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  1. Has anyone considered a two-hit wonder Krassis build? Krassis Trellix (36) Slave I (0) Extra Munitions (2) Guidance Chips (0) Homing Missiles (5) -43 I mean it's almost a budget Firespray.
  2. You cannot perform actions (not even free ones) while your ship is stressed. Dauntless lets you perform an action during the activation phase if you bump, but the ship takes a stress token. Ysanne Isard triggers in the combat phase (after the activation phase is over), so if you have a stress token on Oicunn already, you cannot use Isard's free action. It all makes sense now. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Thanks for all the tips guys! If he was using Chiraneau, then I could see your point, but on a PS 4 ship used primarily for blocking, he's not going to get very good value out of hot-shot co-pilot. Having said that, Ysanne Isard does not have good synergy with Dauntless (since if you use the title, you cannot activate Isard). Intel Agent is also not very useful here, because you cannot reposition with Oicunn anyway, so you can't really take advantage of the information it provides (well, maybe with your TIE strikers, but their Pilot Skill is not low, so its not going to be useful very often) Personally, I'd drop Intel Agent and Dauntless title to put Rebel Captive on Oicunn. Can you explain how Dauntless prevents you from activating Isard? Can you not perform more than one free action a turn or something? The Intel Agent was primarily for the Strikers' benefit I'll admit, mostly so that I can decide where to boost based on where his ships are going so as to avoid being blocked, but hindsight has hit me in the face and I've realised I don't really need to see the dial first unless I feel like blocking them instead. Is stress much of an issue to have around these days? I was under the impression it might not be too much of a bother with Isard on board to provide that evade anyway, but I suppose Black Market Slicers are troublesome these days. As far as I can tell there's very little Strikers have to defend against turrets. Lightweight Frame does help and it's certainly worth considering. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll give it a proper read. Would it be worth trying to shave points off here and there to give one or both of the Strikers Predator to help put damage through? For lack of a better mod, might Targeting Computer be worthwhile?
  4. So I recently got ahold of a couple of Strikers and by gum I love this ship. I've heard complaints that the dial is a bit unimpressive but having tested it out with Adaptive Ailerorileronsail I've realised that it doesn't even need to be impressive. One thing I agree with however is the underwhelming damage output, if only caused by the fact it doesn't have a Target Lock. I've tried to think of a few ways to remedy this, but this is the list that shone out to me the most; "Duchess" - TIE Striker (23) - Veteran Instincts (1) - Adaptive Ailerons (0) - Twin Ion Engine mkII (1) - 25 "Pure Sabacc" - TIE Striker (22) - Veteran Instincts (1) - Adaptive Ailerons (0) - Twin Ion Engine mkII (1) - 24 Captain Oicunn - VT-49 Decimator - Intimidation (2) - Ysanne Isard (4) - Intelligence Agent (1) - Dauntless (2) - 51 The idea is to use Oicunn to bump as much as possible and properly limit the defensive capabilities of any ship he manages to land on, and the Strikers can use the staggering amount of mobility they have to ensure they're getting shots off on the ship that Oicunn is bullying. Whether or not this will be remotely competitive or even a good idea in the slightest, I have no idea. But it looks like a fun list, and one that I'm really looking for feedback on! Thanks.
  5. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but why not do something similar to the TIE Advanced's fix? Give the T-65 a title that either makes an astromech free or reduces its points cost. With most of them being 2 points that puts the generic at an average of 19 points, which seems like a good middle ground between the A Wing (17) and the B Wing (22) I'm not a competitive player by any stretch of the imagination but it seems like a sensible idea..?
  6. If the opening crawl for ANH is anything to go by, Thrawn is going to have a field day on these Rebels...
  7. During the time of Swtor, I think. The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter in the Deceived cinematic is Shae Vizsla so we can assume the Darksaber was taken then as it would correspond well with what Pre Vizsla says. But, I'm just making guesses here.
