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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from combusticator in Humor and Drama in Campaigns   
    BT is menacingly stalking down the halls toward the Rebels, all the while singing the Doom Song.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to a1bert in New mode in the app   
    (If you don't have the expansions to use the tiles, the article shows the map so you could print it.)
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    Kunitzu San reacted to LightCraftMiniatureStudios in Madeline's IA Mini Thread   
    Hey everyone! So far I've only painted two IA minis but I thought that I'd share them

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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from Mandelore of the Rings in It's FRIDAY!!!!! Who will we see spoiled today??   
    I have been strongly leaning to buying "Journeys" myself, and I keep getting tempted to, but there are other members of our game group that would prefer to go in on Gloomhaven at some point. I have heard of some passing similarities, but curious if you had a take on that?

    With that being said, our group still has the Heart of the Empire expansion that we will get to. We're currently playing Betrayal: Legacy after two campaigns of IA and a really rough first session of Starfinder (I'm more into board games than RPG's proper), and a failed campaign of Dragonfire. I have a strong feeling that we'll continue to come back to IA, just because we do have so much fun with it.
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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from HirumaShigure in Recommendations?   
    All of you are making it really hard to resist!
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    Kunitzu San reacted to HirumaShigure in Recommendations?   
    I have 2 campaigns going: one solo- Aragorn and Beravore. And one 2 player (with my eldest son)- Aragorn and Bilbo. 
    My solo campaign I just finished the 4th chapter. Each chapter got more interesting. The 4th was "a mystery" and it was my favorite so far. 
    I like the level of difficulty: not too easy, not too hard. Mechanics are very fun. I could see playing solo with more than 2 characters start to feel like a chore however- all that shuffling. 
    Components are top notch, even the battle maps are not horrible. After you get the terrain added to them I hardly notice how plain they are. 
    I've had no issues with the app except I got some enemy groups confused once, but that was inattention on my part, and I didn't know how to deal damage to an enemy with my (baited trap?) card, but figured it out afterwards for next time. 
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Malu24 in Recommendations?   
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    Kunitzu San reacted to steveisbig in Recommendations?   
    We've only just finished the first quest of the campaign and I can't wait to play it more.  We're using Aragorn and Bilbo in a 2player campaign. I really like the scout/prepare/set-the-deck to maximize the likelihood of passing the various checks.  We acquired an item and a title in the first session, which was also fun.
    I'm working on painting the figures right now also, which is an added bonus that may increase my rating of the game. If I was un-interested in painting the minis I possibly would be less excited about each session, but it's hard to speculate from a viewpoint that I don't possess.
    You must have it, precious.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to magicrealm in The next Flop ?   
    Yes. You dont need to be a troll to see the mistakes on the first sight.   No dice, no characters other then those for the  LoTR  Fanboys, again too overloaded with rules and mechanics,  artiificial unnatural boards, especially the mini battlefield,  and so on. Iz contains clearly elements from half a dozen ffggames. Descent, Runebound, Runewars, Fallout, etc. It wants to be everything and is nothing, but a hundred Dollars. Good to see that is is not Terrinoth to flop. The reason is the academic overscrewed thinking of game designers. They can get a doctor title at university for this, but wont make any fun for the players. 
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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from HirumaShigure in How similar is this to Gloomhaven?   
    I admire Gloomhaven from afar, but the size, price and complexity of it is very intimidating. "Journeys in Middle-Earth", by contrast, seems much more inviting, not only in terms of price, but as well as it being set in a world that I personally adore. This would be my first truly app-driven game, and I am really interested in playing a co-op game that is a bit more devious in it's intelligence (hopefully). I think trying to design an AI system in board games can be tricky, just in that it can be a little hard to wrap your head around how they operate (the Dark Souls Board Game is one that immediately comes to mind, despite how much I love that thing).
    A more minor point for me, but perhaps not for others, but I certainly understand the argument that this game doesn't carry the legacy elements that Gloomhaven has. I love the idea of legacy games, but that's me personally, and I love the idea that the app is doing the tracking and bookkeeping for the players.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to HirumaShigure in How similar is this to Gloomhaven?   
    The "problem" I have with Gloomhaven is the setup/teardown/book keeping time. I'm hoping the the app for Journeys allows me to spend more time playing the agame nd not wishing I could leave the game set out on the dining table for months at a time just because it's a chore to setup and put away (wife would throw it in the trash). Sorry to sound like a wimp, but sometimes simplicity wins when you only have 2 hours to devote to a game one night a week. Imperial assault sometimes used to have a "chore" feeling to it too, but the AI app alleviated a lot of that. 
