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    Kunitzu San reacted to Hannibal_pjv in Middle-Earth is going to war next year   
    Possible... but I still it Expect to be Joyrney in the middle earth campaign. Maybe battle of osgilliath or something between Hobbit war of the rings skirmish.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Thaeggan in Your Journey Scenario editor   
    appears to be a standalone program completely separate from the app. Not official
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    Kunitzu San reacted to SpiderMana in Your Journey Scenario editor   
    Yeeees if they aren't gonna have official support for one-off missions, this is exactly what I need. I'd love to play this game with my siblings, but if we're only all together for a week at most, there's no way they'd want to play a whole campaign
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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from Birdman137 in Shadowed Paths Expansion   
    Anyone going to watch the livestream today? Will be live at 2pm EST. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/ffg-live/
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Birdman137 in Shadowed Paths Expansion   
    The FFG wesite was updated today.  We have a release date!
    Shadowed Paths
    The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - Expansions
    US release date: 7/10/2020 | Latest update: 6/5/2020
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    Kunitzu San reacted to RKRichar in Newish to painting and Imperial Assault....question   
    What I learned after the very first mini I painted (stormtrooper for IA)  even a badly painted mini looks so much better than straight plastic.  I have zero artistic ability and yet was so proud and happy with the result I got.  I've been painting for three years now, and it's still intimidating, yet so satisfying when I finish a new piece.  Just jump in.  You wont regret it.  While on the subject of stormies, use Sorastro Legion guide.  Its simpler than the IA one, and in my oppenion looks better too.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Eddie in Hypothetical IA 2nd edition   
    A more immersive campaign. Right now, campaign play sometimes feels like going from mission to mission with little narrative or cohesion. In game narrative with NPCs and meaningfull choices for the players would also be neat.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to mattman285 in New? Need help? Ask me anything!   
    I have completed the main campaign 6 times(4-2 win/loss). I have the expansion as well. If you need help with rules, strategy, painting, organizing etc just ask as I have it all! Just here to help!
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Thaeggan in Just picked this up for the quarantine: what mode?   
    Even if solo you'll need to play as two characters.
    If you want to be casual about it and remove the stress from agency, Adventure mode lets you travel around the map without much worry of completing the scenario efficiently. It gives free inspiration which you can spend on tests and does not increase threat for unexplored locations or for each hero at the end of the players turn. The scenario events progresses a lot slower because of this so you can be much more prepared when enemies show up instead of trying to explore, attack, search, and move into places without passing things up.
    Normal mode can be quite challenging at times. You may find yourself choosing between risking the success of a campaign for a search token hoping it will give more points to upgrade items. I find it rewarding overall but sometimes, just like the LoTR LCG can suddenly turn an ugly head and slap you or your team down unexpected.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to ScummyRebel in Just picked this up for the quarantine: what mode?   
    I just picked up the game for primarily solo gameplay during our lockdown (nobody at home plays much in the way of board games). I’m actually really looking forward to having a way to unwind even though I’m stuck alone.
    My question is what game mode: adventure or normal? Adventure says “explore all of middle earth” and normal seems to be, well, the default level. As someone who hasn’t played through any of the game yet, how “easy” or challenging is adventure mode compared to normal? Is it worth doing for the full experience, or just be happy with normal? 
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Annette Soleil in Wisdom and Spirit attacks   
    Aragorn's Wisdom is better than his Might. That's kind of one of the incentives of picking the Wisdom upgrade for the Sword. Similarly, Gimli's Spirit and Might stats are equal, but you can get the chainmail upgrade that increases his Spirit and the Axe that uses Spirit to attack instead of Might. They're very specific situations, certainly (especially with Gimli), but there's still valid reason to use one over the other.
    If you're talking about other items/armor/trinkets that also have attack stats but aren't traditionally weapons (like the banner, cloak, fang necklace, etc.), I think you can actually use those in tandem with your main weapon, so long as you're using the same attack stat and the range is valid. They're usually weaker than the main weapons, sure. But they give you extra hits for those rare situations where you have excess successes you couldn't ordinarily use.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Uninvited Guest in Companion APP - NEW requests   
    Depending on you phone and computer OS's you can do this.  Basically, as long as you're not using Apple products it's pretty simple.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to SpiderMana in Finally Got It! Any tips?   