  8. She's rather expensive for a ship that needs to kill itself to work, but so far I've managed to avoid getting shot at almost entirely to get the most out of her ability. Again, might just be luck and people not knowing her dial. A much cheaper build I had for her was; Quickdraw - TIE/sf Fighter Rage Electronic Baffle Spec Ops Training Twin Ion Engines mk.II -32
  9. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've last posted. Hope you're all doing well! Recently I've been playing out a bit of Quickdraw and trying to make the most of her. I've played about four games with her so far and as of yet she's been performing very admirably. I'm not sure if I'm doing it well/properly or if I'm just lucky, though I know some of the opponents I've taken it against are at the top of their game. Here's the score; "Quickdraw" - TIE/sf Fighter Push the Limit Spec Ops Training Electronic Baffle Shield Upgrade -37 Carnor Jax - TIE Interceptor Push the Limit Royal Guard TIE Stealth Device Autothrusters -34 Omega Leader - TIE/fo Fighter Juke Comm Relay -26 Total: 97 So far I've been playing her much in the way of an arc dodger, and it's a fairly self-destructive list. Carnor gets in to prevent any focus or evade rolls being made, and Quickdraw pulls some crazy maneuver that puts her where she wants to be and pushes for a double tap with Electronic Baffle. So far it's turned out pretty good and in my area it seems to be one of the rarer occasions she's made the stage and surprised a fair number of people, so it may just be a case of people not knowing how to deal with her. What do you think? What would be the idea list to run her next to, or your thoughts on an ideal build for her? Thanks!
  10. I've mused over 5x Green Squadron Pilots with Chardaan Refit, Test Pilot, Crack Shot and Juke for giggles.
  11. With all that in mind, I came up with another SF list to try. "Quickdraw" (TIE/sf) - 32 Rage Electronic Baffle Special Ops Training Twin Ion Engines mk.II Zeta Specialist (TIE/sf) - 27 Accuracy Corrector Special Ops Training Twin Ion Engines mk.II Zeta Specialist (TIE/sf) - 27 Accuracy Corrector Special Ops Training Twin Ion Engines mk.II Wampa (TIE Fighter) - 14 The option is there to drop Wampa and the two engines on the specialists for an Academy to boost the Zetas to Omegas depending on how many points the PS5 generic pops in it (hopefully 25)
  12. Since you're not too fussed on the initiative with them all being fairly low in terms of PS, might it be worth taking a Mangler Cannon on one of the scyks just to mix things up? When you're running four other ships I always feel that Lone Wolf is a bit of a risky move, because you can't be guaranteed to benefit from it until half your other ships are dead, which isn't too ideal - that said, that's just my experience of it and a better pilot could probably make a better show of it! Just for some extra staying power I'd almost consider taking Laetin A'shera with Ion Cannon and Stealth Device. She'll stick around a bit longer, probably, but doesn't hit as hard as N'dru does on the alpha strike. And don't forget those Guidance Chips on those Binyares
  13. Six guaranteed two attack hits if you're lucky! Baron seems like the best choice for me to, but the options are there.
  14. So I've been having some thoughts about the TIE/sf. I wanted to run a mini swarm of sorts (at least in terms of arcs) heavily inspired by the Storm Squadron spam. The idea is for the SFs to buzz around and be generally annoying while abusing the hell out of AC to get the most out of their dice. The only problem is I'm having issues figuring out what to fill the last 22 points with, so here goes. Any ideas/tips would be greatly appreciated! Zeta Specialist (TIE/sf) - 26 Accuracy Corrector Special Ops Training Zeta Specialist (TIE/sf) - 26 Accuracy Corrector Special Ops Training Zeta Specialist (TIE/sf) - 26 Accuracy Corrector Special Ops Training --- Scimitar Squadron Pilot (TIE Bomber) - 22 TIE Shuttle Twin Ion Engines mk.II Fleet Officer Systems Officer Exists only to buff the SFs, handing out focus tokens and target locks (just so I can try for crits over hits) but due to Accuracy Corrector, perhaps not the best option as the buffs may be wasted. OR Baron of the Empire (TIE Advanced Prototype) - 22 TIE/v1 Juke Arguably the best option for extra attack dice on the board and a generally difficult ship to put down. Juke adds some extra capability when it comes to actually punching through green dice. OR Avenger Squadron Pilot (TIE Interceptor) - 22 Autothrusters The Interceptor adds some extra dice to the table and works as a decent blocker if needs be with autothrusters to keep him alive in a pinch.
  15. I've been mulling over several bomber lists for a while, and in keeping with the OP I gave this a try. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v4!s!143:36,126,-1,14,17,-1,-1:-1:25:;190:140,126,-1,17,-1,-1:-1:25:;51:170,126,-1,13,-1,-1:-1:25:&sn=More%20Missiles That being said, I'm more a fan of generic bombers over punishers. My typical bomber list is Jonus and three Gammas with concussion/cluster missiles.
