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  1. I have a question about Dark Charm. If I cast Dark Charm on a hero and move that hero on Lava/Hazard, is hero then knocked out? (Since I use hero as a monster in OL turn.)
  2. Gotta love how Jain is looking at Arvel (that how I see it.)
  3. Can Karnon use his heroic feat while using Carve A Path? And will his feat affect enemies he pass through? (He moves up to his speed "passing through enemies" and perform an attack to a minion monster. Since he's attacking a minion monster with a Melee weapon, he can use his heroic feat.) Otherwise get a Dawnblade.
  4. Oh man., They all look gorgeous. Always wanted to see Ardus Ix Erebus in action among with Reanimators, but this takes the cake.
  5. Something tells me you are gonna abuse Ice Wyrm hard, because locking a knocked out hero in a corner from other heroes is truly evil.
  6. Well I was expecting his Hero Ability to be changed like this, since the introduction of Dark Minotaurs "who gets a friggin red power dice". Steelhorn with Oath of Honor + Advance synergizes well since it's about moving to a target and attack. And his ability triggers "each time". Also his Heroic Feat is not an action, so either kill them off with power die or move them away.
  7. Well since Nanok has been revealed, which Warrior Hero (not from Conversion kit) do you guys think that tops now? My top 5. Mordrog from Guardians of Deephall (Abusive hero ability, being a Knight for tankyness of 14 health at start, defend your ally and takes hit, will recover Stamina, good Heroic Feat as well) Class: For a 4/14/4 stats, pretty much any role, but: Defensive Knight with Defend as said above Beastmaster with Stalker so Mordrog and Wolfie can block a small path together (Unless monster with Fly or Scamper can pass through, as well as forced movement). One-Fist from Shards of Everdark (Getting yellow dice for only equipping 1-hand weapon is good. Getting a "hand" of Exotic Trident on act1 and go nuts. Sure he got 10 health, but once defeated, his Heroic Feat will make him dunk like Darius.) Class: Offensive Knight, Beastmaster. Sir Valadir from Vision of Dawn (can buy a Surge after a roll is good if you have enough of Stamina.) Class: Champion for token generator, Knight. Nanok of the Blade (although he can't buy L.Armor or H.Armor, He can use Cloak that gives good effect, plus having a black die and crazy Heroic feat is meant for him to attack, Moving a small one aside for making his team advance forward) Class: Beastmaster, Skirmisher, Offensive Knight. Berserker Alys Raine from Manor of Ravens Class: Marshal. nuff said
  8. Huh... I didn't realize that Nanok backwards sounds like Conan. His Hero sheet looks amazing. Still curious about Karnon and Steelhorn from SoE, how they will perform.
  9. I wonder how Nanok synergize with Grey Ker ability? Grey attacks first with 1st action, then Grey uses his ability to pause his turn, Nanok uses his both actions, goes back to Grey for him to use his 2nd action, Nanok uses his heroic feat. If Nanok is a knight, he can use his oath of honor to stick with Grey Ker(killing a target to proceed with Advance). Or flay them with Skinning knife during melee as Beastmaster.
  10. So Nanok, does he still have same stat (4/12/4/Black)? And he can only move Small/Medium monster?
  11. Alright 1) I would say no. Andira Runehand's ability requires that the hearts be suffered from an attack. While the attack is responsible for defeating the image token, the damage to the hero comes from the Mirror Image skill card, and not the attack itself. 2) Again, I would say no. Same reason: It is the Mirror Image card dealing the damage, not the attack. Similarly, if a lieutenant damages a hero by using the Shield of Zorek's Favor, that will not trigger Andira's ability. Essentially, hearts suffered "from an attack" refers only to the final hearts dealt after the rolling of attack dice, the resolution of surges and the cancelling out of damage from defense dice. Any other sources of damage that occur as a result of the attack from abilities do not count. Alright. But somehow I think, #1 can be proced due to clone is treated as hero, and it suffers Heart by an attack. When it suffers heart (it will proc Andira), then it is discarded. However It won't proc when clone suffers Fatigue though.
  12. I don't know if you have Mists of Bilehall expansion, or the Lieutenant pack for Ardus, Kyndrithul or Zairhell, but I would really Love to see if you manage to combine Kyndrithul with a Bone Horror like the artwork of him.
  13. Since Conjurer images are treated as heroes, does Andira Runehand hero ability proc with it? 1) if a clone (who is within Andira ability range) gets defeated, will attacker take damage? 2) if a clone (who isn't within Andira ability range, but The Conjurer is) gets defeated, Conjurer takes damage, will attacker still take damage?
  14. For a guy like me who doesn't have any Descent games. When I tried Road to Legend, I thought it was like: "Ah.. the game, wanna try that," Saw the Heroes you can choose from: "They have even 'Nanok of the Blade'!!? from SotS, they didn't review his card yet." When the campaign started: "Oh yeah, time to unleash Nanok on the field" The map looks empty,even if they shows which are active: "This game doesn't look finish, why is the game telling me to put..." And it was then it finally hit me: "I don't have the (board)game" I got really sad... I'm poor.
  15. I like your design for all your painted figures along with the bases, and also how the Farrow siblings having their base the same theme with each other. Alys Raine is a different one since her model is like outside of the square (like she's falling out). Otherwise, everything you do is awesome. Keep it up
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