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  1. I honestly made the mistake of putting two of the same upgrades on a ship. It just didn't click. So I was giving my Royal Guard TIEs two Stealth Devices. But, honestly, considering that if you are hit once you lose *BOTH* of the upgrades, I don't think it's that unfair or gimmick-ed.
  2. Cool. That's the line of reasoning that I was aiming towards. I appreciate you laying it out, step by step. I can't describe how often being so clear and often literal helps in most situations.
  3. Hello there fellow Deathwatch fanatics! This is my first time posting on these boards and I'm kind of embarrassed because it seems like a dumb question, but one I want made clear for my too-literal-leaning mind. Ok, so for example, let's say my nameless Deathwatch Devastator marine has a BS of 55. He takes aim at a big Tyranid and fires off a full burst of heavy bolter shells. The player rolls and gets a 23 -- that means he hit and achieved said hit with three degrees of success. Damage is stated to be 1D10+12... [Here's where I lose myself] ...if he fired 6 shots (the RoF for the Heavy Bolter). Does that mean that because he hit with three degrees of success, that 3 out of the 6 hit? Or did they all hit? Do I roll 1D10+12 damage for each heavy bolt shell that hit the target (either 3 or 6)? Maybe this is just one of those things I've overlooked in the core book, but it's bothering the hell out of me that I don't understand this. Can someone please help? Pretend I'm deaf, dumb, and blind and use small words with loud volume.
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