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  1. Hey friends, We're preparing for the mission "Inside Man" to continue the story of "Heart of the Empire". I noticed that the Mission Briefing notes that no Optional Deployments can be made until the Ambush Condition is reached. I checked the Rules Reference, and I believe that also extends to that the Imperial will not be able to reinforce Initial and Reserved Groups. Is that correct?
  2. Anyone know when the gamemat is to be released? I had gone to two of my LGS, but neither of them were able to confirm when it would be shipped. The Raid Mode sounds like a total blast, and I would love to play it!
  3. Hey players! Have a rules question that I hope someone clear up for me. We were playing Loku's Side Mission "Constant Vigilance" earlier this week, and the question was raised regarding the Push rules for the prisoners. Per the rules reference, I as the Imperial player interpreted that pushing figures (which the prisoners functioned as via tokens) is not considered a move action or uses movement points, thus ignoring any movement penalties through other figures. The Rebels took some issue with this, understandably, as the logic would dictate that the prisoners would not run through their liberators. For this mission specifically, and indeed the game at large, is their a definitive ruling/reconciliation on this? I want everyone to have fun, but I also want to be sure that we are following the rules to ensure that games are proceeding in a fair manner (both the Empire and the Rebels should have equal opportunity to succeed in their missions, and I ultimately feel like I'm on the losing end of that because I compromise too much for the sake of the Rebel's enjoyment. I want players to have fun, and I certainly have fun playing, even when I'm losing, but it does take a toll after awhile).
  4. I have been strongly leaning to buying "Journeys" myself, and I keep getting tempted to, but there are other members of our game group that would prefer to go in on Gloomhaven at some point. I have heard of some passing similarities, but curious if you had a take on that? With that being said, our group still has the Heart of the Empire expansion that we will get to. We're currently playing Betrayal: Legacy after two campaigns of IA and a really rough first session of Starfinder (I'm more into board games than RPG's proper), and a failed campaign of Dragonfire. I have a strong feeling that we'll continue to come back to IA, just because we do have so much fun with it.
  5. All of you are making it really hard to resist!
  6. That's great to hear, precious! What devices have you been using to play the app? I have a Surface 2 that doesn't support the Google Play store, so I would be using my phone until I finally decide to upgrade my computer. Does it work well on mobile?
  7. Just wanted to check in to see how people are enjoying the game. I have been salivating for the game, and I was curious to hear the impression from the community if it's worth a purchase?
  8. I admire Gloomhaven from afar, but the size, price and complexity of it is very intimidating. "Journeys in Middle-Earth", by contrast, seems much more inviting, not only in terms of price, but as well as it being set in a world that I personally adore. This would be my first truly app-driven game, and I am really interested in playing a co-op game that is a bit more devious in it's intelligence (hopefully). I think trying to design an AI system in board games can be tricky, just in that it can be a little hard to wrap your head around how they operate (the Dark Souls Board Game is one that immediately comes to mind, despite how much I love that thing). A more minor point for me, but perhaps not for others, but I certainly understand the argument that this game doesn't carry the legacy elements that Gloomhaven has. I love the idea of legacy games, but that's me personally, and I love the idea that the app is doing the tracking and bookkeeping for the players.
  9. I'm excited by the prospects and experiences that the game can offer, but I am a little curious as to why we haven't seen more preview articles on it from FFG. I think it needs a bit more exposure to entice people for a purchase. I have said it elsewhere, but a live stream of the game would be super beneficial.
  10. If this image is at all trustworthy, it looks like it will be arriving in April.
  11. Curious to hear what everyone thinks how the campaign progresses and evolves throughout the process. I imagine that the core campaign has a core theme that branches, but I am curious how side adventures are implemented and constructed (I only have the "Flight of the Freedom Fighter" from Imperial Assault as reference). Does anyone know if FFG's other app games (Mansions of Madness, XCOM, etc) takes those into account, such as procedural generation?
  12. I am two minds of it, personally. On the one hand, having a set of cards and abilities that you manage can arguably allow for your character to become distinct and work toward his/her strengths, allowing for greater coordination and team-play with your party members and allowing for a hero to truly shine. From what the preview has shown us, each character has skills that suit them better for different tests and scenarios, and it allows a chance for everyone to have a great moment that is in keeping with their character. Conversely, while not everyone enjoys the random element that dice add, that uncertainty allows for greater communal investment as players around the table lean in to see if a players action was strong enough. While it can be crushing when the dice don't roll to your favor, the room absolutely erupts in cheers when you make the perfect roll against all odds. For games with this sort of system, the progression becomes one of ultimately mitigating the odds. It's a different mechanism, but both options result in the players to become more powerful so that they can take on tougher challenges. It honestly boils down to how it is used. Since that this is a co-operative game against an AI Overlord, I would imagine that the designers wanted to afford the players more agency over their actions instead of having us contend with both the deviousness of the AI and random chance. I'm not a game designer by any means, merely an enthusiastic player, so take that analysis/speculation with a grain of salt.
  13. Wampa's are no joke! I remember when we played Return to Hoth last year and whenever a Wampa showed up the Rebels immediately concentrated fire on the furious frozen furies. SPOILERS There was a mission where the Rebels speeder crashed, separating them. As they progressed further in they fought an Elite Wampa with special modifiers that turned it into a boss. We affectionately referred to it as the Wampa Queen, imagining this terrifying mother protective of her territory. Maybe they're more of like den mothers?
  14. It's interesting, because I believe that the app has some of these aspects of story and encounters that involve player agency and choice, at least in Legends of the Alliance, if I recall correctly. It's been a while, but I could have sworn that when I played it we were making certain dialogue options. I really can't say how much they added to the trajectory of the story, if any, but they were fun little personal moments that gave us some investment. Fascinatingly, I believe Gloomhaven has a similar sort of encounter system where there's a scenario that isn't predicated on combat, but rather on the decisions of the group. It's really fascinating to see these crop up in more of these dungeon-crawlers, but you notice that it's only for cooperative games. I guess it would be remiss if there was a way to include the Imperial Player in some way.
  15. I applaud you for what can best be described as a sensible purchase strategy. ☺️
  16. If anyone is interested, I attached a spreadsheet from our current campaign that I created to help keep track of everyone's items and skills. I have found it especially useful ahead of time, as I can refer to it as I'm preparing the next mission. Once I know what I'm getting and planning for, I set aside the tiles, cards, and tokens that will be needed for the mission and place them in their own bag. It works out great because everything is consolidated together. Core Log, Winter 2018.xlsx
  17. If so, that makes me eager with anticipation! Although I do recall waiting a while between the announcements for Eldritch Horror Expansions and then release. Is that a more recent change, or just symptomatic of my impatience? lol
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u29y63otRs Adventure forth!
  19. Good to hear some insight into this game! I have checked out a few reviews, and they seem to be less than enthused. My local comic/game store has a copy that I have been thinking of checking out as a demo. I just love the survival theme of the game!
  20. Hey folks, Just a question on the mission "Chain of Command", one of the penultimate missions of the core campaign. Can the Imperial player interact with the doors? The campaign guide says that it's locked to Rebel players, so I would assume that the Imperial Player can interact with it, as they can also interact with the terminals in the mission. We have done the mission in two campaigns now, and we have generally house-ruled it so that the Elite Officer (Weiss) can get out and scurry to the walker. A formal answer would be great, though!
  21. I know it's only been live for a few days now, but I'm curious to hear players initial impressions of it. I have been itching of playing the app again!
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