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Hannibal_pjv in News summary for the week. Character and Role cards revealed, Steam Photos analyzed, and the fourth role you may have missed.   
    So far so good! Interesting to see how expansion affect this game and how XP and leveling really works out.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Shirys in The next Flop ?   
    This won't deter me from playing the game but i can understand how you feel.
    Gloomhaven has no dice and it ain't a flop, it uses cards for character actions and combat results. FFG seem to have developed a similar, strong mechanic with deck building which is a step outside their comfort zone. Really eager for that. Plus you can select different class (or path) cards for the same hero as the campaign unfolds - you can even gain experience to have stronger effects with cards of a specific class. You want to level up another class? you can.
    About the heroes, Elena is new and kinda cool (never heard of her), and Beravor is a nice addition that was first introduced in the MEQ boardgame from FFG. She was also present in the LotR:LCG but kinda lived in other, more popular heroes' shadow. Kinda glad she's part of the original pool of heroes. I agree with you that the Legolas-Aragorn-Gimli trio might seem like straight out from the microwave oven, meself would have opted for new B-Team characters instead, but at least half the characters stand out from the usual powerhouses and inevitable no brainers. In future expansions, if FFG can introduce at least one new character like they did for MEQ, that would be nice.
    Never had any issues with rules overload from FFG (except some of their older games like Arkham Horror 2nd ed). Everything is easy to understand, well laid out, clear explanations and streamlined. Try playing Sword & Sorcery. Even after several sessions, i'm still spending as much time looking into the rule book for clunky, hard to grasp rules than playing the game. Doesn't happen with our favorite gaming company here. For example, the rule books from Arkham Horror:LCG are among the best 😃 
    The mini battlefield is intriguing and i can't say much about it, but it is exciting that you can explore "indoors" as well as "outdoors". Some dungeon crawling mechanic in the works for that game? let them clever guys at FFG surprise us with more content.
    I would say don't miss out because i feel there will be a lot of good adventuring in there.
    Hope you enjoy the game as much as i know i will  
    PS: I'm a FFG, Terrinoth AND LotR fanboy.
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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from Amanal in What's your opinion on no dices?   
    I am two minds of it, personally.
    On the one hand, having a set of cards and abilities that you manage can arguably allow for your character to become distinct and work toward his/her strengths, allowing for greater coordination and team-play with your party members and allowing for a hero to truly shine. From what the preview has shown us, each character has skills that suit them better for different tests and scenarios, and it allows a chance for everyone to have a great moment that is in keeping with their character.
    Conversely, while not everyone enjoys the random element that dice add, that uncertainty allows for greater communal investment as players around the table lean in to see if a players action was strong enough. While it can be crushing when the dice don't roll to your favor, the room absolutely erupts in cheers when you make the perfect roll against all odds. For games with this sort of system, the progression becomes one of ultimately mitigating the odds. It's a different mechanism, but both options result in the players to become more powerful so that they can take on tougher challenges.
    It honestly boils down to how it is used. Since that this is a co-operative game against an AI Overlord, I would imagine that the designers wanted to afford the players more agency over their actions instead of having us contend with both the deviousness of the AI and random chance. I'm not a game designer by any means, merely an enthusiastic player, so take that analysis/speculation with a grain of salt.
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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from Ywingscum in Release Window   
    When you ask, you receive.

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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from rbaker1978 in Release Window   
    I'm excited by the prospects and experiences that the game can offer, but I am a little curious as to why we haven't seen more preview articles on it from FFG. I think it needs a bit more exposure to entice people for a purchase. I have said it elsewhere, but a live stream of the game would be super beneficial.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to thinkingkat in Campaign Mode Lost in Time and Space   
    I kind of like the idea that the character moves on while still lost in time and space. My friend argues that because the ancient one was destroyed, along with the power that sent that investigator to be LITAS, that they are considered dead.
    My opinion is that since ANY Ancient One has the power to send someone LITAS that the investigator technically could be brought back. They’re not dead, they just lost lol.
    Like Barb in Stranger Things...before she got dead.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Uninvited Guest in It's FRIDAY!!!!! Who will we see spoiled today??   
    IA may not be getting the woman of your dreams, but you still have Zoidberg. YOU ALL STILL HAVE ZOIDBERG!!
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