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  1. Dear FFG, You guys rock. Squadron Packs are cool. They stimulate interest in a faction for those who aren't currently playing one, and provide the potential for fun alternate art model options in the same vein as your former Ace packs. The Prequel factions Squadron Packs show us how awesome a job you all do in putting together an exciting product. So perhaps you'll consider this; SPECTRES OF THE REBELLION Attack Shuttle, Sheathipede and VCX. If the shuttles can fit in the Ghost model it'll be amazeballs. SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE Sweet mid-cloak paint job TIE Phantom and two TIE Advanced Prototypes. It'll be beautiful. VILLAINS OF THE OUTER RIM YV-666 and a Kihraxz. Bring on the Jabba and a bunch of illicit mischief. Scum need their full bag of dirty tricks, it's time. HEROES OF THE RESISTANCE Been here before. Salvaged YT-1300 and T-85 Poe custom Black One (you just know he's getting a new ship in ep9. He's just gotta.) FOLLOWERS OF THE CAUSE 2 F/O TIE Interceptors and F/O Bomber. They're out there, right? It could happen. Please do all of this by end of the year. I believe in you. Thanks.
  2. This is getting downright ridiculous.
  3. Undoubtedly, there will be great excitement and a lot of table play with the CIS / Republic factions coming into Hyperspace this week and for the rest of this first hyperspace season. What is intriguing is how much the effectiveness of the new factions will inhibited by double attack, secondary arc capable Rebel Beef Ion spam. Obviously, the Roger Rogers in particular are going to suffer due to the effects of Ion allowing Focus only. Their sharing of Calculates will be essential. The Double mod faction Jedi having to deal with range one shots from turrets could be mildly challenging. Great players should be able to selectively engage though. The Resistance A-Wing Renaissance might be short lived. Those I5 Jedi and Anakin could easily push Tali and L'ulo out of the current meta. But the game in 2.0 seems to really favor ships with secondary arc attacks overall so they might hold them off. It just seems unusual that FFG dropped Veteran turret gunner, y-wing chassis, and Ion Turret shortly before Wave 3. Wonder what they might know that we don't? Thinking aloud, as usual....
  4. Cloaker

    Hyperspace options expanded

    Jyn Erso crew is still absent. Argh. But, they gave me Guri. My sweet Guri. It feels like my planned Resistance Hyperspace list, the faction as a whole, and the First Order as well just got more uninteresting. As my friend said earlier, this is so much more exciting for the game than the recent points changes.
  5. We just had 5 RZ-2s win the Austin Hyperspace. I've flown them too (I did buy 5 because I love the dial) and they are incredible fun. So I chose them as one of the two archetypes because they are emerging somewhat. Y-Ions seemed to be an obvious choice for feedback also. It's the ship with the highest increase of usage since the points adjustment, and the CIS are coming into their playground. I am just interested in how these new factions will diversify and compete in what is already perhaps the most varied meta we've ever had in the 3 years I've been playing.
  6. "Get busy listin', or get busy flyin'." That's Porg-**** right. For the first time in my life on the X-wing forums, I am guilty of committing an act. Profile stalking. Of course, I doubt he'll toss up any follower blocks for that. Not for a scrub like me... I find I'm so lost without his insights, I can barely file my new plastic Heroic card in my freshly purchased Mynock binder, or hold an aged 1.0 B-Wing with its one remaining undamaged cannon left in my trembling hand with confidence. I think it's the loneliness only a true Scum & Villainy player can feel, a former Starviper fan at the start of a long Hyperspace season whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it to Atlanta for the System Open. I hope to see his caustic posts about how Boba is still really good, or that Leia crew is undercosted, and shake his hand at a championship where I go 1-5. I hope to see that his next blog, some three months later and rife with validation or condemnation of the recent points adjustment, is as detailed and rich with analysis as it has been in my past favorite posts of his. I hope.
  7. Been quiet nearly 2 months. No blog since last fall. I fear he got burned out. Bloody shame, game is the most diverse and balanced its ever been. Bet he'd like it alot more now.
  8. I so love the ARC-170. And I'm so bummed they wouldn't fit it in for Rebels Hyperspace. That half point threshold for odd numbered health ships is pretty advantageous. And again, ships with secondary firing arcs are worlds better in 2.0 where time on target is a difference maker.
  9. Cloaker

