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  1. Sorry, that I am only able to answer so late. But life is a bit hectic this month. So, sorry, I am out.
  2. Ans I liked your post. So, who is the bigger fool, the fool or the fool that follows...
  3. @LTD vs me has ended with a 2 - 9 (86 - 316 / MoV 230) in my favour. We played his Fleet Ambush. Unfortunately, because of the disconnects we don't have a log file. As always LTD is a great guy to play against! His HHs terrified me, but because he chased Demolisher in the Ambush zone, my ISD could approach untroubled whilst the VCX made some Rieekan minced meat (very tasty! even for Veggies!). Demolisher died round 2 after killing the first HH. Then, 5 more HH followed her sister ship till the end of the game. @RealVeers: Could you do me the favour of winning 10-1 against @Ginkapo in order that I do not have to play against the greater evil called @Tokra? P.S.: I have a log file of my first game, that was against Ginkapo. But because it shows all three of his objectives I first post it after swiss rounds, if he does not make the break.
  4. Haha, very true! And does not need it, because the ion slot is not eaten up by the title!
  5. A second ion slot would be much desired, in order to get that darn Crit either for Dodonna's Pride or HIE
  6. I think your reasoning goes the wrong way. Currently, the (very weak) remedy of the crappy Pelta is having exclusively a great upgrade slot. That limits design space and does not really make sense thematically. Best way to solve the problem is to make the Pelta simply better. But I grant you that that does most likely not happen - I really hoped for a new Pelta (and Interdictor) title in this expansion. But even without that, I think that at least one of the fleet commands is better on the Pelta nevertheless: AFFM! (It synergyzes better with the higher squad value and the off retro slot). If the cr90 does even lose its support team slot for the fleet command, StM! will also be better on the Pelta (higher engineering value and the option to take Projection Experts).
  7. That is especially plausible if one considers that they covered the the text of the new titles with a face down fleet command card. Why would they have one at the gaming table if it was not included in the new campaign?
  8. That is also the time of the RitR streaming. You really went to do that? 😉 Well, after some more consideration, I discovered that there is no such thing as a Tuesday 15th this month.
  9. Oh, I have not forgotten that, but if you take a look at the European list: 10 Tokra 10 Zamalekite 8 LTD 7 RealVeers 7 Darth Veggie 4 Ginkapo 4 Beginner2Winner 1 Brobafett 1 Irishmadcat you will see that Tokra and Zamalekite will be matched up. Then either RealVeers or Me is playing against LTD. If Veers does not, he will play against you. If I does not, I will play against Beginner2Winner. But there is a mistake I have made: namely that I thought it would be possible that I play against @RealVeers at all next round.
  10. Now, with all results in there is an equally high chance that you have to play against @LTD or @Ginkapo. Although I would love to have a rematch from our last regional. I liked the direction where it went there, but it could have been more extreme in my opinion 😉
  11. After long, intense consideration and hours of calm and responible thinking I threw all my good intentions of staying away from such time wasting behavior over board and submitted a fleet. May there be a mercyfull being forgiving my weakness! 🤣 On a different note, how many submissions do we already have?
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