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  1. Thanks. I think the agenda deck confused me because there are only 18 agenda cards in the core set anyways, but since I haven't really messed with those (or the imperial class cards, apparently) I can start messing with those before our next session and build a deck with some of the Return to Hoth cards (as applicable). Next question while I'm thinking about it: there's no reason for the Rebels to know where the deployment points are before guys start popping out of them, right? I just read them everything under the mission briefing and leave them to their fate?
  2. Thanks for the help, all. We went through the first two missions (Aftermath and Fenn's story mission) and they were a lot of fun. Aftermath was a blowout for the Imps (they didn't realize how fast 6 rounds could go), but Brushfire literally came down to the last die roll. A few more questions, if you'll indulge me: 1. Re: The Agenda Deck. How many cards do I start with? How many do I get after every mission? Do I have to use them after each mission, can I keep them, or are they 4 random cards every single time? 2. Re: Crates. The way I've played it, you get 50 credits per unopened crate at the end of every mission. Is this correct? 3. Deployment points. Again, my understanding is that you can deploy new groups at green deployment points until other ones are opened per the mission rules. 4. Reinforcement: Do reinforced groups come in at the deployment points or with their friends? Thanks!
  3. Will do. I have 4 people for this, not all of whom make it every time, so it'll likely be 3 people (including me) most sessions since it's my friends who, like me, are often off in the daytime.
  4. I've played the tutorial and a skirmish. My friends coming over have played Armada and X-Wing but never IA, so it might be a stretch to have them play two heroes at once, but we'll see.
  5. Hey, So I'm about to start my first IA campaign ever (hooray) and we've already purchased the Return to Hoth expac. I'm going to be running the show as the Imperial, and I have two questions: 1. My group has people who can't always make it. Is it okay to sub heroes (and players) in and out, giving the Heroes the appropriate rewards for when there are fewer of them? If someone misses a session, do we just advance their hero as normal? 2. Can I include the Return to Hoth heroes in the original campaign or does that break it somehow?
  6. CoolStuffInc says November 2016 but I've not seen anything for months. Are there any updates as to when the Dear Baron will be gracing us with his lofty tome?
  7. To handicap yourself because you're just that good.
  8. Let's stick with the obvious, here: If you cheat at Plastic Spaceship Game, you have already lost. You will continue to lose, forever. As far as playing people like that... don't. If their life is so destitute that they need to cheat for the ego boost of saying they've "won" at a game that means nothing, then leave them alone with their sadness and move on with your life.
  9. ...Bye can I have your stuff Yawn Next thread please
  10. Couldn't resist posting it three times either The click-bait so nice, he posted it thrice!
  11. That would be lovely, especially with the new Fellowship event coming up.
  12. ...So what happens if you don't have a gameshop nearby that's willing to do this? Can it be purchased individually?
  13. Thanks for the help. I'm trying to do cycles but I also want to maximize the enjoyment of my playing time, and from what I've heard the first cycle is hit or miss. I got the saga expansions for the player cards/theme/excellent reviews (the buyer's guide has TBR as one of the best expacs in the whole game, looking forward to it) and also because I'm the only one bankrolling the whole thing. I'll probably try to do all of the Dwarrowdelf cycle and get Return to Mirkwood for Dain Ironfoot. The Northern Trackers, Elf Stones and Ancestral Knowledge have been saving our bacon in Moria. Here's hoping that good luck holds out.
  14. Hi deck builders! I'm new to the game and have been absolutely loving it. I tend to okay with a friend, and have a coreset, Khazad Dum, Black Riders and OHaUH. The issue I'm discovering is how necessary spirit seems; namely, how (at least with the cards I have) Lorien Guide, Northern Tracker and Eowyn seem absolutely necessary for survival in the quest phase and location clearing. The lore cards allowing 2 progress tokens on location (4 for dark locations) have also been helpful. Are there better ways to go about this (or expansion cards that make it easier) or do I just need to make sure these cards come with me wherever I go? Threat on locations is kicking my butt. Thanks!
  15. Few games if any get that. Even X-Wing does not get that.You as a player attracts people, playing the game, being enthusiastic, etc. All those 's attracts people. Correct. These games are complex and have a relatively high barrier of entry of time and money relative to other games (Warhammer excepted). I hosted a game night at my house just last night, and despite there being a ton of other games out/being played, about 5-6 people wound up watching a friend and I get our Armada game in. Now they'd like us to demo it for them. Be the change you want to see, as it were.
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