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  1. I hear Fenn Rau at 68 points is a pretty good upgrade for him.
  2. Unfortunately Moff Jerjerrod isn't HS legal. So the Decimator is back to relying on Reinforce and a large health pool.
  3. My local store had them for a minute. Haven’t checked to see if they restocked since I picked mine up.
  4. But all four of those have good words baked in.
  5. IridiumR6


    Nantex HS legal but Ensare is not. That is lulz worthy right there
  6. Rebel Fenn went down 2 point. Fang Fenn stayed the same. No 18 point drop.
  7. Why should we want aces to be bad and not balanced?
  8. Seemed to me that the New Republic crew member was a fail safe of sorts, he can’t be hacked like the droids could potentially be. If he triggers the beacon it meant that the prisoner ship had been hijacked and he was probably dead. That’s my guess why he waited to trigger it until the last second. Once triggered the X-Wing team is dispatched and blasts the ship or whatever platform the beacon is transmitting from no questions asked.
  9. Looks like the points are balanced around huge ship or epic game mode which is fine. Since they are not Hyperspace or Extended they aren't going to be showing up on tournament night.
  10. Yep, sign up for the next tournament that has them.
  11. It’s probably the Ghost. Ok, what can we do about it? Nothing until either new expansions and/or card packs are released. Nothing to get worked up about.
  12. We wait for FFG to do what they are going to do. Right now we have 7 factions. The real question is when are we getting the horse cavalry as resistance crew.
  13. Here’s a list I’ve played a couple times on the casual side with success. I’m thinking about taking it to a store tournament and see how it does in a more competitive setting. RE Rey’s Fives (73) Rey [Scavenged YT-1300] (6) Korr Sella (10) Finn (4) Stealth Device (5) Rey's Millennium Falcon Points: 98 (36) Tallissan Lintra [RZ-2 A-wing] (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 41 (55) Nien Nunb [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Heroic (5) Pattern Analyzer Points: 61 Total points: 200 No bid I know but overall seems solid.
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