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  1. Necro'ed out of principle. My Oct 2018 points and thoughts still feel valid.
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    ::starts petition for new Sunny flavor text::
  3. No issues with being disorganized, but for newer players I bet it could be overwhelming. When it affects pace of play, then the rude factor might be more valid. It doesn't affect my pace of play though. My opponent and I got in 11 rounds that game--he's a top tier Worlds caliber fella who has trained me to play fast, and I am willing to dance quick---our last 4 games together are north of 10 rounds each game. One we had yesterday in a store tournament had 13 ships on the table, 10 rounds. But yeah, it was a juggle during that bomb game. On the topic of rudeness and table etiquette, I think what's more rude is when a player isn't willing to explain interactions for their lists voluntarily. You know the types, they say "come read the card" etc etc. I find it more sporting,---if not in an ultra competitive environment and especially for newer players---to walk them through your lists and talk aloud theirs with them. It helps foster trust and understanding. One guy I played yesterday showed up to a 10 player tournament having only played the game once. By the time he got to me, he still was lining up ships ineffectively and missing key interactions on a loaded Decimator. I could have cared less about the tournament at that point, we just slowed the game down and walked through every step, and I did my best to explain to him benefits of target prioritization, modification logic, etc. We still got in 8 rounds. But yeah, I find myself moving towards lists with less components now. Not sure if that's a good thing, but I usually average a 66% win rate so there it is I guess.
  4. You know, I do actually have crit tokens. 12 of them in fact, some to represent - 1 Ag, stunned pilot, blinded pilot, -1 atrack, and standard. I didn't even include them though! Question... Are crit tokens mandatory? Never thought about that before.
  5. So yesterday I was using this list Sol Sixxa (46) Dorsal Turret (3) Seismic Charges (3) Proximity Mines (6) Captain Nym (48) Dorsal Turret (3) Seismic Charges (3) Proton Bombs (5) Lok Revenant (45) Proximity Mines (6) Seismic Charges (3) Mining Guild Surveyor (25) Intimidation (3) Total: 199 Components; 12 dice (2018 regional set I bought very reasonably from Paul LaRue, I just have to bring them ALL) 3 range rulers 11 templates 13 charge tokens 12 shield tokens 4 focus tokens 6 proximity mine tokens 4 seismic / proton bombs tokens 3 Ion tokens (in case the crit happens) 6 stress tokens 1 evade token 4 lock tokens 79 tokens in all. Man, by the time I was done putting everything up, I was wiped out. I love my crackwing but I wonder how it can get a bit leaner on the components... I never want to fly a triple bomb list again! My poor opponent was a good sport while I was bathing in token chaos. We did get in 11 turns though, that was impressive. (been working on my pace of play) Anyways, it was quite the organizational challenge... Props to all you mates out there that manage it!
  6. Whatever it is, I'm on board. This game is 4 years overdue for some diversification. They've barely scratched the surface of where it can go, and I'm more than willing to help it along.
  7. Brother, you're hitting some tremendously valid points. Spot on about the competitive groupthink. I've been trying to approach the game from some new perspectives. My goal right now is to play the heck out of one super thematic list, and the other in a faction that is considered underdog (scum) to tinker and not be disappointed if they crash and burn. Working better for me lately.
  8. Well, there's The Great Hyperspace OOP New Player Slumber Party Massacre Moar Games Going To Time I Need Closure! Don't Touch My Components Bro Imma Get Sick Slow Play, Take It Easy, The Rhythm Ain't Right Force Users / Gas Clouds / Leia / Rewards Poor Play Decisions Like Totally (Insert Complaint About Scum Faction or Ship Unplayability Here) Dude, Where's My Wave 4? They'll Always Be Mynock To Me, To Hoth With Your IP Infringement Threats This Game Don't Even Rank Top 3 Anymore In Sales It Ded Oh Look There's Another Douchetool Asking $50 For A Gunboat That Guy Still Flying 4 TIE Phantoms All these Collections For Sale In The Facebook Groups Not Good Man Not Good Why Is ____________ Only Available In ____________? Epic= TL;DR Dear FFG App, How I Hate Thee and.... so.... much.... else. I'm as guilty as anyone. And It's time to let go of that ol' dark side and spotlight.... ...WHAT'S RIGHT WITH X-WING; THE MINIATURES GAME --More Effective Core Game Rebalancing Done In 2019 Than The Entire 4+ year Lifespan Of 1.0 --6 Freakin' Waves To be Released Within The First 15 months --More FLGS Goodies and Giveaways Than You Can Shake A Gaffi Stick At --Dion Morales' Frequent Flyer Account --They Got Icons Back In The Game --The Beautiful Minimalism of That Alt Art Proton Rockets --Ficklegreendice is way cuddlier lately AMIRITE? --Groundbreaking Official Play Modes Missions & Epic Incoming --Diverse Lists And Many Factions Winning OP Events --Two Words; Articulated. B-Wings. --I Had A Fun Game Vs. A Nice Krayt Who Kindly Apologized To Me A Day Later For Misplaying A Card Mechanic Even Though He Still Totally Outflew Me And Would Have Won And I Deserved To Be Ridiculed For Not Vetting His List More Thoroughly --The New Factions Have Brought In New Players --CARD PACKS!!! --I Have Met More Cool New People Playing This Game In The Community of 3 Cities Over The Last Year Than All Other Games I've Ever Played Publicly Combined --A wealth of fresh upcoming media to provide exciting future options (New Films, Disney TV Shows, etc.) --This Forum Is Better Than Reddit --We've Barely Begun That's what I got so far. Feel free to add your own. It's gonna all be alright. Thanks for hearing me out. I'm going to go fly my Jammy Serissu/Nym Dorsal IG crew/Talonbane/Teroch list this weekend and enjoy the **** out of it.