    Yeah, it’s always from people dying. Maybe if we took it slower and dealt with the enemies more and didn’t risk being in darkness so much? Who knows.
    Arnor can be... I want to say 11-13 missions? Depending on if you take one optional path that adds a bit?
    And I want to say Ember Crown is definitely longer than 5-6 chapters, but I suppose there are several optional missions towards being beginning.
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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from SpiderMana in Finally Got It! Any tips?   
    We just finished Chapter 5, suffering our first loss. It wasn't as big a setback, as we were able to accumulate substantial lore so that everyone was able to upgrade their items. We play in the Conference Room at our office, so I have my laptop plugged into our big monitor and we just have lots of fun as passerbys poke their head in to see what we are doing. We have had a lot of interest, and I think this game is going to be a big hit after working hours! Can't wait to finish this one up and start Hunt for the Ember Crown!
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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from SpiderMana in Expansion Announcement Livestream   
    Who is thinking of their team composition? I was considering the following parties:
    Gandalf, Bilbo, Dis, Gimli, and Balin Gandalf, Legolas, Elena, Arwen, Aragorn I'm not sure how well they will mesh party-wise, but I was thinking of keeping it thematic!
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    Kunitzu San reacted to GruntosUK in Adventure Mode   
    I play with my eight year old son and the whole race element is something that always trips us up because he wants to explore and kill all of the enemies etc. He's going to love this. Please can we have the option in Descent and IA as well please!
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Ywingscum in Expansion Announcement Livestream   
    I’m also an Lcg player, bought this game last year when it came out, played the campaign and enjoyed it, but it got shelved due to limited time.  The lcg takes almost all my gaming time.  But I’m inspired to play the first campaign again, and this time paint the minis.  I was in a painting rut.  I get into painting for a year or so, then go away from it for a year or so it seems.  So I’m ready to dive in I think.  
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    Kunitzu San reacted to General_Grievous in Expansion Announcement Livestream   
    My wife and I just finished catching up to the last pack of LCG currently out and it's our favourite game, she kind of steers the gaming being my main partner for coops, and she expressed an interest now in this one so there is that.
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    Kunitzu San reacted to SpiderMana in Expansion Announcement Livestream   
    It 100% scratched the LotR itch for me, and the LCG, while fun, was feeling like I had a lot of catching-up to do. Ended up selling the bit of LCG I had to buy JiME, and have had no regrets! (Though i May pick up the LCG again if I ever have a crapload to spend on it.
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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from HirumaShigure in Finally Got It! Any tips?   
    Session three is starting up tonight! We're back on the Journey Map to continue our hunt for Gulgator. Very excited to progress!
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Ancient Virus in LIttle help with upgrading   
    In order to upgrade weapons, armour and items in-between quests, you need to have acquired enough lore to meet or exceed the number printed on your current cards.
    E.g, if a level 1 dagger has the number 20 printed on it and you have a total of 20+ lore, you will be able to upgrade it by clicking items, then the glowing dagger when on the camp screen. 
    Lore is key to upgrading your items and should be searched for and obtained when possible. A constant gain of lore during each quest will ensure that should you reach the end of the campaign, you have the sufficient levelled tools for the job. 
    Hope this helps. 
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    Kunitzu San reacted to manoftomorrow010 in Expansion Announcement Livestream   
    They said it comes with 5 new heroes, 5 new roles, 20 journey map tiles (core set had 22 tiles), new terrain tokens, new enemy minis. So it's basically the same amount of content as the core set, minus battle map tiles, and the like
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    Kunitzu San got a reaction from SpiderMana in Expansions confirmed   
    Maybe he doesn't have a great memory 😉
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    Kunitzu San reacted to SpiderMana in Expansions confirmed   
    Gandalf: “I have no memory of this place...”
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    Kunitzu San reacted to Kjeld in Expansions confirmed   
    The way they handled this conundrum in the LCG is to create an encounter where the objective is simply to escape the Balrog, rather than defeat it. I could see some interesting opportunities for a similar scenario design if the heroes go into Moria.
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