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  1. That sounds good. I hadn't looked at the Transport much, but it sounds like a good force multiplier (pun intended??) I have been playing all Scum in 2.0, just starting to mess with Resistance, so all this is interesting.
  2. I gotta ask, how the transport doing for you? I'm just starting to test out Resistance, and locally, no one takes the transport. I am looking for what's good in there.
  3. I'm back. I tried this list: Vennie as above. Green Sq Expert (A-Wing), Heroic, Cluster missiles Red Sq Expert (X-Wing), elusive, R5, Primed Thrusters, The bomber was resilient, did some damage, and soaked up a lot. Rey is great as a gunner. Vennie as a pilot wasn't instrumental to the game, so I might drop him. Perceptive co-pilot was great. The A-Wing led with Cluster missiles on the first pass, damaging two droid ships, the turret was turned to the rear, so I could just keep firing at any pursuits. I kind of the thought the X-Wing was durable, not worth the points as it was. I retooled a little and came up with this to try next. Ben Teene. FCS, Perceptive co-pilot, shield upgrade, VTG, Rey, Advanced optics. Red Sq Expert, Marksmanship Green Sq Expert, Heroic. I'll have about 15 point to play with. Tips? I didn't get more A-Wings in time (tournament is Saturday). But is did gin up a list with Ben, two Green Sq Experts and a Blue Sq recruit. That makes for a lot of shoot and move.
  4. Tooling around I came up with this: Vennie, exactly as above. Blue Squadron Recruit (A-Wing); heroic. Red Squadron Expert (X-wing); Swarm tactics, R5 astromech. That give me one big bomber, set to shoot, the X-wing might let it shoot above its peers, and the A- wing should make a nice cover wingman. Comments?
  5. Thanks! That's a lot of guns. I have been deciding between using the bomber as a bomber, or a high hit-point gun platform. It could do well as either, but the guns are reusable, and require less advance planning (and actions) to use, so there's a strong point to using the Vinnie bomber as you suggest. Lots of A-Wings would be impressive too. I only have two models as such, so I can tinker around and add more, or use X-Wings in a cheap squadron.
  6. I ran with one or two Kihraxz fighters mixed with several different squads, and I find them to be good solid generalists. The only real drawback is trying to spell or pronounce the name. Talonbane did well for me. I haven't ever used shield or hull upgrades. I'd rather spend my points on offense, but, that's a personal thing.
  7. I've been a long-time fan of X-Wing, but, not a very experience player. I am happy though that I'm finally entering Nova Open X-Wing Era tournaments. The limits are 200 point Extended, with on Unique or up to Two limited pilots. I'm singed for Resistance. I don't have much experience with Resistance, but that's all that was open. I have played using Scum lists in 2.0. My goal is to make a fun list that is fairly easy to run, not heavily dependent on interactions and fancy card tricks. I'll be paired against only First order, since they are making the tournament match the thematic SW era pairings. I want to take a Starfortress, even considering taking two. I was thinking a big bomber and a few escorts. Of the lot, I think Edon might be effective with perhaps, FCS, Proxy mines, V. Tailgunner, and Page Tico perhaps. And, some undetermined ordinance. How to pair it is another question. The good pilot skills mostly come with the unique pilots, so that keeps me to A-Wings or X-Wings in the midrange or lower. I could take a few escorts such as Green Squadron Expert (A-Wing) and Red Sq. Expert (T-70 X-Wing). I'm not sure what to do for crew and astromechs, I'm not too familiar with that. I'm curious to hear what you think makes a good fundamental one or two bomber list. Ideas? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks! I was counting on PTL on Ryad. I had flown her like that before and it's nice. I got convinced to try the x7 Defender, and I'll admit, it's nice too. For Duchess, I was thinking Predator EPT, and Adaptive Ailerons, LWF (side note: the Striker is one of those few ships, that in my limited knowledge, seems to be a ship that is a complete expansion pack - having useful cards in the same pack as the ship). Firespray was probably Krassis with Mangler cannon, Gunner, and Engine Upgrade. I can do TLT, but was tempted by the shiny new stuff. TLT would be good for both flying tightly together I bet. Ordinance is a "might as well try." I had not thought of Accuracy corrector. I'll look at that too. Thanks again for your help! edit: If I'm reading right, AC is a system upgrade, and I've only got a spot on the Tie, which was just a Zeta Specialist and as a blocker pretty much, but, for AC, I might use a better pilot.
