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  1. If it's any consolation, it's totally worth waiting for.
  2. guess this is a bad time to ask about buying new add on modules....
  3. SOTL, alright, are you just being mischievous? I mean.... COME ON MAN there's 3 turns... and those groovy aggro sloops, and all those pretty blues on the dial... at same 25 point cost. Convince me, cause I think you're pretty spot on at least 89.41% of the time. But now I'm getting worried about your analytical well being. 🙏 I miss x-wing trollies
  4. Hello crackwingers. Been awhile. Yeah, I'm ready to get back to it. Even if it is a small scale with a couple of friends at home, let's do this. つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
  5. hey so how's the new official FFG app working for everyone a half year later?
  6. Wes Janson and Tycho both init 5 with 1.0 abilities or no balls
  7. Here she comes.... https://www.slashfilm.com/rosario-dawson-ahsoka-mandalorian/
  8. "Loose Cargo" is a specifically named obstacle that acts as a debris cloud ---designated by card text on Rigged Cargo Chute. Loose Cargo is titled and defined as a "Placed" obstacle on page 24 of Rules Reference, and it requires an action to be "placed." So at setup, it doesn't qualify as an obstacle as it is not titled a Gas Cloud, Debris Field or Asteroid on that page, it is titled "Loose Cargo." Set-up allows only for placement of Gas Clouds, Debris Fields or Asteroids.
  9. Anything but. Hyperspace is on fire more than its been at any time in second edition.
  10. There really isn't any problem with Boba/Fenn, and plenty of reasons why; 1) People need to learn how to play against 2 ship lists again in second edition. A lot of people got rusty. 2) If it weren't for Boba/Fenn, swarms would run roughshod. The fact that Boba/Fenn gets knocked out at high level OP events by CIS Swarm is evidence of that. As a friend of mine says; Learn to beat Boba/Fenn if you want to make cut---learn to beat CIS Swarm if you want to win in the cut. 3) Ordnance tools to beat Boba/Fenn are there; Plasma Torps, Mag Pulses and Discord Missiles for example. Proton Torps isn't being played alot right now, but perhaps it should be? 4) Three words on the best types of ships to beat Boba/Fenn; Secondary Firing Arcs. 5) Remember what makes both Fenn and Boba so strong; Range 1. Boba is already the most expensive ship in Hyperspace. The only switch perhaps is Slave 1 costed by initiative, direct value to pilot skill. (Slave 1 would be 4 on Kath, 5 on Boba.) Players need to quit gripping over Boba/Fenn and just git gud at creating range 2 kill boxes. I suspect most of the complaints are from Ace players who hate seeing their favorite pilots get blown up due to not properly accounting for S1. We just need to let this whole "Boba/Fenn is so OP OMG!" mindset die off. It's barely been 8 weeks of the Hyperspace season, we've got alot of time left.
  11. What, you don't like dogfight games where the other player never has to, like, ACTUALLY dogfight? But running away takes such SKILL Even if you do throw the first stone you still have to hit AG 3 at range three with a green token (sigh)
  12. This is a bit of the problem for Rebels in HS. They lack the 23-25 point filler blocker. Honestly, I'd be fine if they never reprinted the Rebel Z-95, and priced the RZ-1 generics down by 4 to 5 points. Helps them to be more swarmable too in line with the other HS generic price downs.
  13. Great feedback. And very indicative of what so much of the new player experience has been with this format that has been seen in last 6 weeks. FFG continues to dial it in better and better and it's observations like this that show that they are on the right course to providing a great option for new players with Hyperspace.
  14. It was great fun. I had to judge so I didn't get to play but I found watching all the variety of lists and maneuver tactics very intriguing. I even counted total obstacles used Strong talent there too--- nearly 1/4th of the players have/will competed/compete at Worlds.
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