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    The fix is in. Wave 5 is pretty much confirmed by this point now, right?
  10. First things first--- the game is about to really start. We've all been playing from 71% complete starting point edition. The new factions should bring the game into its own in a variety of ways. I really believe that. At just a little over the 6 month mark, we will have 3 total waves now in 2.0 released rotation. That's 22 ships (approx. 7 per wave.) Wave 4 will bring us another 8 ships in. After that the factional breakdown will be as follows; Rebel 5 (no carryover ships) Imperial 5 (no carryover ships) Scum 6 (no carryover ships) Resistance 4 (leia's transport two ships, 6 total with carryover Starfortress & Salvaged Falcon) First Order 3 (4 with carryover Upsilon) CIS 4 (new faction) Republic 4 (new faction) If we stick with a conservative estimate of a wave every 10-12 weeks, it is entirely feasible that we get two more waves before end of the year, potentially 14 more ships. It's quite possible that of those 14, 3 will be repackaged Upsilon, Starfortress, and Salvaged Falcon to bring all Hyperspace under banner. That leaves 11 at minimum, maybe as much as 14 if we're lucky. Let's play up to 17 though---including the aforementioned repackaged 3! 2 (4?) Rebel; RZ-1 A-Wing & Rebels Squadron Pack-----Rebels finally get their filler AG3 interceptor, and 2nd large base (Hera 2.0 HST alt art pilot card portends this) Attack Shuttle & Sheathipede campaign as a set = total 7 (9?) 2 Imperial; TIE/rb & Lambda?---Brute because it's a fun "curveball" ship to fill the bruising void, and Palp's Lambda, finally. = total 7 2 Scum; YV-666 & Quadjumper?= Big base crew carrier for Jabba and Illicit influx total 8 but let's combine Escape Craft in Lando Expansion and call it = total 7 2 Resistance; T-85 (we know Poe is getting the new hotness to replace Black One) & Some New Ep9 Ship= total 8 2 First Order; TIE Echelon (Disney gonna get their Galaxy's Edge awareness, book it) and I just don't know ship but it'll be something bomber-y = total 6 2 CIS; Jango's Firespray & Droid Tri-Fighter? = total 6 2 Republic; V-Wing & Actis? seems like they still need a large base ship though. = total 6 It's all conjecture, obviously. I'm sure there's also a potential extra CIS ship (HMP Droid Gunship?) they could throw in to bring CIS up to 7. Point being, it's not out of the realm of possibility that the current ship count for Hyperspace by end of 2019 could be 43 approximate ships on the lean side. At that point, does Extended fall off? I think it has to be limping by that point. Thanks as always for reading my bored ramblings!
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    Whats the best Scum list you have faced recently?

    As a primarily scum player last 3 years, I'll bite here. The increasing prominence of large turrets and Y-wings VTG Ion makes all Fangs not named Fenn or Teroch pretty unplayable right now. We probably won't see them until after July points change. I think Zealous Recruits should be 40 points, actually. But even all things considered, I'm just not a fan of any Fangs right now. Republic Jedi are going to eat them up. There's too much of a Trick Shot meta as well. The gas clouds help, but not enough methinks. Boba is still great and worth building any list around. People have wisened up the scum Falcon's style. It's become a bit predictable. Seevor is the only real solid addition from the MG TIE. Mark my words, the game will be going to a small obstacle/gas cloud meta eventually. Trick Shotters/grappling strutters / MG Ties / Scum Falcon / Etc etc all but get neutralized with 3 smallest rocks, or 3 gas clouds. This eliminates much of the Scum faction's best builds. Sadly, the Z-95 is not the savior in Wave 3. There isn't enough Ace power there. Amusing that they added that before the Quadjumper. Scum need 3 things. 1) Illicits that matter. Illicits are largely irrelevant right now. Contraband Cybernetics vs. Leia crew are a joke and they haven't even been introduced yet. The three hyperspace legal are silly one offs (Inertial Dampners, Dead Man's Switch) or med/large ship only (rigged cargo chute.) Illicits should help define scum in the way The Force does Jedi / Sith and right now they are non factors. 2) The Bounty Hunters. IGs, 4-LOM / Zuckuss, Bossk, and yes, Dengar. They personify the aces of the faction. It's going to be a year minimum before they are all in play. 3) Guri. So that's kind of where we are at with scum. They've been neutered pretty hard now in Hyperspace. But if I HAD to put a HS list together, it'd be something like this; Captain Seevor (30) Trick Shot (2) Ship total: 32 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 Fenn Rau (68) Predator (2) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 2 Freighter Captain (46) Ship total: 46 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 6 Freighter Captain (46) Ship total: 46 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 6 Total: 194 The freighter captains being only 24% of your list each are great fodder and can get their block game on. You could probably trade them for half a Y wing list. They could herd Resistance A-Wings pretty well. I don't know. It's something I guess. Good luck.
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    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    This makes me think TIE Bombers will be in Wave 5. Along with Upsilons, Quadjumpers... Too coincidental.
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    2.0 Errata-List Hall of Infamy

    4 juke Phantoms should maybe be on this list.
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    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I love love love objectives. Have never had more fun playing the game then those formats. It's what I wanted 2.0 to be. The game becomes more of a story. Fishbowl becomes aquarium. Requires more skill and planning. Dogfight is actually very lazy game design when you think about it. I wish Objectives could return as an sanctioned FFG official format. But it would take the sort of community initiative we are seeing from the Ruleluminati judges consensus to see it pick up momentum.
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    Online Alt Art Pilot Card Generator

