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  1. I am in the same position but from a Republic perspective. Pre-ordered 2 LAATs for some Episode 2 Attack of the Clones memories. Love Republic so much. LAATs and the E3 Jedi Interceptor are what i desperately want now. Covid is ruining everything. 😥
  2. Poe should definitely go up in price. Thanks for raising the topic.
  3. Max, make Delta config R2(-D2) Anakin cheaper please. A Revenge of the Sith fanboy.
  4. Disagree. The first 2 episodes dealt with Mandalore pretty well whilst frequently lining up the arc with the Revenge of the Sith timeline. That left the final 2 episodes to focus very tightly on Ahsoka, Rex and Maul. All characters people deeply care about. Moving away to deal with minor characters like Wolffe, Gregor and Saxon would dilute that tight focus. And you saw that Saxon was a leader+warrior anyway. 16 years later in Rebels, he is in charge. Cool. Finally, that ending was a fantastic goodbye imo. Really cinematic stuff.
  5. That 4 part arc was peak Star Wars. Serious applause.
  6. This is truth. Blue vs red is the only way. Green lightsabers need to GTFO. Loving this arc. So sad this is the end. The animation is so spectacular.
  7. I6 with triple Force is the solution to every problem.
  8. Counterpoint to all the HS love: My opinion of HS is that there are Boba and Droids. And then a decent gap in the power level, before everything else. Not sure that is ok??? [Caveat: I much prefer to play HS than Extended. And i have more fun, even when i win less. So am still Team HS, despite its faults. 🤔 That is probably because Extended is so degenerate when you remember all the stuff that is possible if people try-hard. Which they correctly will for Regionals/Nationals/Worlds.]
  9. What pilots/crew do you think could come from Fallen Order? 2nd Sister TIE Interceptor [Feels like she could be the extra Interceptor pilot Imperial players have been crying out for. And canon, unlike dear departed Carnor!] Ninth Sister crew more likely than pilot for the TIE Reaper? All the Mantis crew? With Greez as pilot?
  10. I am on the "He is no longer canon, let him die" train. Vult Skerris from the Rebels cartoon, should be the Interceptor pilot that people campaign for!
  11. The impression I have gotten from the SOSes is the way to play Republic is loads of CLT. Which can mean low damage output, running to preserve points continually, low scoring games. That put me off, hugely. As i don't fancy that playstyle right now. Since the UK SOS, been playing fun HS. And non mass CLT Republic is tons of fun. So up to others to take it to an event.
  12. The necessity to take locks restricts who they can shoot at in the combat phase, means you have to be in range of higher ps ships, lack of defensive focus etc. I kinda don't believe despite what happened on the Sunday at UK SOS. Need Tim to get in front of the mic and explain it!
  13. No Imps? Also, 5/10 of the archetypes are Scum. 🤔
  14. @Cloaker I dont disagree that top players can beat Boba. That is why they are good. The point is how much he skews things: being far above the norm and giving some very easy mode play which shouldn't be in HS. Hence why how many Bobas make the cut matters. How many win events etc is irrelevant. Example: 2017 Worlds cut was dominated obscenely by Mindlink lists. But won by Justin Phua with Dengar Tel. Mindlink was correctly nerfed afterwards as 12/16???? in the cut meant it was judged to be a problem.
  15. More Boba in the cut than any other individual faction. [13 Bobas in cut]
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