  9. Thank you--trying to see the game through some different lens for now. It turns out my opponent was making a mistake... composure doesn't work that way, you are correct!
  10. 1-2 tonight, all games vs. Republic lists, this time went back to the First Order version. First game I won vs. Padme/Obi Wan / Plo in a revenge match against the player i played yesterday. Flew my engagement much better and outmanuever hit 4 times and was very effective. But then, things went downhill fast. Flew against spinny Anakin Composure stack passive sensors plasma torpedo boy. Super effective. But it was Ric Olie (I call him the Matador cause it's fun to say his name as if he were bullfighting) in the second game who ran circles around me. Plus, Outmanuever isn't very good against ships with secondary arcs, and he had two 105th Arc170s that did all sorts of heavy lifting. Tried to make it a good fight the second game and almost dug out of a hole, but it just wasn't enough. Also, the guy I played against (x-wing famous podcast fella who was hilarious) for the two losses was certainly a top level talent and he just straight up out flew me. Fun game though. 11-4 for the finish for the anti joust concept. WHAT I LEARNED My list concept worked well vs traditional swarms, any list with a large ship, and most Range band Rebel beef. It struggled against secondary firing arc lists and was downright worthless without mods. I got lucky in alot of my wins purely on dice. Outmanuever is streaky AF. I got better at working against pure joust lists, but x-wing is not just about setting or avoiding the joust---it's about having options to deal with a variety of threats. No one strategy is absolute. The more pillars you can implement, that's where better players really get revealed. I win about 60-40 of the time in 2.0 but I roll usually very hot or my opponents roll cold. I get bailed out alot. What I need to get better at is identifying versatile tools and implementing them to fit the game state more effectively. Not just win conditions, but actual utility of ship to situation. I tend to play efficiency lists alot; I need to start experimenting with variety. Not necessarily jank, although there's a place for that, but putting pieces together that as a whole give me a fighting chance against multiple threats. Quickdraw with Afterburners is a perfect example... Can play the jousting hammer, or can dart and dodge at initiative 6. I will say this though... Republic is a really good faction in terms of options. In the right hands, they are very difficult to deal with. I also haven't played any force users yet in 2.0. Maybe it's time. Too bad my factions are only Rebels, Scum, Resistance and FO. Hoping Knights of Ren widen the force pilot field for me... Cheers
  11. This, brother.... So much this. Such a ridiculous premise now to explain to new players who aren't familiar with miniatures gaming. "You can play Risk 2020. Don't even need prior versions. It's its own game." "Wait, sorry, you need the 1993 version that uses army shaped miniatures." Asinine format design decisions, there that is.
  12. Ever since they put OOP ships into Hyperspace and made the game more inaccessibly difficult for the new player (which to no matter what degree might be argued, undeniably the case) and gave the entire state of Texas barely one Hyperspace Trial for season two, what was once my second most exciting aspect of X-Wing (behind Epic / Missions) has become a pale memory. Which is a shame, because I've noticed that in playing across three major cities and scores of X-Wing players, Hyperspace displays the skill of the game in far greater measure. Other opinions may vary, but that's like, their opinion, man.
  13. An update. Since last post the W/L record total is 10-2, including an undefeated 3 win run of a local 11 person store tournament on Sunday. The version I used there was two Zeta SFs with gunner, Scorch and Longshot both with Outmanuever, and Null with a 7 point bid. Had to go with that since it was a Hyperspace tournament. Close games, but beat 5 ship Rebel beef, FO Kylo /QD /Scorch, and Resistance init 5 Aces. Went back to the extended version last night. Obliterated a torps regen Dengar with Fenn and L337 (Ahav was very happy to get a 4 dice attack on a 1 Ag Dengar) and lost to Obi-Wan, Padme, and Plo. I messed up the engagement a bit and left Ahav a bit too far out where he get one shotted by Kenobi thanks to Padme's ability. Was able to whack Plo the next turn but lost the Cartel Marauder. From there Obi-Wan and Padme were able to make short work of the remaining three ships. Jedi sure don't care about bumping or red moves. Free force mods are pretty good and Padme's ability is just bonkers. Going to keep chopping wood and practicing with Outmanuever Anti Jousting ideas though. It could be a talent that in multiples yields better benefit in the way that Trick Shot or Juke does. The FO version might even be better; would have won the bid, had Null as cheap pocket Ace, Scorch and Longshot have a bit more speed and survivability than the MG TIEs, and those SFs fit the role of the Kihraxzes aptly. An Outmanuever Midnight is also creeping into my list ideas. If I'm reading her ability correctly, she can use it as it isn't modification of a result, correct? Thanks to all interested reading my thinking aloud.
  14. They're probably only my third or fourth favorite faction, but for some reason I always do better with them than my others. Obviously I just need to embrace their glory.
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