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  1. Darth Veggie

    Vassal CC Campaign

    I am not sure whether we have an agreement to play today. Neither @Tokra nor @Green Knight have replied. However, I will be online anyway. If we get enough players, we can start! @GhostofNobodyInParticular, @BrobaFett will anyone of you today be present? Edit: In order to speed things up. What about a Gentlemen's agreement that there will be no private communication. Only the public chat will be used. This might cut down eternal tactical dialogues hidden in private channels (Tokra and I would also have to refrain from talking in German in the public channel of course 😎). If we are not enough people, I am also happy with some regular pew pew! 😁
  2. Darth Veggie

    Vassal CC Campaign

    It seems that Friday next week (June 22) is our strongest candidate by now. Our availability is (all times are GMT): @GhostofNobodyInParticular: 11AM till 9 PM (maybe even later) @Tokra: 4PM till 11 PM @BrobaFett: 2 PM till 12 AM @Dr alex: 8pm till ? @Darth Veggie: 4 PM till really late @Green Knight: ? That means the earliest we could start would be 4PM (because earlier there are no rebels, but merely imps there ☺️). From 8PM on we would be complete (depending on GK). The end would be 9PM or 11PM. That means, if we say we play only if everybody is there, we have one hour time (8PM till 9 PM). Which is not enough. My proposal is to play, even if one player per team is missing. That would give us a time frame from 4 PM to at least 9PM, maybe even later. Depending on the specific availability of GNiP and GK. This would be a time window of 5+ hours (maybe even 7 hours) - which should be enough. Any thoughts on that?
  3. Darth Veggie

    Vassal CC Campaign

    That means that we have the most substantial clash between Dr alex and @GhostofNobodyInParticular. They overlap only 1 hour. Ghost, is there some further room for you on Fridays? @Green Knight: What about you?
  4. Darth Veggie

    Vassal CC Campaign

    In that case, Tuesday and Friday seem to be equally good candidates!
  5. Darth Veggie

    Vassal CC Campaign

    Normally I am free from 8am (gmt) to 4pm from Monday to Wednesday and on Firday. On some days, evening is possible as well. But this has to be checked individually. My specific availability for next week is: - Monday: 8am (gmt) to 4pm - Tuesday: 10am (gmt) till the next morning (but with a preferred late start) - Wednesday: not at all - Thursday: not at all - Friday: 4pm (gmt) till the next morning - Saturday: in dire need from 4pm (gmt) till 2pm (but this is not fur sure; if it is the only possible date, I will try and inform you soon. - Sunday: not at all Compared with what the others have said, it seems that up to no on Tuesday next week is our best candidate: From 4PM to 7 PM all are on board. From 2pm to 4pm @Tokrais missing and from 7pm to 11am @GhostofNobodyInParticular is missing. Another interesting candidate might be Friday. GNiP, is your time frame limited to till 7PM on Fridays as well? @Green Knight what are you preferred times? @Dr alex What about you?
  6. Darth Veggie

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out! June Articles

    This is a great article. I agree with it wholeheartedly - especially with the Sloane part. I used to love the squad game so much. But due to Sloane it has become so repetitve. Oh, and not only thumbs up to your article. Also thumbs up to your crawling son!
  7. Darth Veggie

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    In my experience the amount of time consumed by considering which ship to activate next is not the main reason for Armada's increased time demand. The intricacies of the squad game or checking all the possible maneuvers before notching the tool seem to me much more responsible for that. But that might be my outlier experiences. This is not the way the Runewars system works. It is not maximum speed + command value, hence a fixed number. In such a case we would also have a decision free initiative system. A Runewars like system would be more like current speed + the initiative value of the command revealed (which would demand that each command gets an initative value)
  8. Darth Veggie

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    That is very true. However, my point is that such a scenario is, given all the facts I have mentioned above, much more unlikely than the scenario that they simply postpone Armada because they they need all their production capacity for their beloved cash cow.
  9. Darth Veggie

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    But those annoying demands are a key part of the game! 😁
  10. Darth Veggie

