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  1. I'm so excited to see the app introduced! By the looks of it, the cooperative game on the app seems to be a wholly different campaign than in the standard core box/expansions. Does this mean that the app does not recreate specific campaign missions, meaning that it creates custom missions not contained within the campaign guides? If true, that's a relief because there are still two more campaigns that we want to try with Imperial Players! I have never played Descent/Road to Legend, so I'm not sure what exactly to expect.
  2. When we were doing our first campaign earlier this year, I tried to devise different solutions to speed up the process as quickly as possible. The larger benefit being that we wanted to dive in to the next mission to continue the story, and also knowing that our time together would be brief as we all have busy lives and live across of various distances. Organization, like most things in life, is absolutely essential for quick set-up. Like you, I have Map Tiles divided into bags based on their numbering, which allows the stage to be set rather quickly. The biggest challenge becomes giving the Rebel Players all the tools that they had previously (despite me having written everything down, you still get the odd questioning of tools that they thought they had but were not reflected in the record). I have finally been able to devise a spreadsheet file (Google Sheets) that clearly lays out the character and each of his/her skills and equipment. The spreadsheet is easy to read, and adding new content to it is simple, mitigating any further questions. Because the Imperial Player needs to set up the mission alone, I try to have the Rebels manage their characters so that everyone has what they need, and we can just jump in with a minimum of fuss. What takes up the most time for us, though, is trying to set up the next map while everyone else is spending XP and buying items. Because you're trying to multitask, it slows everything down as you are trying to answer questions, set up the board, and get you're own stuff in order. With the first campaign now behind us, I suspect future campaigns will clip along at a faster rate.
  3. I got with together with my game group over this past weekend to play a quick-round of Skirmish, as it was a part of the box that they weren't exposed to after playing a 8 month long campaign. After showing them how it all worked, they were hooked. What they cited really digging about it was how quick it was to pick up, seeing the cool combination between figures and cards. I expect that Skirmish will become a part of our regular game rotation before we commit to beginning a new campaign down the road.
  4. Looking forward to it!
  5. I'm by no means a Skirmish expert, definitely in the category of novice, but I absolutely love the balance that it brings to the table to make matches engaging and exciting! With the limited deployment cost, and variety of skirmish upgrades, it requires you to make creative decisions with set resources (and the objectives on each map play a huge part into that!) Limitations yield intensity, as they say. Building off what you said, there is certainly is an amount of fiddliness when it comes to games that require range-rulers, that can needlessly draw out the experience, as well as accident proneness! Although I think Armada handles it well, just in terms of it's theme and environment that it's set in. In that game, I certainly have the sensation of being a naval commander commanding large, heavy vessels to war! It's like a galactic "Master and Commander"! That's an awesome idea with painting your figures! Post some pictures when you're done, I would love to see them! I'm actually a bit jealous; I don't have the talent, time, or patience to paint my figures! Good on you, mate!
  6. It certainly is that as well! Although I have never played a miniatures game in that traditional 40K mold, so I'm really not sure how to judge it. The models always looked impressive and intricately detailed, but it just seemed so daunting! I suppose that's what I like about IA: the grid-based style and layout of the maps are easy for me to wrap my head around, and allow for greater experimentation in a more confined arena.
  7. As I'm sure that this has been a topic on these forums, I am sort of curious to hear the general sense of everyone's perception of what the contrast is between Imperial Assault's Skirmish Mode side by side with the upcoming Star Wars: Legion. From everything that I have gathered thus far, it seems like IA Skirmish is akin to X-Wing as Legion is to Armada: building off of similar concepts and making them more grandiose in scope and scale. I'm not sure how the two play out, but it would seem to me that Legion is a much longer, strategic affair than say IA Skirmish, where it seems to be about more faster-paced, tactical decision making. Legion looks incredibly cool, and I want it to do well, but I think I'm far too invested in IA to switch over (plus the campaign mode is honestly my biggest draw for IA. Unless if I'm mistaken, I don't think that is something that Legion offers in a compelling way, but I'm just not sure). Is there anything that I stated that I am unclear on? Anyone planning on going in on Legion?
  8. The game store postings sounds like a good idea (I mean, where else where else do board gamers go to?) I'll have to think of something witty and appealing to reel them in for what I hope to be just a casual, fun gaming sessions!
  9. Any takers?
  10. So about 16 total missions in the base expansion (I would imagine three more if you count Darth Maul, the Emperor, and Asoka). Is that right?
  11. So Heart of the Empire appears to be officially out in the wild. Has anyone had a chance to play it? I'm really intrigued by it, especially considering the overarching story on Coruscant with the Emperor himself on your trail!
  12. Just wanted to give another update that last week my group and I finished the mission, ending in a decisive Rebel Victory! With the first campaign really serving as a learning experience for everyone involved, I'm eager to see what new options can be explored with the other two Imperial Classes and other components! Although it will probably be some time before that group will want to commit to another Campaign, as I think we need a bit of a palate cleanser.
  13. As a side note, I have been reading more and more on The Heart of the Empire Expansion. Needless to say, it's looking to be a very enticing purchase!
  14. Greetings everyone, I'm about to start to finish my first Campaign of "Imperial Assault", and I'm anxious to start a new one and meet some cool new people! I'm also not opposed to Skirmish, for those interested! I'm based in the Ann Arbor area, and there are great stores like Get Your Game On and Fun4All that would be the most ideal setting to those interested in meeting up!
  15. Thanks, subtrendy2! I actually have the Grand Inquisitor and Obi-Wan on their way, so I'm excited to add them to my next gaming sessions, be it Skirmish or Campaign! I also want to say that everyone in this discussion thread has been incredibly supportive and helpful to this newbie! All of you are great representatives of the community and have been incredibly welcoming! It has not gone unnoticed, and is highly appreciated!