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  1. This is getting downright ridiculous.
  2. Any idea what they are going to be?
  3. Cloaker

    scum players: what ship do u want to see in wave5?

    Looking at it from a factional balance perspective, scum have 1) Large base turret ship that has support function crew or gunner (Falcon/escape craft) as well as I6 pilot (Han) 2) A medium base, highly utilitarian (ordnance, devices) and customizable ship which also happens to be the Icon of the Faction. (Firespray) 3) Close quarters high skill interceptor Ace platform (Fang) 4) Swarmable filler ships (MGT & Z95) So we've got torps and missile carriers already represented. Plenty of aces and swarm options. Some slight jank. But nowhere near enough for the faction to truly shine yet. What's missing for hyperspace balance? Crew, and illicits. Illicits are the Force and Tech of this faction. Enter the YV-666. It's Canon. It's a factional counterpoint equivalent to the Decimator, Starfortress, Upsilon and Rebel Falcon. It's got icons just waiting to join the game. We'll get Bossk, Moralo and Latts, Jabba crew, Greedo gunner, the Mangler cannon and lots of contraband illicits to define the Faction better. We might even get Gonk. That's my prediction for the Scum Wave 5 ship. Maybe a Guns For Hire 2.0 Kihraxz / Starviper set if we're REALLY lucky.
  4. Cloaker

    How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?

    An alternative viewpoint; When I get into a hobby that is not finite at the point of my entry, I accept that to continue to enjoy that hobby as it expands, thus also my investment of time and money in it will have to. Went through this with Dungeons and Dragons for 25 years. Marvel comics. Blood Bowl. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Craft beers. Anyway, you get the point. Of all hobbies I've chosen to pursue, none have cost me less to get into and enjoy for what I've paid than X-wing. I've met many great new friends in the various community scene across 3 different cities in Texas. I have no plans ever to buy the prequel factions (I run Scum and Rebels primarily, dabble in the new trilogy factions, have avoided Imperials) but I am 1000 percent confident I will get these new obstacles one way or another. I'm even willing to buy them. It's crazy, I know 😁
  5. Thanks for asking brother. I won the tournament. 3-0. Wound up going with FCS Afterburners SFG Quickdraw, SFG Backdraft, Scorch and Longshot, all with Fanatical and 10 point bid. I think I just like having at least 4 ships in a list now. They hit hard too. I'm sold heavily on Fanatical. It was a game changer in every game and the 3 practice matches I played on Wednesday too. The Thematic variant is fun. Highly recommend it for people wanting a change of pace. It creates a mini meta of its own. Good place for new players to learn how a meta works, and what elements to consider. Cheers
  6. "Get busy listin', or get busy flyin'." That's Porg-**** right. For the first time in my life on the X-wing forums, I am guilty of committing an act. Profile stalking. Of course, I doubt he'll toss up any follower blocks for that. Not for a scrub like me... I find I'm so lost without his insights, I can barely file my new plastic Heroic card in my freshly purchased Mynock binder, or hold an aged 1.0 B-Wing with its one remaining undamaged cannon left in my trembling hand with confidence. I think it's the loneliness only a true Scum & Villainy player can feel, a former Starviper fan at the start of a long Hyperspace season whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it to Atlanta for the System Open. I hope to see his caustic posts about how Boba is still really good, or that Leia crew is undercosted, and shake his hand at a championship where I go 1-5. I hope to see that his next blog, some three months later and rife with validation or condemnation of the recent points adjustment, is as detailed and rich with analysis as it has been in my past favorite posts of his. I hope.
  7. Cloaker

    Why ffg did't increase wedge points?

    Nothing to change here. Factional balance is the better measure now (as it needs to be) than single pilot. Wedge is spot on. We know this indisputably by the number of 2.0 organized play games where he is the last ship on the board, which is largely none. My concern is the upcoming Free Mod PTL faction. All of these Force users coming in Wave 3 and 4 really need to be costed well to preserve the games momentum. They're the only really threat to the short term health of the game if undercosted. We need a cheap Wedge to keep them honest; one less agility die means one less free mod. He is going to be vital for REALLY bringing balance to the Force.
  8. Cloaker

    So, no K2SO then...

    One of the few examples where FFG hasn't yet shown they like money. I trade and barter for the cards I need amongst my gaming group or online and it's awesome. I'm just fine with getting what I need through third parties, let the capitalistic independent person profit here. I actually hope it stays like this so I don't have to buy excess of things I don't need. Card packs would just add a glut of paper I don't need. That being said, I hope you stick with the game. They obviously made a killing selling a bunch of cardboard and paper with the conversion kits. They'll probably come around to wanting to make higher margin items soon enough to keep resellers from profiting off their IP.
  9. Cloaker

    Resistance Transport observations

    Hilariously, I missed that too.
  10. Cloaker

    Resistance Transport observations

    I see that now. Ok, that's interesting.
  11. Cloaker

    Resistance Transport observations

    Red reinforce/ coordinate/jam. Red 1 bank reverses and stop. Only 4 blue maneuvers, ouch. Force token for Leia Poppins crew. Expert Handling which means barrel roll action. Autoblaster cannon returns. Astromech slot due to R2-D2 droid to give calculate. The mini debris thingy. Three shield tokens yet only one on card. Two ID tokens for upgrade covers. What else you guys got?
  12. Cloaker

    Wave 5 predictions!

    If we're going with what makes sense from a factional balance standpoint Imps need TIE Bomber to fill that role. Lambda they can wait until Wave 6 and keep building anticipation.
  13. Cloaker

    Wave 5 predictions!

    TIE Brute. Because, curveballs.
  14. Cloaker

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Nice to see FFG deliver Afterburners through so many packs.
  15. Cloaker

    Fugly, the New Templates Are.

    Glad they put them out for players who need them, but boy how they got away from the 2.0 art theme of the thin, less is more style. They'll look cool being used for huge ships though. The texturing is a great idea to avoid slippage and help peeps with contact area. Would like to see them go acrylic versions of core set. They'll get painted well I bet though by peeps who have the talent.