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  1. Hi everyone, I GM a group of RT for nearly 3 years now and i gave them a Mars-Pattern BC as reward for one of their adventures. In the creation process of the Battlecruiser i read the rules about the Nova Cannon. If i understood it correctly it deals 2d5+4 damage, armor ignoring but blocked by voidshields. My question is: Why is this so low? Thats 14 damage at its maximum and the fact that it is blocked by shields means that its completely useless as a singleweapon on long ranges, cause the shield will be up again, before the next shot. What concerns me even more is: the Titan Forge Lance deals 1d10+4 damage, armor ignoring as well. So in fact the nova cannon deals the same damage as the Lance, but the shells are extremly rare and expensive. So did i miss something? Why are Nova Cannons so hyped? Sry for my bad english, its not my native language.
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