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  1. I have card binders that I keep 4 to 8 copies of all the cards in. Each faction has its own binder, so I just have one bin (or a few binders) that I grab if I’m making a list at the store. Anything over what I carry is in a card box at home.
  2. I think the problem with the bid is that it lets you choose who goes first AND is essential added to the point total of the last ship on the table (no matter what ship). Both of these favor the kill something and run concept. The ideas that I saw are: 1. Bid points go to the opponent at the start of the match. 2. Bid goes to the opponent if time is called without one side being destroyed. 3. Use bid points to purchase salvo dice. (I don’t see how this one helps the point fortresses though.) 4. Bid is gained at some point during the match. The last one has a lot of options but whatever is chosen needs to be easy to calculate and remember. Perhaps the opponent chooses a ship to add the entire bid to, scoring half points and full points for the ship + bid normally.
  3. In one of the TCX episodes an intriguing option was presented that any unused points or “bid” would still give the player with the lowest squad total the choice of first player, but the unused points would count as destroyed and be added to the opponents score. How would this change the game? I know it would remove the “race to the bottom” or “bidding wars” but would it impact the game past the squad building phase? looking forward to a good discussion.
  4. I hope the new bases are sold separately.
  5. I don’t see anything about what the trays are made of. I doubt it’s injection molded plastic since the molds are extremely expensive. Is it UV hardened resin? Can the backers pick the default color?
  6. Why would you do this? If your not going to use them will you sell red die # 6, 15, 17 and green die # 8? I would love to know that my dice are fair!
  7. Are the outputs tarot card sized? Otherwise I could just laminate them. I plan to use this for threat cards so I can play quickly with my 7 yo. Right now I’m hard coding the point value as the threat level, but it would be nice to have the option of the color bars. Thanks so much for making this.
  8. I use the 30 Pocket Coin Holder Pages by Lead Dog for the small bases. I have not found anything for the medium or large that I like.
  9. I use an Architect plan tube for the play mat: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DLYJHG4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_uEvHBb0P673BV and a Flight Deck for the ship cards & upgrades (Kickstarter). I also use a tournament tray from Etsy: http://etsy.me/2yrqTSY with the maneuver tray http://etsy.me/1OVPsfM I also have a collapsible dice try, but don’t use it often: http://etsy.me/2COiFqM
  10. I worked at the Broken Token for four years as a designer. Most of the solutions they provide are for specific games. The exceptions are the token boxes and the high capacity card cases.
  11. I use the Ultra Pro 52301 3-Ring Storage Page with Flaps for Embellishments and Accessories. The pockets are 2”x2” so they still fit the new dials. They are $7 on Amazon for a 10 pack with 20 pockets per page.
  12. Well done. That would be very helpful for squad building.
  13. With the hash marks on all four sides of bases is there a reason to restrict reinforcing to only front or back? Why would you not be able to reinforce port (left) or starboard (right)? Do you think this will be a future opportunity in the game?
  14. As someone that likes to have enough ships that I can feld my squad and my opponents squad, this looks expensive.
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