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  1. Allthough I have only two hints (both interlinked with each other), this will be a bit lengthy, because I like to give some context to it: Armada gives the opportunity to play a wide variety of fleets. I like to indulge in this allthough there is a specific type I prefer most at the moment (MSU with little squad support - I know that this is not the best choice in the current meta). I discovered once that when I tested a new fleet that my performence with this fleet heavily influences my judgment about the strength of it. However, at one point I recognized: This is plainly wrong. I think it was during losing with an imperial 4 ships fleet (only one of them a Gozanti) that it dawned on me that the problem might have been me, not the fleet . Hence here is my first advise: Advise 1: Don't judge your fleet composition because of a one time performance. I realized that, if I had played that fleet a lot more often, if I had a deeper understanding of its demands, the game might have ended differently. In general, I think it is a good idea to specialize for some time in a specific fleet type. I don't want to say that you should play one and only one fleet from now on. As I have said, I love the diversity of the game and I happily indulge in it. However, there should be a fleet you come back to playing it over and over again: Advise 2: Have a fleet you play excessively until you have mastered it. At some point you will recognize that you get a much deeper feeling for the dimensions of the board, the role of obstacles, the requirements of the squadrons, and most of all of the maneuverability - of your ships and those of your opponents. Soon you will understand what command dials are needed during the different phases of the game. By specializing in a specific fleet type, you will learn a lot about the game in general. You will immerse deeper into the strategical and tactical depth of the game and most likely enjoy it more. And this is IMO true even of a fleet that is not hyper competitive and even for players that are not hyper competitive either.
  2. Whaaaaaaat? A skirmish game oddly called Legion will be released? Glad that they published today an article about that. Nearly had missed that piece of information. Now I am convinced that I will buy that game...
  3. You really should. It is a great expansion. No matter whether you use my Skywalker Campaign or not. Yeah, seems my English needs a lot of improvement. I have used it like "only". @GhostofNobodyInParticular already told me about that problem. I forgot to change it during the last revision. I will change it in the next one. Thank you for the feedback!
  4. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    You were slow? Maybe a virus affected you. One you have got during a match against another player...
  5. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    True! And more to it: People complained about the defense tokens set of the MC75. It seemed to be less good than those of MC80H1/ISD. However, with Aspiration you don't need a second redirect. Of course this requires that your stripped hull zones are not attacked. BUT on the other hand it has the additional advantage that it does not need to give a s**t about XI7.
  6. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    Sorry again, for the slow play. I used to be terrible considering my speed in armada games. I have really become a normal player within the last two years. I don't know why I lapsed back into bad old habbits. Maybe, it was because I had no plan for your fleet AND I was playing against a superior opponent. This let to decision paralysis (and bad decsions) during deployment. Which made stuff worse. More decision paralysis. In the end it was not necessary at all: We now know that I will beat you even with me making terrible decisions in the early game Just kidding. I will be quicker the next time. Promise. Further take away from this game: The Aspiration title is so cool! The ship got two Davastator volleys, one of them a 12 (!) damage +1 acc monstrosity. Still this did not touch its hull.
  7. Vassal CC Campaign

    The Battle of Tralus is over. It was a horrible clash of fleets with 7 ships destroyed and 7 squadrons obliterated. Vader has beaten Mon Mothma in round 1. Vader has beaten Admrial Ackbar in round 2. Now, Vader has finally met his master! Sato? No, it was the dice engine... Rebel victory! Destroyed rebel units: 3 HH Salvation 1 YT2400 Veteran rebel units: Aspiration Destroyed imperial ships: Devastator Demolisher 1 Gozanti all squads Veteran imperial units: ? (@Green Knightshould know more) Long live the greatest force in the galaxy: The dice engine!
  8. Is there really any better game?

    You know, that is your girlfriend's fault, not Armada's And for those of you who think that playing a game Armada takes too much time, let us meet on the grounds of Twilight Imperium. Then you will not only discover true length, but recognize that it comes with true depth
  9. Vassal CC Campaign

    "Incoming fleet, this is the imperial command on Tralus. Identify yourself!" "This is Commander Sato of the Rebel alliance. I come with the highest Aspiration. My tranporters have a Wide-Area of goods on board which will bring you Salvation!" (regular assault)
  10. Finally, I am done. I proudly release the (completely untested ) ver. 1.0 of The Skywalker Campaign. Click here for the neatly designed PDF (ISD inside! Promise!) with the complete change of rules! I have removed all the rules from this thread and updated the first post witht he link to the PDF. The biggest change in this document are the new movement rules. And for them you need the revised map. It is this beauty: On this map I have removed all the information of the original map that was irrelevant for The Skywalker Campaign. I have added the objectives to each location and a short description of the benefits for the ALL-Out-Offensive. Most importantly, there are the movement routes on the map. You can click here to download the revised map! I want to give this campaign a test run on VASSAL, after my current VASSAL CC has ended (which will take something about 2 more months I think). Look out for a thread where I will ask for participants!
  11. Vassal CC Campaign

    First assault? Sato desperately needs a first assault!
  12. Forum Login error

  13. Happy Friday

    Wow, no one thinks big here. Executor of course! (in a campaign) And now don't dare to think bigger and say "Death Star"!
  14. Vassal CC Campaign

    Taking a step back, I cannot help myself but laugh about this funny situation: We have house rules no one is happy with and each side dislikes (some of) the fleets of the other one - allthough we all have been true to our minimal gentlemen's agreement. If wouldn't know better I would say we have all been forced into a game we don't want to play. However, I can understand Tokra quite well: When I saw the Sloane list first, I was horrified. Now, that it is maxed out including BTAvenger, I have to confess that I have no idea how any of our lists could be able to beat it. And when I saw GK's list I was surprised that he wants to play something that close to what he has played so often recently (allthough I do not conisder it too strong and still cannot understand how he has done so well in the VWC - which might say a lot about my armada incompetence). And to take another perspective: I am sure parts of our lists have found displeasure from the opposing side as well. BUT I really do not want to blame anybody. Our gentlemen's agreement has been honored and it always have been nice and friendly encounters for me during this campaign. My take away from this is NOT to have an open discussion about house rules in advance on forums. It is too slow, lacks depth, and we all can see the result. Next time, I would advise to give out a specific rules set (maybe composed by 2 people in advance, maximum 3) and ask who is interested in this rules set. And that's it. Luckily, the VASSAL community is nowadays big enough to find players for nearly any rules set. All this said, let us continue! And GK, please keep your fleet. I will thrash it anyway! Today at 9PM GMT I have time for a game. Hopefully, my opponent has already been named till then!
  15. Login not possible

    Hey, I cannot login from my desktop computer for several hours now. Because I have never logged out on my mobile, I can still post this. But for longer commments this sucks. Anyone having the same experience? Note: You cannot be affected by this bug, if you have never logged out, because then your browser keeps the session alive. Be aware, if you try to recreate this bug, it could result in you not being able to comment here anything...