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  1. Have: Star Wars Legion starter box complete open and unused. Star wars legion snow speeder, open complete and unused. None are built, still in packaging. Traded as one lot. Want: Complete Scum conversion kit
  2. The cards on the back row look like they say Ion Prow, Operations Specialist, Snap Shots, and Kylo Ren(of course but for completions sake) The Operations Specialist card's first couple words on the top 2 visible lines appears to be: After a Range 1 The Snap Shots card the top 3 visible lines appear to be: After an a I really can't read this line...succeeds, eliminates??? you may It also looks like the Upsilon has 2 of the new "conditions" cards, as the card underneath looks like it says Fanatic Devotion
  3. Is coordiate that 3 tringle looking icon on Kylo's ship?
  4. This sucks. He was a great actor, who played my all time favorite character. This year has been horrible for famous people, actors, singers.....
  5. I submitted a list, but since I only have passing familiarity with the game, I'm sure it will get bypassed for better builds. Imperial II Star Destroyer flagship, the admiral who adds extra hull Victory II Star Destroyer Interdictor combat refit Gozanti(don't remember the variant) Tie bomber Tie Advanced Tie Interceptor 2 Tie Fighters There may be 2 of one of the bomber, advanced, or interceptor, but I don't remember for sure, or which. I picked hyperspace assault, but I don't remember the other 2 objectives. The list came to 395 points total.
  6. Yes, I want prequal ships. I am an old Grognard who previously owned Star Wars Figures brought home from Tayfair in the 70's. My dad got it from Kenner, on the last day of the convention.
  7. I have had a ship end up touching an opposing ship, but it did not overlap at all. Does this ship still lose it's action?
  8. I sent in my list. I have only played a couple of demos of Armada, so I have no illusions on the fact that my list will not likely be chosen, much less win. If it does, I will laugh. What I sent in just sounded fun to me, and only used a single upgrade card. Though thinking back on it, it may have been better to drop a few squadrons for another flotilla. My list has 3 ships, 1 flotilla, and 5 squadrons in it. Used ships from both expansion 3 and 4 as required by the rules, but I didn't see anything saying upgrades must be used, so I didn't, just the commander.
  9. I use a plastic Stanley tool/utility box. I got it years ago for a different purpose, but it currently holds my entire collection, and all the tokens I would need. They make a smaller one, but I don't think the smaller box has the space for any of the larger ships.(mine has the Falcon, Slave-1 and Outrider in it but won't fit any further large ships)
  10. Sort of, the problem is, the modify phase can take a 2 attack weapon, and possibly up it to 4 damage with adds. What I was thinking was the 2 attack was capped at 2 damage but could be more accurate. Right now, accuracy/power are one in the same. The damage cap for some cards is a good idea, but how do you add it to accurate ships without creating different dice?
  11. I have now been playing a few months, and had a thought. What if the game had 2 different attack dice availble? It seemed odd to me that the more powerful the weapon the more accurate it was, overall. So I thought that maybe a set of Accuracy attack dice for the more accurate weapons that don't have the power of the big guns. Say it adds a 2 hit face to the attack dice. This 2 hit facing counts as a single damage, but requires 2 evades to remove, but it is always the first die that evades effect.
  12. I am really only interested in the Imperial ships, is this similar to X-wing in that some upgrades are only available in one factions ships, and are usable on the others?
  13. I think a squadron role card would be okay. Defender Squadron, 2 points, When this squadron is within R1 of all members, add a focus result to the defense roll. In addition, the members may spread the damage to any desired ship in the formation that is at R1. Assault Squadron, 2 points, this card counts as a -3 point card for determining initiative. Recon Squadron, 2 points, once per turn any single ship in this squadron may make a boost or barrel roll action. Assassin Squadron, 2 points, if all ships in this squadron target the same ship in a turn each may change 1 blank result to a critical result instead. Decoy Squadron, 4 points, all ships in this squadron use the lowest pilot for movement purposes, and the highest pilot for attacking.
  14. I am waiting for the First Order, and the Resistance to be cut into their own factions. There is a possibility of a 3rd core set with Prequal ships, and then expand from there. Seperatists, and Republic as factions. The Republic is allied with the Empire and the Seperatists with the Rebellion, to start. Since the Republic turned into the Empire, and the First Order is the Remnants of the Empire. Doesn't matter for the Good vs Evil thing, just continuity of faction. Then when a sufficient number of ships is reached, they become they're own stand alone faction, and alliances go away.
  15. Also note that any critical damage done also affects the ship if it is meant to fire at the same pilot step. ie the ship has 3 remaining hull and takes 3 damage and 1 crit. You still need to pull the crit card, and if it would reduce the number of attack dice, or somehow reduce your ability to attack, it will effect that turns attack rolls. So this is what I use as premise to the cloak at the same pilot step when I have initiative.
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