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  1. Kit from Euros 2017 https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/european-championships/star-wars-armada/ Is it me or it exist a full art Howlrunner "Nova Promo" like luke ? https://imged.com/ffg-star-wars-armada-howlrunner-nova-2017-promo-25253020.html
  2. Here is a brief Report Round 1 - Empire Sloane - Benito75 2nd Player on Intel sweep Quasar + ISD + 2 Raider + 4 Tie-F + 2 Tie-I +Howlrunner He spread to much his fleet on deployment. I've threatened directly is raider objective ship and set a trap with all my fleet by waiting his ISD. It quicky died followed by a raider. Just one flotilla crushed on my side and I take intel sweep. Activation superiority made all the job. 9-2 Round 2 - Empire Motti - Corsarmike 2nd player on Contested Outpost ISD + 2 Arquitens (with load of stuff) + Gozanti + a small squadron support Deployment is more balanced. He tried to flank me but let me the station in the with my MC80 in long range double board. On my left flank I manage to block his arquitens and kill one of them with 2 corvette + MC80 long range support. On the right side my 2 TRC90 + MC80 kill his ISD around turn 5-6 120 pts on contested outpost ^^ Activation superiority also made the job 10-1 Round 3 - Rebel Mom Mothma - Nooby 2nd Player intel sweep See above for his list His 2 MC30 tried to flank me but are not enough close each other letting me to place my MC80 inbetween and outside of black range. I'm bumping against his Pelta in the center but my MC80's succeed to perform double fire at medium range during 2 turn before being destroyed. I kill in the process admonition and badly hurt is two Pelta and the 2nd MC30. I finished 1 pelta and Foresight by ramming them with CR90. Intel sweep was mine. 8-3 Round 4 - Empire Motti - Hely 1st player on Targeting Beacon I'm a bit disappointed because Hely is one of my playing partner and we have done is fleet together just the night before the tournament. And I know that he can beat me easily. ISD1 avenger + boarding trooper Demolisher + ET + APT + OE 3 Gozanti (BCC, Comm Net) Rhymer, Jendon, Marek, Tempest Squadron, Bomber, Jumpmaster I can't afford to brawl against Demo + Avenger that are close each other. I tried to kill some flotillas but the bomber ball + targeting beacon managed to kill 2 CR90 plus my slicer flotilla. I succeed to kill a squadron and two flotillas. On the other side I knew that if Hely wanted to enter on the final he has to win big and to commit all his fleet. I simply avoid a big defeat by fleeing. I don't know what would have been the result in case of big melee in the center but I think I would have lose. 5-6 Final vs Nobby See my post above
  3. @Dr alex You're totally right I completely fall in love of your list and tried to adapt it to my play style. Since January I test different builds around Ackbar but I never succeed until you just enlighten the good path by shattering my Madine at Euros These small flotillas are a nice addition even if I lose 1 CR90-B compare to your original concept, I upgraded 2 CR90-B to TRC90 and they're doing a very good job against big ships. I don't know how this list can manage heavy squadrons lists except by using the radical full face approach and killing the big carrier with slicer help. But even with that, Jendon relay is a major pain in the *** I think. Because flotillas will never be reachable. In that sense I follow Tokra opinion, I will certainly loose against relay..... Regarding French final, I already played against nooby in round 3 and I won by brawling in the center but I feel not confident by this direct approach because he has a bunch of black dice and I think I was lucky. I preferred to slide in a flank thank to my last 2 deployment. Slicer tools were critical by removing navigate to Foresight and allowing my MC80 to move around his fleet instead of being blocked. Some pictures of the final in this article (in french sorry) https://chantiersdekuat.wordpress.com/2017/08/28/championnats-de-france-2017/ Patrack Ps: Our promo rhymer also included the proper errata.
  4. I there I posted all top8 lists in "Star Wars Armada France" Facebook group Sorry no link it's to difficult with my smartphone.
  5. I know but I prefer to discuss about my source by PM
  6. Hello, I'm quite new on these forums but I got opportunity to see wave5 rebels ship cards and I remind well Z-95 profile: Z-95 Move: 3 Hull : 3 Anti-Squadron: 3 Red Anti-Ship: 1 Red Points: 7 Text: Swarm
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