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    Another option would be to limit speed of squads that are not activated by a command.
  11. The lack of news, especially the lack of news about future expansions, disturbs a lot of us. And of course, sorrows about the future of the game have been uttered by many. Here I want to present some considerations in order to ease the mood and to speculate on when we will get new stuff. First the facts: In 2016 and 2017 around the beginning of April new Waves has been announced (and around August). This year there has been nothing so far. After Euros a member of the the discord armada community (named Ghazgoth there) has told us that he has spoken with one of the developers after the finals and the dev had said that they "plan" (whatever that means for the state of progress of this plan) to release a new campaign. Before the Hyperfool Report an Armada playtester had a bet with @Undeadguy whether new armada stuff will be anounced during the (now) accursed report. The playtesters prediction was that it will be announced. Wave 7 of Armada was released late. It was announced for before Christmas, but FFG has not managed to keep the deadline. At the same time Wave 13 (which had stuff from the new sequel movie The Last Jedi which premiered in December) was advanced and released in December (long before its planned release). FFG has announced X-Wing Wave 14 and X-Wing 2.0 for around August. FFG has had several times difficulties to restock their miniatures or even release them in a number that matched the demands. Some speculations among the Armada community: Armada might be dead. No future expansions. The developers have no time at the moment for Armada, because auf X-Wing/Legion/Runewars. Here are my (not on 100% certainty based) conclusions: I think speculation 1 can be outright dismissed for two reasons. First reason is simply fact no. 2 (what Ghazgoth has told us). This might not convince you, because you have not spoken to him and it is a case of my-brother's-friend-has-a-cousin-who-told-that-his-grandfather. Paired with an examination of fact 2 it seems to me that it is an implausible position that Armada is dead: Would a playtester start such a bet with Undeadguy, if he has not already tested future stuff? Quite unlikely. Of course FFG can drop Armada allthough they have already tested expansions in the pipeline. But this is not very likely. And in addition to keep this view you also need to dismiss the Ghazgoth-rumor for the Armada-is-dead position. Also that the developers are to busy at the moment for Armada does not seem quite plausible. Again it is the bet that we have as a reason. Most likely: If a playtester enters such a bet, he expects that stuff he has tested is ready for release. So, why are there no news? FFG's production partners have quite limited production capacities (fact 7). The facts 5&6 seem to me to indicate that FFG has no problem to postpone Aramda stuff, if "more important" stuff needs to be pushed (my personal theory is that the mouse demanded The Last Jedi stuff before christmas in order to push the movie, hence FFG postponed Armada and advanced Wave 13). With X-Wing 2.0 FFG is going to realease not merely a new wave, but a new core set plus a multitude of new expansions. This will face a demand like bread in an area of a famine. I think production capacities are already beyond their limits at the moment. And once more Armada has to wait. If this is true, the moment when X-Wing Wave 14, X-Wing 2.0, the X-Wing 2.0 Wave 1 expansions, and the new X-Wing 2.0 Lando-Flacon leave the printers are the earliest moment new Armada stuff can hit the printer. The question is how long normally the time span is between announcement and the status change to being at the printer. A plausible moment for news would be: The moment when the X-Wing stuff status changes to on-the-boat minus the mentioned time span. (Of course there is the often mentioned possibility that for marketing reasons we don't hear anything about Armada: They want X-Wing to get all the attention. If this is the reason for the lack of news, predictions become more difficult to make.) TL;DR There will be future armada expansions (however, I am still pi**ed because of the Hyperfool Report).
  12. Darth Veggie

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    I am strongly against this. A non-decision based initiative system would take so much depth out of Armada. In X-Wing this is not a big problem, because maneuvering offers there much more room for decisions. In Armada we need another source of decisions in order to have a game that does not play itself. If initiative is changed (and the current system allthough it has a lot of depth lacks any thematic justification) I would prefer a system like in Runewars where the command (maybe in combination with current speed) determines initiative). One change I really love to see is that squad activition via ships does not demand a command (this is an idea of @Green Knight) . I'd love to see the big ships, the VSD and the af2 as carriers. But in an age where specialized purpose of ships is cheap (quasar/Yavaris ) and/or necessary, the aspect of universal squad activation that was strong during earlier waves of the game has been lost.
  13. So, it seems that no news can better than Netrunner news...
  14. One further consideration I fear will kill this proposal that I otherwise like so much: It looks like **** - all the squads sticking to ships or to each other.
  15. This is a great approach! Needs fine tuning, but that was also the case for the current system. Simply great!