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  1. Kunitzu San

    First Campaign!

    That's excellent to hear that it's going well! We're planning on starting our second campaign real soon, hopefully in the next two weeks, and we're really excited to jump back into it! As has been stated by many others, I think scheduling is the single-most limiting factor to the campaign portion for Imperial Assault, but I think that is also true for any game that takes multiple play sessions. Don't sweat too much about making mistakes during the campaign. I think mistakes are part and parcel with this particular game, as there are so many different rules and variations to keep track of. During our first campaign, I made the boneheaded oversight in not having all my units in a deployment move during an activation (I thought that Rebel/Imperial alternate between figures). It was only until half-way through the campaign I had realized that I had made a grievous error, and that point it was too late to change anything about it (the Rebels were also so far ahead that I never got back to parity with them). Long story short, as long as you recognize the mistakes and own up to them, the lesson is learned and play should just proceed forward (your mileage, of course, will vary on the group that you are playing with). That's awesome that your campaign is going so well! When we started ours it took us almost a year, due to competing commitments and schedules. I hope your experience entices you to play more campaigns and explore the game further; there is so much depth to this game that you could potentially play it forever and never get too bored.
  2. Greetings friends! After over a year of investigating and longing glances, I finally broke down and bought the reprint edition of the core set about two weeks ago. I tried playing through the first scenario with one of the pre-made decks, and this game is certainly challenging! What's your advice for new players for deck-building strategies for keeping the darkness at bay? Thanks in advance!
  3. Kunitzu San

    Out of the loop...

    Awesome! Thanks, friend!
  4. Kunitzu San

    Out of the loop...

    On a slightly similar topic, I am preparing to going to my first tournament event later this month. Are there any guides/restrictions that I should be aware of for certain units and/or cards, like a 'Banned List'? This side of the game is fairly new to me, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Kunitzu San

    To skirmish tourney or not to skirmish tourney?

    Just to give an update, I'll be heading to the tournament hosed at Eternal Games in Warren, MI later this month! I've been going over some lists that I think will be engaging and fun to play with. Ultimately, I am just looking forward to having a great time, and I'm super excited to attend!
  6. While we are still in the process of finishing the Campaign, I am really impressed by what the app has to offer towards our play sessions! The campaign finds new ways to engage with players in the form of encounters, special narrative events that aren't tied to combat missions. They add new flavor to the game outside of the traditional combat, allowing for more choices in the storytelling that allows your group to become more immersed in the world of Star Wars. I especially love the feel of the new missions, with the environment expanding when certain parameters are met. The new perils and health system offer an especially nice touch, encouraging more aggressive play on the part of the Rebels. Like in traditional Imperial Assault Campaigns, hidden events will trigger that will take the Rebels by surprise, prompting a re-evaluation to how you approach a new objective. Another excellent addition is the Armory, Character, and Inventory Menus. They offer a great means of engaging and managing your equipment characters, with only a quick glance and simple input to reflect your growth as you complete missions and become stronger. It's so convenient that I wished that a similar system can be utilized for traditional campaigns, as it really makes record keeping a breeze. I do have some criticisms, particularly in regards to the explanation of how Imperial/Scum Units operate in the app. As we are playing through the game, it feels like the AI has far more abilities at it's disposal to command the troops as opposed to what the units can do under a human player. As a for instance, a Storm-trooper will be directed to move and attack a hero, and then still have a second action where he can continue to move beyond his total speed. We have tried to strike a balance with house rules where the AI will more closely obey their physical descriptions, while still honoring the apps direction. And while more quibble than criticism, I have come to understand that the included "Flight of the Freedom Fighter" runs on the shorter side. This doesn't bother me as much, as right now it really feels like a great little microcosm of the Imperial Assault Campaign experience. But I do understand players who want a longer campaign, which I can only imagine will come in future updates. Which brings us to the possible future for the platform. At launch, the Legends app only supports maps and components from the Core Set, although heroes from all of the expansions can be selected for each rebel player. Like most software, the experience will continue to change and become more refined with future updates and patches. What I am curious to see is how Fantasy Flight will go about with adding new campaigns to the experience, particularly with how they choose to charge (or not) players. With the players already owning the physical components for maps and figures, the possibilities of new co-op campaigns are tantalizing. Legends of the Alliance offers a great new mode of play of for Imperial Assault that can stand alongside both the traditional Campaign and Skirmish Modes. I still think I will always prefer the traditional Campaign, as you are fully engaging with other people in the room and leads to more meaningful interactions and moments that a program can't replicate. It's such a unique, asymmetrical style of play where both factions are becoming powerful as the game progresses, that I feel would be very much lost if an app becomes the primary source of play (which I sincerely doubt will happen, as much as I have seen that concern whispered throughout these forums). With three new modes of play, Star Wars: Imperial Assault feels like a full, amazing package that will be able to transport players, both new and old, to that galaxy far, far away.
  7. Kunitzu San