  9. I've got a fun game with my kids planned for tonight. They are taking the Ghost and some aces to back it up. We'll end up around 200 points each side I think. I am taking Countess Ryad in an x7, and Duchess as my aces. I'm probably taking a Firespray as a heavy and a SF Tie as blocker. I'm planning on taking two Agressors to see what they can do. I plan on taking Kestal and "Double Edge." The question is how to tool them up for tonight. I was thinking of Synced turret, or dorsal turret (or one of each), then cruise missiles or unguided rockets. Mainly, I want my kids to have fun, but, I want to really try out the Agressors. What do you all think a good set up, and also use for the Agressors would be? Thanks in advance!
  10. I think you just solved the whole puzzle. I had forgotten about astromechs - being most of my little experience in Imperial. Deadman switch will be a new thing for me to try (at least try to remember to use). I had thought about auto / blasters on turrets, and freeing up enough for a third Y, but, your suggested list above is a nice workable squad. Fenn seems natural with PTL. Thanks! I'll face off against my kids as Poe, and Rey with Finn in the next couple of days.
  11. I've gotten only a little game experience, but been a collector and fan a long time. I've played using Imperials only, but now I've got a hankering to try out a friendly family match using S&V. I want to include probably 2 Y-Wings, and Fenn Rau. I don't want too many complex interaction type upgrades, but am looking for a good build on this list. I think two basic pilots on the Y's with a turret cannon. Fenn, I just don't know. I played against him and found him to be quite formidable, but can't remember how he was kitted out (other than Mindlink). My intent on play style is to be mostly a jousting attack, then wheel and repeat using the Y wing to keep up fire. Any recommendations on the above? Thanks!
  12. Wear it with pride! I like flying imperial Boba also. EU, VI though the list of epts he can take keeps growing. I liked him with a canon, like mangler. Tail gunner might be a good twist. Boba looks good in Imperial gray. Fly casual! Edit, I just thought of this that at the first tier, you'll probably face two weaker ships or one big killer. Rebel captive might put a wrench in enemy plans.
  13. Good comments all thanks. I was at work, so didn't quite have Duchess figured out on the fly. I do like her with Predator - sounds like a pretty good automatic fix. I have run Ryad with a cannon, since shooting twice was nice. However, the X7 mod looks pretty good - especially since I'll no doubt be getting shot often. I haven't looked at what the infamous nerf did to X7, but I think it got degraded. @RevJJ - I like your list too, it looks like it's easy to fly - like I'm looking for, but, I've really been looking forward to flying a Striker and Countess has my attention. I'll mull this over and see what comes up. Thanks so much for the advice.
  14. Hi, I've been a fan of the game for a long time, but rarely get a chance to play. I'm kicking around ideas for a friendly but still competitive tournament coming up. I'll likely be the only baby seal getting clubbed, so I want list that most of all is manageable for me. I don't want too many magic combinations and dependencies on ship to another. I'm still at the level of figuring out moving and shooting so, I'm picking ships that give a lot of liberty in that regard and also can handle what comes their way. A list I'm working on is the following: "Ladies Choice" (Imp 100) [Defender] Countess Ryad - PTL, MkII engine, Tie/D, Flechette cannon. (40) [Striker] "Duchess" - LWFrame, Ailerons, (Pattern analyzer?)(Swarm Leader?) [TIE/sf] "Quickdraw" - Rage, elec baffle, MkII, Spec OPs (32) Any tips on gearing them up, or changes recommended? Thanks in advance!
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