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  1. After reading this thread I hopped on to ia-armies and had some fun with this idea. I may try this during my next casual game with a buddy: I Will Deal With Them Myself | 40 points Deployment Cards --------------------------- ▪ Darth Vader ▪ The Grand Inquisitor ▪ Unshakable ▪ Zillo Technique ▪ Channel the Force Imperial Officer Imperial Officer Imperial Officer Probe Droid ▪ Rule by Fear Command Cards ------------------------ Element of Surprise Emergency Aid Fleet Footed Inspiring Speech Parting Blow Parting Blow Planning Take Initiative Urgency Lord of the Sith I Can Feel It Hunt them Down Deadly Precision Force Rush Force Surge I sort of picked command cards on the fly - the deck probably requires further refinement. I tried to strike a good balance between Force User and Brawler cards for Vader and the Inquisitor, and Leader cards for my three officers (Planning for more command cards, Emergency Aid to duck in and heal Vader or the Inquisitor to keep them going, and Inspiring Speech to focus them). The probe droid is meant to pad out my activations and give me someone to park at a terminal for command cards who can also defend himself in a pinch. Alternatively, I could drop Channel the Force (somewhat limited utility - originally I thought I would have more Force User cards) and Rule by Fear and simply get another officer. That would allow me to park the probe at the terminal and use four officers to push Vader and the Inquisitor around, giving them each another 4 movement points per round. The more I think about it, the more I like that idea, but I'll probably try both and see what works for me. I've run one list with Channel the Force so far and didn't end up using it at all because I never felt like I needed a Force User command card at any point.
  2. My advice for three player skirmishes is to do the 2v2 Team Skirmish and have one player play two armies. It's the most balanced and requires no modification of the scenario or map.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! Glad to know the list is fun to play. I can't wait to actually try it out this week. I've been toying with the idea of including Saska in a list (not necessarily this one), but she seems kind of squishy. The Unstable Device ability is cool, but unless I can get MHD next to her every now and then, it seems like I wouldn't get a whole lot of use out of it before it became too dangerous to execute. She also has some pretty decent surge abilities that make her more formidable than she seems at first glance.
  4. I know the Smuggler archetype hasn't been particularly well-developed in the game so far, but Lando is a huge new asset to it (considering the prohibitive costs of Han and Chewie), so I want to give it a go. This list only has 10 figures, but that's 10 activations, way more than the average list. My goal here was to set up a team that could outrun, outflank, and outcompete the enemy for objectives, while simultaneously scoring a few extra victory points on the sly (Black Market prices, Smuggler's run, On a Diplomatic Mission). Mostly I struggled picking Command Cards for this list. There are others that I wanted, but I struggled with the 15 card limit since so many of the ones I did choose are 1 or 2 cost cards. Optimizing my command deck for this list is definitely a priority. I'm not expecting this list to be super competitive, I just want it to be as competitive as possible while still maintaining the fun "horde of tricky smugglers" aspect. Smuggler Cartel | 40 points Deployment Cards --------------------------- ▪ Lando Calrissian ▪ Jyn Odan ▪ MHD-19 ▪ Gideon Argus ▪ C-3PO Elite Alliance Smuggler Elite Alliance Smuggler Alliance Smuggler Alliance Smuggler Alliance Smuggler ▪ Rebel High Command ▪ Balance of the Force ▪ On a Diplomatic Mission ▪ Smuggler's Run (attached to Elite Alliance Smuggler) Command Cards ------------------------ Dirty Trick Element of Surprise Planning Slippery Target Slippery Target Take Initiative One in a Million Devotion Single Purpose Smuggled Supplies Miracle Worker Negation Heart of Freedom Black Market Prices Cheat to Win
  5. Do attachments affect the cost of a group as it applies to command cards? For example, Squad Swarm states, "Use after activating a group. You may immediately activate another ready group with the same name. The combined cost of both groups cannot exceed 15." If I have two groups of Elite Rebel Sabs, both with Targeting Computer, can I activate one right after the other? The cost of each eSab group is only 7, but with the attachments their VP value is 8 if they are killed. So is the total cost of both groups 14 (eSab+eSab) or 16 (eSab+eSab+Targeting Computer+Targeting Computer)?
  6. Celebration can only be used when a unique hostile figure is defeated. It wouldn't be triggered by completing Smuggler's Run.
  7. Super excited to get my Bespin stuff in the mail and can't wait to try out a new list. I've got a bunch made up but I figured I'd start with this one - it's a strain based, in-your-face list with Leia to back up Bossk with Battlefield Leadership. Please criticize it! Leia and the Lizards | 40/15/15 Deployment Cards --------------------------- ▪ Bossk [8] Trandoshan Hunter [7] Elite Trandoshan Hunter [10] ▪ Temporary Alliance [1] ▪ Leia Organa [8] ▪ Gideon Argus [3] ▪ Headhunter [1] ▪ Under Duress [2] Command Cards ------------------------ Trandoshan Terror [2] Counter Attack [2] Dirty Trick [2] Parting Blow [2] Parting Blow [2] Merciless [1] Merciless [1] Jump Jets [1] Negation [1] Price on Their Heads [1] Planning [0] Take Initiative [0] Urgency [0] Opportunistic [0] Disorient [0]
  8. I pulled it off in one game with an Elite Alliance Smuggler. It really only worked because my way was clear - most of the fighting was happening on the other side of the map. The five points were nice, but I ended up losing anyway. I probably wouldn't try it with anyone other than the Alliance Smuggler. More expensive smugglers like Han and Chewie can do much more valuable things than make the Smuggler's Run.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. My double Nexu+Beast Tamer list just got much, much more dangerous.
  10. I know a lot of questions have been asked on this topic, but I haven't been able to find an answer to my specific question. When counting spaces for the Nexu's pounce, do I have to pick a space within three spaces that my Nexu could get to by moving three spaces, or can it be a space that would require more movement points to actually get to? This comes up a lot when trying to pounce around corners. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about. In this example, can I count three spaces diagonally from the top left corner of my Nexu to the blue mission token and place my Nexu there? If the Nexu were a small figure, it would be able to move there using three movement points, so is it legal for the Nexu to be placed there using pounce? Let me know if my question is unclear and I can attempt to clarify further.
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