  16. With the new TIE/sf in mind, what do people think of this build in combination with Defenders? "Quickdraw" - TIE/sf (32) Special Ops Training Rage Electronic Baffle TIE mk.II Engines Glaive Squadron Pilot - TIE Defender (34) TIE x7 Juke Countess Ryad - TIE Defender (34) TIE x7 Juke
  17. With Thrawn now being part of the canon, does anyone think they've used his secret empire scheme thinger to create the foundations of the First Order and they may tie him in that way? Also, can we please have Thrawn piloting the Clawcraft for X-Wing? http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/a/a7/Chiss_Clawcraft_SotG.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20090425090246
  18. I always tool mine with Fleet Officer and Systems Officer, though I usually run Tomax Bren with Crack Shot just so he can stand up for himself in a fight if need be. Doesn't really fit within the confines of your list but it's fun all the same.
  19. You can fit three in a list if you're daring. Glaive Squadron Pilot TIE/x7 Adaptability Glaive Squadron Pilot TIE/x7 Adaptability Countess Ryad Tie/x7 Push the Limit TIE mk.II
  20. I like the look of Super Norra. So much in fact that I built a list with her in. Doesn't leave room for much else, so why not play big? Norra Wexley (ARC-170) Push the Limit Kyle Katarn BB8 Alliance Overhaul Engine Upgrade -41 Keyan Farlander (B-Wing) Veteran Instincts Fire Control System Heavy Laser Cannon B-Wing/E2 Hera Syndulla -41 Tala Squadron Pilot (Z-95 Headhunter) Homing Missiles Guidance Chips -18
  21. I just started writing a list not too long ago. I'll be giving it a spin later this week! Rexler Brath Predator TIE/D Tractor Beam TIE mk.II -42 Tomax Bren Crack Shot TIE Shuttle TIE mk.II Fleet Officer Systems Officer -31 Omega Leader Juke Comm Relay -26
  22. I respect that people have a passion for the sport but honestly, the only experiences I've had surrounding it have been negative. Mostly a case of people getting far too overexcited and intimidating the other commuters, but then that fateful day when Middlesbrough got into the premier cup... I couldn't see the street for all the rubbish strewn everywhere, couldn't ride a bus home without getting the window smashed in and had my news feed flooded with videos and images of irresponsible fans and parents. It might just be because i'm from the north and that's just how things are around here(???) and not all football fans are like that. But really, I can understand the contempt some people have for it. Nevertheless I wish England the best of luck going forward.
  23. Someone thinks generic interceptors are boring and spammy? Who doesn't think squints are fun?
  24. So after reading up a load about the new ships arriving in the next wave, I had to get to work constructing some more flavourful lists to try out. I love the ARC and it's among one of my favourite ships, so I put together a nice Republic-themed squad to carry it. Shara Bey (ARC-170) - Push the Limit - Weapons Engineer - R7-T1 -Alliance Overhaul* Tala Squadron Pilot (Z-95 Headhunter) -Cluster Missiles -Guidance Chips Tala Squadron Pilot (Z-95 Headhunter) -Cluster Missiles -Guidance Chips Gray Squadron Pilot (Y-Wing) -BTL-A4 Y-Wing -Twin Laser Turret -R3-A2 Norra pushes out Target Locks for the two Talas who can unload their missiles using her locks, she can boost into a possible R1 and the Y-Wing just does what Y-Wings do. Not the most competative, but it certainly looks fun to fly! What squads have you constructed using the new reveal? It doesn't necessarily need to include the new ships, even the new cards will do! *Possibility of dropping Alliance Overhaul for true Republic flavour...
  25. I personally have been juggling with this idea: Captain Jonus -Adaptability -Extra Munitions -Concussion Missiles -Guidance Chips (28) Gamma Squadron Pilot x3 -Extra Munitions -Cluster Missiles -Guidance Chips (24 x 3) The idea of throwing out six dice with four rerolls and chips on three ships is impossibly amusing. A first volley of 22 dice if all ships are in range feels incredibly satisfying. Alternatively, swap out Clusters for Concussions or anything else at your leisure.
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