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  1. Great work. And great idea reusing the Smash Up insert. I'm planning to make a tray for mine as well with the help of a friend who's made a few for other games. I'm also hoping to use the custom tuck boxes that I also found online. Once I have all of that done and my minis painted, I'll probably post them here as well. Thank you for posting yours!
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    It says "the Minotaur can attack once during each wizards turn." Let's say it's a four player game and player 4 summoned the Minotaur and put it in my way. I'm player 1. I move into LOS of the Minotaur, it moves to my square and attacks. Does this now mean that, if I don't move out of LOS, the Minotaur attacks me on player 2's turn? And then again on player 3's turn? That seems extremely powerful if that's correct. The only thing I can see that seems to prevent this from being the way the Minotaur works is this "When a wizard moves to a square in LOS of the Minotaur, the Minotaur may immediately perform one attack against the wizard." Meaning, on player 2 and 3's turns, I did not "move to a square" I merely stood there. So the Minotaur would not attack me. If, on my next turn I move one square and I'm still in LOS of the Minotaur, he does get to attack me. Thank you in advance for your input
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