    Nice. They are so close to getting the font right. Once that font is perfect I'm hopping all over these.
  16. Cloaker

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    How's THIS for unpopular? The Objectives Variant of X-wing requires more skill than 200/6 dogfight, but most good dogfight players will deny it because they aren't as proficient at strategy as they are at tactics. Flame on.
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    Out from Star Killer, out beyond Gas Clouds Can't use 1.0 Autothrusters this time He is the pilot, the last ace salvation (last... SALVATION) He is the one beyond you, flying behind And I wonder when you are ever gonna joust him? Living under the fear, till no evade dice remain We don't need another Kylo, We don't need to know the Dark Side All we want is life beyond, Tripsilon Looking for 4 dice, upon he we can rely on There's going to be some Y-Wings out there Mmmm, bonus dice and modification, three hits average are coming (COMING) All else are Silencers built with despair And I wonder when we are ever gonna see that? Living without upgrade Hate, and from Supernatural Reflexes we abstain All the Rebels say, We don't need another Kylo, We don't need to know the TIE F/O All we want is life, beyond Tripsilon So what do we do with I5? We leave only a bid of 3 Will our list go 4-2? Or bleed lots of MOV ? Give it all or nothing! We don't need another Kylo, We just need Blackout and Trick Shot All we want is life beyond... Tripsilon.
  18. Cloaker

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    "Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance." That card art cracks me up. They're like, the Daft Punk of generic pilots, but without masks or musical ability.
  19. Cloaker

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    The school crossing guard one down below.
  20. "Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast."- Ron Burgundy Thinking aloud, on little sleep. Of all the things 2.0 has brought us, which has been far more good than ill, the one fundamental choice that is perhaps most confounding is the intended glut of Initiative 5 pilots. They filled up quickly. This inverted "All Meets One Size" approach has certainly had the most warping effect on two significant facets of the game; squad building, and bidding. In throwing so many pilots into this band, alongside the compressive effects of pilot skill reduction, the designers have placed much of the future ship ace design space within considerable constraint. With barely 5 months and 2 waves underneath us, it isn't unreasonable to ponder how this is going to affect the game long term. Will platforms that can't offer a mix of I5s and who may or may not have expensive I6s be viable? What's to be expected in how this might all shake out? THE GOOD Initiative pricing potent upgrades is a start. It's already having an effect on Force users like Kylo, Luke, and Vader. It also is helping future proof the incoming Jedi from the Republic a bit. The slope is tricky, however. FFG is going to ensure the new faction sells but if we're barely seeing Luke, Grand Inquisitor or Kylo in the future due to cost and the incoming efficiency / high health meta, it could be tough to balance properly the few to allow factional viability for all. Perhaps more upgrades being priced by initiative can weed down the temptation to field 4 Resistance init 5 pilots and the like. Even 1 point upgrades like Crack Shot or Marksmanship are better values on an initiative 5 than a 3, for example. Of course, frequent points updates can allow for more fine tuning. The upside is out there. THE BAD Squad selection where I5 Aces represent the best option invites counters either in pure efficiency/ high health lists hoping to capitalize on ship count, (3.5 to 4 is trending upwards a bit more it seems in 2.0) an Init 6 Ace plus mini swarm, or the three Ace build which might mandate a couple of 5s still need to go with a 6. So it stands to reason that low benefit chassis pilots at I4 are the least represented in the game. (TIE Phantoms, IG Aggressors notwithstanding.) It's might be why lists containing such as Inferno Squadron, or low health swarms in general, have yet to break open. THE UGLY I4 is purgatory for the most part. Mace Windu flip flops. Grievous I4 being a huge liability and rendering his ability moot. Large ship pilots like Asajj, the YV-666 I4s, non factors. Fragile chassis that have I4 aces as their ceiling, such as the Rebel A-Wing, the TIE Aggressor, or the scum Z95, are they already obsolete? IDEAS TO DILUTE THE I5 TOP HEAVY ISSUE No one probably wants to see Veteran Instincts come back. It had a corrosive effect on the game and became indispensable. Maybe if it was allowable only on generics? And maybe it gave them a ceiling increase of 1, or had them at initiative 7 during the Activation phase only? Give it 2 charges or something? I6 is an obvious answer. Han in both factions can prey on those I5s pretty well. Quickdraw is being held back a bit by the high health efficiency lists. Where's Dengar when you need him? He sure could keep them in check. Those B-Wing aces are pretty good though even at I4. They might open some doors. It's certainly going to be intriguing to see how the game evolves with all of these I5s in the mix. There's just so many of them already out there. I guess in summary, I'd like to see them knocked down a peg or two. I'll try some more I4s. See what else is out there. Thanks for reading!