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    We were actually short for time, so we just played some quick Skirmish. It was the holidays, so everyone was busy! Our plan is to begin "Return to Hoth" once we have everyone's schedules in order.
  8. Kunitzu San

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    We're going to be starting a new campaign this weekend. I'll be sure to share any great new stories that occur!
  9. Kunitzu San

    To skirmish tourney or not to skirmish tourney?

    Thanks for the shout out! I have been considering jumping into it to have fun, and I must say, it's thanks to friendly and open community members like you that has strengthened my resolve to get in on the action! Incidentally, thanks for the additional information regarding the essential items needed to jump in and have fun! This community is fantastic, and I'm incredibly excited to join it in a larger form!
  10. Kunitzu San

    2017-18 Regionals Lists

    Hi everybody! I saw this post and was reading up on the regional scene, and it made me really interested to dive in! Judging by the lists, the event at my nearest store won't be taking place until February, so I have lots of time to make arrangements and practice. As a newbie to the Skirmish side, I play with my buddies when we are feeling the mood, what exactly do I need to know about these events? What do I need to pay attention to, and what can I expect? Ultimately, I'm just looking to dive in, meet new people, and have fun! Any advice would be much appreciated!
  11. Kunitzu San

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    Darn, just reading these stories and ruminating on my own experiences is really making me itch to play another campaign! Thanks, community!
  12. Just judging by the amount of content that each expansion has brought, as well as considering the three different modes of play that you can engage with, I think any declarations of the app replacing the Imperial Player for the rest of the game's lifespan is a little premature. The only way how it can be judged is by what happens after this. I'm not a Descent player, but my understanding is that the one-vs-many dynamic of that game was still supported even after Road to Legend launched. Please correct me if I'm mistaken!
  13. Kunitzu San

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    As a side-note, Gideon and Mak are ridiculously overpowered.
  14. Kunitzu San

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    During the Chain of Command Mission in the Core Campaign, the Rebels were tasked with confronting and capturing General Weiss to uncover Intel on the Empire's latest weapon. When the General revealed himself, he had to very quickly get to his modified AT-ST to deal with the Rebel scum personally. As he made his way toward the hanger, he was supported by a lower-ranked officer, issuing orders to his Stormtroopers from a safe distance . Gaarkhan confronts Weiss, charging toward him. Gaarkhan attempts to eliminate Weiss before he reaches the hanger, but the truly unthinkable occurs: with support from the adjacent officer, Weiss is able to dodge each of Gaarkhan's attacks, slipping past him and sprinting toward the AT-ST at the next available opportunity. As the other Rebels look on in disbelief, Weiss enters the cockpit, channeling his hatred to his unwanted guests. Piloting the AT-ST, Weiss and the Imperials force the Rebels into a hallway, trapped by the lumbering death machine and the Stormtrooper reinforcements that appeared further down the hall. With few options, the Rebels desperately engage in a two-fold engagement of survival, with Han Solo and Jyn Odan fending off the advancing Stormtoopers while Gideon Argus provides tactical support to Mak Eshka'rey and Gaarkhan as they focus fire onto Weiss and his cadre of Elite Stormtroopers in the hanger. After a few desperate rounds, the weary Rebels were able to finally defeat the arrogant General through concentrated fire and attrition. Those were good times.
  15. Kunitzu San

    Any new News on the Campaign App??

    I'm so excited to see the app introduced! By the looks of it, the cooperative game on the app seems to be a wholly different campaign than in the standard core box/expansions. Does this mean that the app does not recreate specific campaign missions, meaning that it creates custom missions not contained within the campaign guides? If true, that's a relief because there are still two more campaigns that we want to try with Imperial Players! I have never played Descent/Road to Legend, so I'm not sure what exactly to expect.