out the right amount to put on there. I guess I thought the cracks might be bigger and more noticeable? But repainting and then washing and highlighting helped that a lot.
  15. MythicalMothman

    Quest Marker Placement

    We decided to treat it the same as monsters, where the person flipping the tile gets to decide which spot to put it in. Couldn't find anything explicit in the rulebook so that was the closest thing to a precedent to follow.