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  1. Darth Veggie

    This is Our Year

    I really don't want to be the party pooper, but "our year" seems to me to be quite an exaggeration. In comparison to other Armada years I am not sure whether we get even close to 2016 (wave three/four, five, Corellian Confilct, Take the Station scenario; that is a total of 9 expansions, and even in time before Christmas). And in comparison to other games? Well, we simply should not compete with X-wing. However, it will be better than 2018, where we only got a delayed 2017 wave and were deceived twice. But you are right, even if it won't be our year, we have good reason to be excited about what there is to come! 😊
  2. Darth Veggie

    New factions

    I concur that "grimdark" and the mouse don't go well with each other, but that is not the the only obstacle to the Vong. In essence, star wars is not sci fi , but fantasy: Knights, princesses, mystical powers, and of course the great battle of good vs evil. All that gets merely a space opera coloring. The Vong in contrast are true aliens, not dwars and hobbits like the other non human species in star wars. That was the reasons they were hated by such a big part of the community. They did not like the genre crossover. And I don't know whether the mouse likes it either.
  3. Darth Veggie


    I normally don't use twitter, but I have created an account just for FFG interaction. So, yes. I have also done this!
  4. Darth Veggie

    Multiplayer - Radio Silence Mode

    I really like your approach, mostly because of the reasons @AllWingsStandyingBy mentioned: otherwise it is as much a multiplayer game as chess. Especially if you have a wide gap within skill level within a team or a dude like me who is quite bad at not telling his team mates what their next move should be, it all starts to be a pathetic mimikry of a multiplayer game. I think, for these reasons I also posted two or three years ago a radio silence mode of mulitplayer rules here on the forums. Those where much too complicated in hindsight. However, I wonder how in your proposal activation order WITHIN a team is determined? Is it the decision of the Grand Admiral? Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to mention when using any kind of Radio Silence Mode. First, part of the fun of playing a board game is talking with each other. And talking about the current match seems natural. But by talking - even with the opposing team - tactical implications are always present. What else to talk about? Heaven forbid that because of a Radio Silence Mode the guys at the gaming table start to have a controversy about TLJ!
  5. Darth Veggie

    1200 points and Objectives

    To be honest, I fear that objectives are a major problem of the Sector Fleet rules. Yesterday I chatted a bit with @Green Knightabout that. As FFG writes in the rules, first player advantage is marginalized the bigger the fleets become. However, this is not true of all objectives. Some of them scale really well. Here is a list of the well scaling ones: RED: Close-Range Intel Scan Opening Salvo Precision Strike Targeting Beacons YELLOW: Fighter Ambush (but see below) BLUE: Solar Corona (but see below) Superior Positions (but see below) And there is some more to say: Fighter Ambush is already not great, if your opponent also plays maximum squads Solar Corona and Superior Positions also start to lose efficiency as soon as more of the deployment zone is needed. Blockade Run and Fleet Ambush do also scale in principle quite well, but soon the question arises how to play/deploy with the limited space. The problem now is that either first player advantage is less important. In that case the well scaling objectives are too strong. Or it does not lose much of its efficiency, but then all not so well scaling objectives are immensly underpowered (which would be the bigger problem considering the limited amount of well scaling objectives in the categories yellow and blue). Either way, there is a problem.
  6. Darth Veggie

    Regionals Win with MSU

    Congratulations! Time for the Return of the MSU!
  7. I totally agree, and want to add: the tokens are not only superior because they are less swingy, but mostly because they are decision based. As a defender I am forced to make difficult decision. Rolling dice is not even difficult handiwork...
  8. Darth Veggie

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    The problem with the Fish Farm was not that the objectives did not result in a death match, but that (thanks to strategic) the objectives favoured engagement avoidance. And that is indeed boring. If objectives were designed in a way that the outcome of the objective decides about the game, but that this very outcome was dependend on engagement that would be a totally different game than the one favoured by the Fish Farm. As far as I know, in Legion people do not complain about an objective based scoring system that demands engagement. So maybe Armada players are not that different and we can trust people that they understand what they say, when they say that they want non-death-match objectives to be viable.
  9. Darth Veggie

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    Who are we peasants to call a playtester crazy on such a topic! However, @Undeadguy told me that one can have nice bets with you when it comes to Armada predictions... 😜
  10. Darth Veggie

    NK-7s Expensive but worth it?

    That means...VADER!
  11. Darth Veggie

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    Allthough switching initiative seems to be a symmetrical game, it is not. The player who is first player of the first game round has an enormous advantage: normally, the first activation of round 3 is one of the most important in the game. And he gets it. In contrast, it is also extremely valuable to have the last activation of round 2 - which he also can get easier than his opponent. Finally, a shifting first player approach might result in some cat and mice game about the point who gets the first activation when the most serious bloodshed starts, i.e. whether it starts in round 2,3, or 4 (with a strong bias for round 3) and thereby replacing an unthematic mechanism for another unthematic mechanism.
  12. Hmm, interesting point. You are right. When I replied to you, I had in mind that they are beyond red range. But in that case it would be difficult for them to perform a double ram anyway. Point taken. Still I consider the current ET-Ramming rules a problem in itself. And the problem does apart from that merely arise from my specific CR90 command dial illustration, not the basic idea in itself.
  13. Darth Veggie

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    I think that hits the nail on the head. Even the change I consider to be the least intrusive, that would help to lift the game a lot, and that I have never dreamed of that people could dislike it, is highly controversial: an app. Every player has his most darling change to the rules, and every player dislikes most of the most darling changes of the other players. The majority of the community will only accept changes, if it feels the game is broken. But it is not. It is in the best state since its birth. I don't want to say that the community is content. But the annoyance is about FFG, not the state of the game. Hence, what we really want is not Armada 2.0, but FFG 2.0 🤣 All that said, if I have read most of the recent threads, videos, and blog entries about Armada 2.0 correctly, the authors do not say that they want Armada 2.0, but are in nature highly speculative about how it could be done.
  14. Yes, that the 5CR90 can do, BUT in my specific proposal they can do that merely with limited fire power and navigational capabilities. But even further: maybe, my quick shot that I made simply for vivacy reasons has here a problem (I am still not sure about it). However, that specific cr90 command dial is not an essential part of the idea that activation timing is determined by the command dial with individual command dials for each ship. Considering the overwatch mechanism (which is a different topic and deserves its own thread): it remedies only a very small part of the problems mentioned in the OP. It does not even remedy all the problems of last/first as mentioned here (allthough I agree that it is better than the status quo).
  15. Quite the same as in the current system: nothing. The problem here are the current ramming rules and especially in combination with ET. But it seems to me to be the wrong approach to judge core mechanics by their interaction with non-core mechanics. To give a more radical example for vivacy reasons: if there would be a great core mechanic that does not work well with the Leia as fleet commander, the problem is Leia. So, two points: first, that point is not a drawback compared to the current system. Second, the direction of fit is wrong: non-core mechanics have to fit core mechanics, not the other way round.