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  1. Joruus

    FFG have failed

    K-Wing is larger than the U-Wing. K-Wing is small ship. U-Wing is large ship. Indeed FFG have failed. But... if you count all the U-Wings possible wing positions it looks to be bigger than a shadowcaster
  2. Just saw it and love it! I didn't notice the Ghost but did love all the other little inclusions Red and Gold leader and
  3. Thanks, ill try 8.5x11 on A4 then. Think ill do the terrain on sticker paper and put it on mousepad material (i have that under my ship bases too) 3d printed would sure be nice too
  4. In the Netherlands. Got a nice local printshop but she didn't know these sizes. Which version fits on a3 then? I don't mind if there is a bit too much paper.. If it fits and doesn't resize that's fine then.
  5. So i finally decided to give HotAc a go. I went to my local print shop and got the rules book printed. But the deck cards, terrain and stat cards are on weird paper sizes (8.5x11 or 12x18), i did let them print the stat cards on A4 but of course then they are a lot smaller, which isn't a big problem with those but the terrain and deck cards should be the right size. Does anyone have these files in a format printable on A4 or A3? Or is there a good way to print these pdfs on A4/A3 without changing the size?
  6. Loving Fenn Rau. Boost, barrel roll, 5 red dice with 2 focus and a target lock (missing the tl in the picture situation though) and 5 green dice + evade.
  7. Jar Jar Binks crew At the start of the game target one enemy rebel ship, Jar Jar will be on that ship for the game. When that ship reveals a maneuver you may discard this card to preform one, two-y little bitty axadentes and set the dial to any red maneuver.
  8. If only all my Decipher Star Wars CCG cards weren't in deep dark storage, I could find those names! ^thats what i just did 2 posts above yours (didn't even need to look up Bast and Willard)
  9. So, -Random imperial officer -Daine Jir -A Stormtrooper -Commander Vanden Willard -Del Goren -Chief Moradbin Bast I'd like to see Mara Jade Pilot version Talon Karrde Thrawn crew Sabine...oh no i think shes in the game already somewhere
  10. Yay! Can't wait to get wave 9 boxes to the print shop
  11. Well it does gives a focus for both shots of /D Ves, but the crit does nothing for his cannons. Don't think its worth it.
  12. My agressors and falcon just wobble around on it, it's so loose it looks like there is no connection at all and its just balancing on a pin.. Anyway i just meant swx58 could be something lame like that, instead of some awesome new ship
  13. It said yes, definitely! (i asked it if tomorrow would be swx58 revealed to be coloured peg adapters to make the coloured pegs fit older ships)
  14. Thanks! And try again, better now? Yes! perfect.
  15. Love the new site! Looks a whole lot better and it's much easier to find everything. Can't wait for wave 9 being added Though on mobile i don't get the grey menu bar with the games links in it, so i have no way of getting to any content on my phone. (edit: using windows phone Edge)
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