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  1. The "how to sink U-Boats" threads have replaced the "TLT are OP" threads, it seems.
  2. Ghost with C-3PO and Lando Crew + Experimental Interface : C-3PO the Lando action.
  3. JackRabbit

    The 3 Scouts

    Here is a quick recap : R1 Loss vs Kanan(Adv Sensors & Rec Spec) / Kyle / Biggs : I was going for the block on Kanan until i realised, too late, he had Sensors, threw me off a bit. Biggs died in the first round depsite my 3 scouts shooting with 1 less red die. Kanan rolled solid reds all game and my last scout died with full health Kyle still on the table and a heartbreaking 3v0 shot on 1 health Kanan that blanked. Opponent was a very good and experienced player, we both played well and i feel only luck could have prevented a loss for me in this game. R2 Loss vs Latts / Palob(ion) / Dace(ion) : first torp volley was 2 on Latts (down to 4 health) and 1 on Palob (down to 3 health), i needed Palob off the board quick. Only 1 scout had Palob in arc the next round, 4 blanks rerolled to 4 blanks, arrgh, took me two more rounds to finish off palob with primaries & TL while i lost 1 scout and dace took a stress to get half points on another scout in the final round. I had a huge advantage list wise and still lost 49-50, leaving Latts and Dace at 2 hp each, 60 minute rounds kind of hurt me here. Opponent played her list vert well without any mistakes, she deserved the win. R3 Win vs Miranda and Warden (2x Cluster Mines each) and 2 bandits (w/ Homing missiles) i tried to get the K-wings off the board ASAP and ignore the Bandits, but he slammed the K-Wings leaving me no choice to torp the bandits to death. 1 of them still survived to shoot it`s missile. He then adv. slammed a Cluster mine on top of a Scout, took him down to 2hit points. That Warden died the next round while Miranda entered the fray. She ate a torp and a couple of primaries but was still at 3 hull when she turned on a rock and rolled a crit for two hits. I killed her as time was called or i would have lost on points. Too close for comfort again, 60 minutes rounds are hard for large ships. R4 Win vs Zuckus/NDru/Latts, i was finally starting to get a good feel of the JM5K`s dial after a few rounds and i played this one pretty well, Latts lasted 2 rounds, N'dru fired only twice before dying and Zuckuss was in a bad spot while i still had two scouts on the table. I had good rolls for change and Zuckuss was left with a very uphill situation when time was called. Summary, i'm glad that the scouts are not OP, i am relieved that FFG didnt break the game by releasing those. Like Thugs, against some, the list can be pretty brutal, but it still has some weaknesses that can be exploited on the table.
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