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    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 1 Fight!

    This game was insanity's finest fun unleashed! For me, it was a thunderstorm of emotions: In the beginning, I tknew: I am playing against our triple and only national champion. I am most prfoundly ****ed! Next, Tokra had some sersious bad luck when attacking Quantum Storm. It survived his bomber harrasment (which it simply should not have). This meant that I had not only best of opportunities to drop Profundity and my HIECR90, but also that I could activate next round Quantums storm first and slicer the great evil called Yavaris. I knew: I will win. Very likely I will even table Tokra! Then, Tokra started beating profundity like a drum. Some nice rolls a very nasty comms noise right at the beginning thanks to Luke, who achieved a hull hit, and another bomber who flipped it got me down to speed 0. Add in my own stupidity to delay the MC75 activation and guess what? This nice ship having Tokra's MC80 in a perfect double arc never saw its activation. I knew: I will lose this game! My HIECR90 managed in the following two activations to strip Tokra's MC80 of 9 shields AND to kill Yavaris. Then Admonition hit the MC80 like a truck transforming it to space debris with four attacks, three in black range. I was elated. I knew: I have won! I moved Admonition that had got a lot of beating (and no defense tokens left) with speed four away. But Tokra's last remaining ship, the Tallon flotilla did not only manage to kill the HIECR90 with Luke, but also got a B-Wing to attacking Admonition and unactivating it. I maneuvered Bright Hope in in a way that that it blocked line of sight of the B-Wing to Admonition. So, in the squadron phase of the last round he had one black dice of the B-Wing to attack Admo on a hull section with stripped shields and who was on hull 3 and without defense tokens. For finishing it of, he needed a hit/crit AND a structural damage. Guess what? He got it. Looking at all the Precision Strike tokens he had farmed (9) and the fact that only my Raddusvette and Bright Hope survived, I knew: although Tokra was tabled he would win! When the dust had settled normal thinking was possible again, mechanical calculation set in. A surge of elation picked me. This time I knew it the true sense of the word: with a meager MoV of 16 points I had really and truly won! Had I won? Well, according to the rules I had. There were pretty hot dice on both sides most of the time during the game. Especially, Tokra's B-Wings seemed to have the hit/crits booked. BUT without Tokra's initial cold dice when attacking Quantum Storm, I would have lost the game in a most pittyfull way. Adding in the fact that I maneuvered a fleet with the Fleet Commander which I consider to be the most boring and easy one (very little deployment and navigational skills needed, dials are also hilariously easy to decide on), I still need to climb a lot of steps before I will be on Tokra's level. Thanks to my opponent: it was such a pleasure to bang my head against yours!
  2. Darth Veggie

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 1 Fight!

    @Tokra vs Darth Veggie starting within the next minutes!
  3. Darth Veggie

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 1 Fight!

    Am I blind or is there no fleet commander in @PodRacer's fleet?
  4. Darth Veggie

    I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    The biggest problem I have when running Special K is that at the moment he triggers (range 5) the enemy is quite likely at a speedlevel /navigational position/ nav token pool that he can cope with Konstantine. Because of this, I am entertaining a fleet that tries to fix a bad Fleet Commander with bad squadrons: the Gauntlet! Especially with the Vector title (and some help from Titus+Grav Well) you can harass enemy ships early in a way that they are already in an less than optimal spot, when Special K starts to give 'em his treatment.
  5. Darth Veggie

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Fleet submission phase

    This makes me so happy!
  6. Darth Veggie

    Happy Friday

    ISD. It has a lot more screen time. Period.
  7. You can read the answer in every textbook about good manners: If in doubt you opt pro FART, you will face social repercussions.
  8. Darth Veggie

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Fleet submission phase

    I think @PodRacer's comment implies that he is Europe. Because there he can get the proper GK&Gink spanking.
  9. Darth Veggie

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Fleet submission phase

    Tell this @JJs Juggernaut! #VWC finals 2017 #VWC finals 2018 😉
  10. Darth Veggie

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Fleet submission phase

    Finally, a standard Vassal tournament again! I AM IN! P. S. : Europe!
  11. Darth Veggie

    German Masters

    I envy you! Not only because of your higher number of children, but also because of the 3 weeks notice. With that one, I could work. 3 weeks in advance I know exactly whether I manage to go to a tournament. 6 months in advance is not possible and the tickets are sold quicker than the in scale miniature of the Deathstar would be! 😉 On a different note, congratulations to @Tokra!
  12. Darth Veggie

    German Masters

    Not there. I haven't been to any German nationals unfortunately 😭 Family and job make planning half a year in advance to difficult for me...
  13. Wow, this thread at the end of page two? The end times must be close! 🤣
  14. Darth Veggie

    Sector War is back

    Yes, I do (most likely soon after Wacken and GenCon - maybe we have then new content!) , but why do you ask me this in this thread? 😉