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  1. @apoapsis Top 8: Julian had Luminara not Mace. Was chatting with him about it briefly.
  2. Got the Republic range rulers. They are so so sweet. Damage deck looks pretty cool as well.
  3. The event is Extended. 6rds. We don't know what record you need to make the cut on day 2, yet. Last year, it required 5-1. Originally, when Nationals were Hyperspace Cups, it was HS format. UK organiser posted info that the format had changed to Extended last week on Monday (10 days ago) on UK Facebook. This was a change imposed from above, as we understand it. And the UK organisers couldn't do anything about it, sadly. This caused a bit of drama. As people had bought tickets based on it being HS. Also, it means that with Nationals, Continentals (Gencon and Euros) and Worlds all being Extended, there is no major HS format event. Ultimately, Xwing is fun, so we will all cope and have a good time despite the format.
  4. Completely agree with @__underscore__ on his assessment of Droids vs Rebels. And people saying the dial is bad seems astonishing. All the *good* players who have used droids against me seemed to have no trouble at all with it. And made excellent use of the linked action followed by blue hard turn to clear the stress.
  5. But it "feels" so bad when the terrorist player uses their passive mod to escape my clutches!!!🤬 Real Talk: The fact that Heroic is virtually an auto-include on Resistance ships should be a red flag. It reminds me of Trickshot at 1pt. So increased to 2pts for me.
  6. Completely agree. And pretty sure the commentator/s were saying he should boost at the time. But i found it illuminating as to the type of situation that Han can die from. So i can now better recognise when those are about to occur. Which is important as you have to know when a punishable situation is coming up.
  7. We had the twitch video of 2 games of "You can't lose with this Fat Han" losing twice to Rebel swarm. It was good content.
  8. Mynocks have indeed been great. Well worth listening to the latest episode about Han or the Turn 0 episode.
  9. Rebel beef made 12/62 of the cut. Higher even that quad+triple Phantoms. Check the HST results and they routinely make a big % of cut. The burden of execution is all on the opponent whenever we see Rebel Card Combo fortresses do well. Which means you have to significantly outplay your opponent to win as their base level is so high. This is just a repeat of what we saw towards the end of 1.0 with the Miranda Lowhrick Ezra lists or 4 ship rebels.
  10. Seen other Scum lists do well in the Uk. Mining swarm. Boba,Fenn/Teroch, Escape. Fenn tercoh lando. The options are there. Dooku Maul finished 2nd in a 70-80player US HSTrial. Only losing to Duncan Howard in the final. Also, the other Separatist build of 5/6 + maul/wat is excellent. Finally, Resistance are killing HS. Happy to agree to disagree on our differing assessments of Hyperspace. 😇
  11. I am aware. The 6-0 non meta one was mine. So i do speak from a level of understanding of precisely what the power level is. And the Rebel power level is too high.
  12. No one disagrees that quad phantoms needs a nerf. And that would be one of the ways they could look at. However, the underlying problem is that other Imp lists can't match the power level of Hyperspace legal Rebel beef etc. Which is why people have to turn to extreme solutions. As nothing else is really viable.
  13. Watched only the first game so far. All good. Thank you for the content.
  14. It feels like Dampners is the problem. Trying to cover the Falcon 0 stopping or 3bank boosting is virtually impossible in terms of arc coverage. So the solution of removing the illicit slot seems best.
  15. I saw very few. I didn't even see as many Drea scurrgs/ quad phantoms as i expected. Fair amount of rebel beef. But saw lots of variety. (Imp aces, scum, swarms etc) And speaking to 6 clubmates, they all had huge variety in their match ups as well.
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