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  1. That's encouraging to hear! I'm looking at paints now, what do you recommend as a good starter set for a complete novice?
  2. I'm in a similar boat that you're in; I have owned Imperial Assault for a long time, and I love it to pieces, but after doing a Skype session streaming the game, I've come to the realization on the utility of having them painted. I've never painted any miniatures, and have never had any interest until now, and I haven't the foggiest where to start.
  3. This is my first play-through, but it certainly felt like the odds were stacked against us. We probably could have made it if it weren't for one of our party members dying from fear damage, at which point we only had to the end of the round. Had he rallied, I think we probably could have made it. How long is the Bones of Arnor Campaign? I know Ember Crown is around 5-6 chapters.
  4. We just finished Chapter 5, suffering our first loss. It wasn't as big a setback, as we were able to accumulate substantial lore so that everyone was able to upgrade their items. We play in the Conference Room at our office, so I have my laptop plugged into our big monitor and we just have lots of fun as passerbys poke their head in to see what we are doing. We have had a lot of interest, and I think this game is going to be a big hit after working hours! Can't wait to finish this one up and start Hunt for the Ember Crown!
  5. Who is thinking of their team composition? I was considering the following parties: Gandalf, Bilbo, Dis, Gimli, and Balin Gandalf, Legolas, Elena, Arwen, Aragorn I'm not sure how well they will mesh party-wise, but I was thinking of keeping it thematic!
  6. With new details supposedly emerging this Tuesday, one last bit of speculation: I imagine that the expansion starts in the Rivendell, journeying through Moria and Mirkwood, and then finally culminating at Dol Goldur. That's my guess, at least, but we'll find out soon!
  7. Session three is starting up tonight! We're back on the Journey Map to continue our hunt for Gulgator. Very excited to progress!
  8. Yes, the base game is set following the events of the Hobbit but prior to the start of Lord of the Rings. With that being said, as we don't have official details from FFG just yet, it is possible that they may be trying to recreate the latter portion of the Hobbit (although with the inclusion of Moria, it seems more like an original adventure remixing certain elements and locations from Hobbit and Fellowship). Perhaps it's a rescue mission to help Balin hold Moria as the Goblins and Balrog claim it?
  9. More referring to how it was in Imperial Assault; separate characters being sold in separate packs was rather tedious (and could get quite expensive). In comparison, I preferred that they bundled the three bosses from the core set in the same package. Would still prefer that they were in the box with everything else, though.
  10. While I wouldn't put it past FFG from selling the bosses in separate packs, it would be nice if those figures were included. As a die-hard Imperial Assault player, that's one of the things that irked me how they handled that.
  11. Getting excited! @Majushi, your were right on the money about Mirkwood. Looks like we'll be getting some spiders and goblins. I hope that if the Balrog is there that it is included in the box.
  12. You're totally right about the Uruks, Saruman is responsible for them. Mirkwood would be cool, or even vising Dol Goldur. What's great about Middle Earth is that there are so many options!
  13. My personal hope is that we'll get the Ringwraith's added as enemy villains, along with Uruk-hai. Gandalf would be an amazing hero to add, but it would also be cool if he's a sort of NPC/quest-giver.
  14. There's a lot of anxiety on the forums lately, so it's great to see that reality check? What do you think they're going to feature? I had only recently started the Bones of Arnor Campaign, and recently bought the Hunt For the Ember Crown DLC to start that when we're finished!
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